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Thursday, 18 June 2015


A natural beauty enhancer from Acuvue. Let your eyes sparkle and shimmer with 1-day acuvue define lenses.

My go-to make-up at the moment is super simplistic and natural. Made up of four favourites from my beauty stash, together these products create an effortless, simplistic look that’s suitable for daily wear.

Kicking it off with the YSL Touché éclat foundation, it gives the most natural, healthy glow with a smooth and even finish – think your skin but better. It’s so beautiful to apply that it’s even okay to pop it on with your fingers, it just melts in to the skin and leaves you looking glowing and fresh faced. The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon eye crayon hasn’t left my eyes since I purchased it. The creamy pigmented texture glides over my lids like a dream and the staying power is incredible. For my lips I’ve been reaching for Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Lip Cheat; it’s meant to be a lip liner but I use it all over the lips as it gives such a natural finish and stays put all day. It can be a little drying so I’ll pop a little lip balm over the top throughout the day to keep my lips hydrated. Lastly and the newest addition to my beauty bag, is the 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™, beauty enhancing contact lenses. And I could almost explode with excitement, because basically I have found true love.

Yes, in the form of contact lenses.
A natural beauty enhancer from Acuvue. Let your eyes sparkle and shimmer with 1-day acuvue define lenses.
A natural beauty enhancer from Acuvue. Let your eyes sparkle and shimmer with 1-day acuvue define lenses.
Honestly? I’ve always quite liked wearing my glasses and haven’t explored the option of contact lenses until now. But Acuvue have created something so magical that I can simply slip in to my daily routine with no fuss but that has a huge impact on my overall look.

In short, these lenses have been created to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. They’re designed to provide a more defined limbal ring (the edge around the coloured part of the eye) which will create a stronger contrast to the white part. This will ultimately result in fresher looking eyes that look more awake, but that also give the illusion of your iris looking bigger.

You might be able to see from the picture above that the lens also has an iris-inspired pattern which works to blend with your naked eye, not masking it like other contact lenses can do. Now of course, every eye is different and completely unique, so individually we will all have a different experience and look.

Above is a before and after, using the Natural Shimmer lenses - I mean, need I say more? HOW MUCH BETTER DO MY EYES LOOK GUYS? It just brings my whole face to life, my eyes look so much more intense, bigger and brighter. BASICALLY THIS IS REAL LOVE.

The best part of these lenses is that it's not just purely aesthetic benefits you're getting. They're prescription too, so not only are they enhancing your eyes but they're doing the job they need to help you see at the same time. You can get them in two designs, Natural Shimmer (which I personally love for darker eye colours) and Natural Sparkle (which helps to brighten, and looks mega on blue eyes in my opinion). You can pick whichever one takes your fancy though and if you’re green eyed like me you can certainly pull off both for two totally different looks.
A natural beauty enhancer from Acuvue. Let your eyes sparkle and shimmer with 1-day acuvue define lenses.
Here's a snap of the finished look, with me be all posy.

NEW 1-DAY JOHNSON & JOHNSON ACUVUE® DEFINE™ to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

Inspired by the beauty of the natural eye, the lens combines a dark ring around the coloured portion of your eye with a luminous-effect pattern, resulting in a brighter, more memorable you. Choose from one of two designs to suit your eye colour. NATURAL SHIMMER™ for more depth and intensity or NATURAL SPARKLE™ to add a luminous brightening effect.

If you like the look of these and want to give them a whirl then you’re in luck guys, because Acuvue are currently offering a free trial that you can register for online. Just click here to get started. If you pick some up, make sure you share any snaps using the hashtag #AcuvueDefineBeauty.

What are your thoughts? I mean, the love for me is real - I’m still looking at myself in the mirror…(#sorrynotsorry).

   Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Johnson & Johnson Acuvue via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Johnson & Johnson Acuvue.


Emmys Beauty Cave said...

I wish i was able to use things like this! I can't even get them in my eye x
Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

Bash Harry said...

I wish I could wear contacts but honestly, I'm terrified of them! The first time I wore it, it took me forty-five minutes to get one in and by then, I was red as a cherry! hahaha

xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

Sara Chergui said...

You are looking super gorgeous !


Melissa - said...

These look really cool! I have the worst luck with contacts though. My eyes get really dry and the contacts end up sticking to my eyeball. I'm always afraid I'll tear my cornea trying to take them out! :o

Rhi said...

I thought these were kind of gimmicky and wouldn't really do anything, but they look absolutely amazing. I mean, your eyes are stunning naturally, but these really add a little extra something!

Holly Rose said...

I only just discovered your blog, and it's strange I fell upon this article because I wear acuvue contact lenses pretty much every day unless I'm not doing anything, and I'm so interested in getting these now! You have lovely eyes anyway, but it does make a difference! Love your blog!x
Holly x


Lauren Maria said...

I wear contacts everyday, I need to try these your eyes look lovely
livinginaboxx | bloglovin

Emzi said...

So cool! :D

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