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Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Why I hate London Fashion Week seems to have become a bit of a trend this season.

It's probably not quite what designers expected when planning their must have pieces for the forthcoming season, but it's quite an apparent reality nonetheless. 

I've always thought of myself as bit of a trendsetter (joking, obvs) - but LFW has never been my thing. And this year, pretty much everyone I spoke to said that they 'weren't really bothered', either.
I write a style blog so automatically people assume I'm obsessed with trends and designers. NOPE. I couldn't tell you one thing about current trends or designer fashion, I have absolutely no idea.

Here's a funny story for you - I was once headhunted for a stylist position, and failed the telephone interview because I couldn't tell them what my favourite show was from last season - LOLZ.

I love personal style. I love finding a piece of clothing that speaks to me and you and millions of other people, but all for different reasons. That's not dictated by who designed it, how much it cost, or what hardware it has. I guess I'm just not really that interested in following trends, I like to find my own way. And I guess it kinda grinds my gears that there's almost an element of pressure to attend, like, you're not a 'real' fashion blogger if you're not present?

'Ooh so what shows are you seeing this year?!'

...'Umm, none?'

'Oh. I thought you liked fashion?!'

Now, I totally get why people love, eat, breathe and sleep it and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. It's just not my idea of a good time - and that doesn't make my passions any less real, y'know?

Filled with people so stressed their hair is naturally turning an on-trend grey - LFW involves people rushing around, fitting in as many shows as possible that seem to last less than 30 seconds and barely having time to eat because EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. 

That's some peoples ecstasy, but it's my idea of a car crash.

However this year, I went. For the first time ever. I attended a few shows, talks, shoots and parties. 

My dear friend Lindsey text me way back in January and said 'shall we go together? Like, just have a bit of a jolly and see? Be totally casual, but hang out and catch up and do some fun stuff?'

I mean, why would I say no to that?

When it came to it though I had to say to Lindsey: I have zero idea what I'm doing. I wouldn't even know how to apply for a show, let alone get dressed for one. She held my hand through the process and do you know what? I wore what I felt comfortable in (it was SO cold), didn't over think any of it and I had the best time.

I caught up with some of my favourite people, I got to meet new ones too. I watched a show featuring some designers who were classed as Ones to Watch and drank gin and tonic at an after party. I appreciated outfits that strangers had put together and witnessed other strangers taking photos of them because they thought they looked great, too. I was introduced to a brand new social app and ate really good food with really good people. And of course, snapped some photos too.

It was a brilliant weekend. Not because it was 'London Fashion Week' - but because I dipped my toes in and didn't let myself get submerged. I've learned that all my opinions previously were accurate (for my idea of fun, anyway), and that I don't think I'd ever be interested in going full-hog with that experience. I appreciate fashion in my own way and if a couple of times a year I get a fun weekend with friends that means I'll see a bit of fashion too, well that's okay with me.

Yes, there's been a little negativity this year - but the way I see it, if you do it your way, you'll still have a great time - whether it's just snapping street style, visiting the designer showrooms, attending catwalks or catching the highlights from your Twitter feed. I guess like I say with most things; this is your life and each experience is what you make it. Attending doesn't have to be a stressful thing if you do wan't to give it a go and you also don't have to be a ~big timer~ in order to: remember that.

So together let's break down the stigma - so what if you love fashion but hate attending shows? So what if you absolutely love fashion week and attend every single one? We're all individuals, all with different interests and there's no right or wrong way to do fashion - and that's the beauty of it.

So for me?

You're not all bad LFW, but I can definitely only tolerate you in (very) small doses.


Photography by COMB - who are just a little bit amazing. They're the place to go to find the best alternatives for the fashion pieces you desperately want, but can't find. Simply upload a snap of an outfit via their app and they'll find you what you're looking for!



jessica rose said...

This has nothing to do with your post but congrats on the Milk Management gig. Ps. I am also late to the game on your orange hair....it's amazing. ;)


Sheren Mhanaya said...

I've never had the opportunity to attend LFW, mostly due to work, but I've always enjoyed reading other people's experiences on it. I've heard quite a few bloggers, including Gracie Francesca, who have also shared the same thoughts as you. X


Ropes of Holland said...

I couldn't agree more with you Mega ;) I'm so glad we went.

All of the love and you look insanely good xxxx

Sophie Ollis said...

I love this post. I love style, too, but also am not bothered by fashion week, don't read fashion mags, and am not concerned much with what other people are wearing.



Sophie Ruffell said...

I've never been and don't really fancy it for pretty much the same reasons as you. Not that I would get invited anyway ha. I love style rather than who decided what. I prefer pieces to collections. Lovely outfit. Love the top a bit on the different side! Also love your hair.


Rebecca Jane said...

Absolutely love this post. I've always loved fashion but similar to you, for my won personal trends. I like what I like and it doesn't always agree with the current fashion week trends and I've always been put off blogging about my fashion taste in case I get backlash from it. I think it's finally time I put on my confidence-hat and just did it! What's life without passion?

Thank you Meg! Lovely post xo


Paige Calvert said...

Completely agree with you, I try going along every season just to get a taste of it but I'm definitely not committed to this 'Day 1 outfit' and all that. It can become to overwhelming for me and I do prefer what you did and just meet up with friends and tap in and out quickly. Spot on post... and LOLS to the head hunting thing ;) don't worry babes we were destined for better things!!! <3


Mignon Howarth said...

Could not agree with you more! PS. Awesome hair!


Nicola J said...

Love this look!


Laura Rose said...

am loving the cos top! I've never been to LFW but like you I love fashion but not really enough to really want to watch the shows!

Rose and Weston x

Sara Chergui said...

You look so gorgeous ! Love the photos !


Bria Kiara said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this! I often feel like a "fraud" because I don't know all the latest seasonal trends & most importantly, I usually don't care enough to find out! I love personal style, too, and I'm glad we both agree that it's enough :)


Lauren Maria said...

I agree with you on fashion trends, I don't really follow them either. Id still love to go to fashion week though, just to experience the buzz and check out the street style. I have no idea how to apply for shows etc either, any tips?

livinginaboxx | bloglovin

Pocha huntas said...

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