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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Company Style Blogger Awards in Association with Missguided

Mom Jeans. Cut Out Ankle Boots. Spaghetti Strap Top: All C/O Missguided. Belt: Vintage. 

Last year, I was lucky enough to win the Company Style Blogger Award for Best Fashion Blog – Newcomer (WAA!). After blogging for just under a year I couldn’t quite believe it, the support from you guys was incredible and really made me realise how much of an impact blogging was having on my life – in a completely positive way.

There can be some negativity that goes along with ‘these sort’ of awards. Is it just publicity for the mag and brands associated with it? Are bloggers just being used? To be totally honest, I have no idea where these claims come from – they’re a total load of tosh. Firstly, it brings us bloggers so much closer together. Showing our support for one another in nominations and when it actually comes to the event itself, we get to meet so many wonderful people that we feel we’ve known a lifetime through Twitter – it’s amazing, really.

Secondly, actually winning an award is completely and utterly overwhelming. To know that people care enough about your blog to take the time to vote really means more than I can explain. After winning, the traffic on my blog went through the roof, my inbox was inundated with crazy amazing opportunities and I’ve found myself feeling proud, for the first time. I’ve created this bloggy, and I have no shame in saying, internet, that it’s because I’ve worked really bloody hard. Those opportunities are continuing to grow and Company gave me that stepping stone I needed to realise how important blogging is to me. Something I won’t ever forget. It's 100% worth entering, it could open up doors you never knew existed and give you the confidence to do what you want with your blog. Why the hell not, y'know?

This year the awards are back, and they’re bigger and better than ever – Missguided are the new sponsors which is bloomin’ awesome...Not only because their clothes are fabulous, but because they're offering every person who votes the opportunity to win £250 worth of vouchers to spend in their store! Woohoo!

It would mean the absolute world (x1000) if I had your vote again this year. I’d love to be considered for nomination in the Best Fashion Blog category (second from bottom on the drop down selection). It’s super simples to vote and only takes a few seconds, just have your email address ready, copy and paste the link to my blog and jot down a few words on why you think I deserve it and you’re good to go! You can vote as many times as you like, so if you're feeling super generous, vote to your hearts content ;). I know to some it's no biggy, but it really means so much to me, and I appreciate every single one of you who takes the time xxx

Thank you SO much if you choose to vote for me and wishing heaps of luck and love to any other lovely bloggers entering this year!

Click here to get started or click the picture below :)


Oh, and you can shop my look here, if you fancy it!


Rebecca Jane said...

Its unfair how gorgeous you are Meg, and so skinny!!
Making me feel bad about sitting here commenting on your blog while eating some choccy biscuits!

I've voted for you as I adore your blog.
Be really grateful if you could vote me as 'best personal style' blog.. only if you want to of course :)


Sandra Bàczek said...

Megs, do you know when the nominations end? :)
Wonderful You has already got my vote! Good Luck girly!

love, Sandrynshen xo

Megan Beth said...

Haha love a good choccy biscuit, me! :)

Awe thanks so much lovely - I shall definitely vote for you, good luck xxx

Megan Beth said...

I don't Sandra - I'll find out for you! Thanks so much lovely lady xxxx

Sarah Nunn said...

You are such a babe Megs. I wish I had a cool little place like this near my house to take awesome outfit pics by! Defs voting for you my love xxx

sophiesmakeupblog said...

Lovely photos, your figure is amazing! x


Sandra Bàczek said...

oh you're so lovely! thank you so much xo

Holl JC said...

You look amazing Megan! So dang cool and gorgeous girl! x


Jessicalaar said...

I will definitely be voting for you, I love your blog. You look amazing aswell.

Jess x


Melane Magdalena said...

You look absolutely amazing in this outfit! By far my favorite I have ever seen on you, seriously might even purchase it! I will definitely vote you! You deserve it :)

Melane | Oh Sweet Remedy

Cluttered Closet said...

Your blog is actually one of the first fashion blogs I read. You deserve it and can't wait for you to win it :)

Kal x

Cluttered Closet

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Cluttered Closet said...

Your blog is one of the first fashion blogs I read. Cant wait for you to win it :)

Kal x

Cluttered Closet

MAC Lipstick/Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Giveaway

Carly Jade said...

You are so gorgeous, love this outfit and completely envious of your beautiful hair, skin and figure! :)

Voting rightttt now! :) Fingers crossed for you again this year!!


Laura said...

You look amazing here, fierce outfit girl!

TINY TWISST - www.tinytwisst.com

Sara Chergui said...

You look incredible !

Miche said...

Voted! Love your blog :)
Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

Izzy said...

Love that top on you, and the photos <3

The Quirky Queer

Jessie-Ann Lewis said...

That crop top is amazing! xx

Hope Butler said...

I love this combination, from the crop top, to the slightly baggy jeans to the gorgeous shoes. I also love your hair colour, one stunning lady!! H xx


Lyndsey Emma said...

Those trousers are gorgeous! And the crop top goes so well but it's your hair that's amazing!


VioletDaffodils said...

Wow you look unreal! Such a little stunner you are :D


Thomasina said...

Beautiful photos!

Jo said...

Voted for you my dear, I really have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Wonderful You is my absolute favourite blog and you work so hard - your dedication really comes through in your work so you deserve the recognition!

Beautiful photos as always :)

Jo xx

She Wears Burgundy

Ally Weller said...

This outfit is perfect, in love with this top


Ally x

Ash B said...

Of course you have my vote, lovely! Good luck!!!

Ped said...

Your style rocks!

Kathryn L said...

Love this outfit, you look amazing! And those shoes are gorgeous.
I voted for you the other day as I really think you deserve to win- best of luck lovely!

Kathryn from effievanity xx

Becki Dunn said...

Its crazy how a whole year has passed. I remember seeing the awards last year and voting for you mrs! Didnt you wear a gorgeous mustard dress?? Im not sur eon that one, but I think its incredible how far you have come and your blog- well its juts blooming wonderful as always! Becki from www.lifelooksperfect.com xx

Emma Reay said...

Congratulations on winning last year! Your blog is amazing and i love reading it and seeing your new outfit updates so i'll definately be voting!

If you have a spare minute pretty please could you vote for me as 'Best Personal Style Blog Newcomer' at Company Magazine's Style awards 2014? It only takes a few seconds and I would really appreciate it! To vote please follow this link: http://www.company.co.uk/magazine-hq/company-style-blogger-awards-2014

Love Emma xx


Charlotte said...

This is very beautiful, keep up the awesome work on here love it

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