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Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I wake up every morning and an instant dread flows through me. It’s time to get up, again. 

I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve woken up and felt positivity. 

God knows why I’ve been so ashamed, so determined not to show the cracks. I’ve always prided myself on being honest and open and unafraid to be so. But just lately it felt like admitting weakness to anyone was an immediate acceptance of personal failure. 

Every day is a viscous cycle: of beating myself up for not doing enough and half accepting that I need a break. 

I cry most days, I loathe putting my makeup on and facing the world with a smile, and I’m exhausted, physically, emotionally. I have a pile of life worries that follow me around like a dark shadow; they jump out in front of me every few days and make it impossible to see clearly. 

I feel sad, uninspired. It feels like nothing I do in any aspect of my life will ever be good enough. I work so hard and feel like every step I take to achieve something involves a brick wall that takes all my energy to knock down with no reward on the other side. 

I’m trying not to be sorry because I know someone else has it worse than I do. I have a wonderful life and the burden of frustration I carry around knowing that and still not being happy weighs me down. What have you got to be sad about, Megan? 

Writing helps some - I forgot that. And in my determination to show the world how ‘okay’ I was, I lost perspective. I know through being honest, whatever that entails, I show myself more strength – strength I haven’t been able to show through putting on a brave face. 

I’m hoping that today marks a change for the better. For accepting I’m not doing so well and that it doesn’t make me less, less, anything

I’m going to contact my GP and get advice about seeing a therapist. I’m going to try and lessen the pressure to be anything more than I am capable of in that moment. I’m going to attempt to communicate what I need to get through this, personally and professionally. 

I want to take responsibility for my mental health. Fight a little bit harder to understand where all of this is coming from. Fight a little bit harder for me.

Photography by Alexandra Cameron.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we can't find the time. Sometimes we take the ones we love for granted.

It's quite easy for me to get sucked in to the fashion element of my blog, and then, occasionally I'll use it to vent my worries or the troubles going on in my life. But very seldomly do I use it to just shout about people I love.

My memory isn't my strongest asset. I struggle to remember things Jamie and I did a few weeks ago, let alone what I did when I was 2 years old. But then there's this one woman, one of my best friends. Who's been there for all 26 years of my life and will be permanently on my mind.

Today I want to tell you about my Nanny.

When I was a tiny tot, mum and I lived with her in Oxford. Mum worked super hard to look after me and with her working a full-time job, Nanny and I spent lots of time together. Working for a children's home, I'd go with Nanny everyday, playing with the other children (and the home's massive fluffy dog Pippa, of course).
A letter to my lovely Nanny.

After a while,  Mum and I moved in to our own home and my life with Nanny wasn't as constant. We've lived over an hour away from her since then - and sometimes a month or two will go by without me seeing her and I'll feel overwhelming guilt. I'll ask myself why haven't I made the time every month, every week even, to go and see her?

I never remember the things I probably should, but I do have memories of us that stick out - from coming home from playgroup one day to a coffee table filled with new toys that mum and Nanny had picked up from the car-boot to putting on little musicals for them to watch. And then there's all the fun we have now, taking her for days trips to our favourite shop, John Lewis or watching the soaps with a Chinese takeaway on a Friday evening.

I'm not sure what it is about our relationship that I hold so close to my heart. Perhaps it's the knowing that she's always been my biggest cheerleader. Perhaps it's that she has the kindest heart. Perhaps it's that she taught me it's better to be happy than to settle. Perhaps it's because she makes the best roast dinner. Perhaps it's that we can sit in companionable silence and have some of my favourite nights, simply being us. Perhaps it's that she gives the best hugs. Perhaps it's that she does a little jig when she's nervous. Perhaps it's that she comes from a different time and lifestyle, yet never judges me. Perhaps it's that she always knows. Perhaps it's that she makes me laugh. Perhaps it's that worries melt away when she's around.

All I know is that she's my absolute favourite and I'd do anything for her.

And if there's someone in your life that you love beyond measure, someone who you'd move mountains for, don't wait. Go and see them, send them a text or make a phone-call to check in. Make plans, even if it's a while away.

Because sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes we can't find the time. Sometimes we take the ones we love for granted.

Although sometimes, we just need a reminder - and so this is mine, to you.

I love you Nanny. Thank you for being the very best. You make me a better person.
A letter to my lovely Nanny.


Wednesday, 28 September 2016


She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.
This post is in collaboration with H&M.

Hearing the word 'ladylike' can leave a bitter taste in my mouth. It's the age-old restraint applied to women to fit a certain mould - and the one major culprit of squeezing us in to that one limited box? The fashion industry.

Right now it can be challenging to be a woman - but its also an empowering time. A time where we can make a change. 

And so, when H&M got in touch and told me about their #LadyLike campaign I was immediately interested. Their 2-minute video aims to redefine what ladylike has meant in the past; featuring women of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, it's an opportunity for the fashion industry to make women feel included. For the first time, there's a girl gang to be proud of and I'm beyond excited to share it with you. 

I've been set with the task of styling up their new Autumn Winter range, which goes hand-in-hand with what #ladylike is all about - but this time I'm not alone. No, no.  

H&M asked me for 5 (or 20) minutes with a lady in my life who I find inspiring. A woman who I admire, who pushes the boundaries, who owns who she is, who, like every other woman, fits the #ladylike message.

Laura Jane Williams is author of the memoir BECOMING, Marie Claire's #BREAKFREE from fear ambassador, blogger, part-time nanny, Grazia's weekly love columnist and above all one of my best friends. She shares her life with the internet in a way many of us dream, she's unapologetically true to herself, and whether she's talking about depression or sex, dating or capsule wardrobes there are no airs and graces here. What you see is absolutely what you get. And who better to share this message, than with her. I took one look at the new collection and knew exactly how I wanted us to play it. 

'Masculine' vs. 'Feminine'. 
She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.

There isn't one way to be a lady. The whole point is that it can mean whatever we want it to. Our clothes don't define what make us a woman, they simply help us express ourselves and tell a story about who's beneath the fabric that day.

I can wear an oversized shirt, perhaps like the one your fella left over the back of the chair last night, with some structured, tailored style pants, sweep my waves in to a loose bun - wear "masculinity" with pride and still feel like a sexy, strong, fashionable woman.

And Laura can wear a patterned, straight cut, frilled dress that glides over her curves with a bright pink lip, volumized curls and still feel like a fearless, proud, beautiful woman.

Neither speaks 'woman' more clearly, we are both equal, we are both everything it means to be a lady.

But this isn't just about me - this is about Laura too. So grab your cuppa or your pint, get yourself comfy, and lets talk Feminism.
She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.

Laura, how do you define beauty ~in~ fashion?

HMMMMM. The first word that comes to mind is "singular". Like, I feel that in both high fashion and high street there's one certain way to look and we're expected to make the best of what we've got in order to achieve those ideals. That's frustrating, because like d'uh - humans don't work that way.

OHMYGOD YES. We talk about this all the time!

I'll bet you're sick of me saying it, but I think all anyone ever really wants is to be seen and to be heard and so many of us don't feel that way with beauty in fashion because so many of us don't look like that one ideal on those pages. 

What does that look like to you?

For a while now it's been that shade of "rich girl" hair - all golden hues - dishevelled but still well-cut. It's been strong, combed brows and cheekbones and clothes that just don't work if you have a belly. But you know who I think get it right? The French. The French don't all try to look one way - they know if they have great eyes, to up the eyeliner and do a bronzed cheek, or that if they have a big wonky nose not to cover it up as an imperfection, but let it be big and wonky but put on a killer lipstick. Or they don't much wear make-up at all! And I know I'm rambling and not letting you get a word in edgeways but honestly, this H&M campaign... well. You were sat beside me on the bed in Rome the other week when I watched the advert for the first time and I told you I'd watch it multiple times if I were alone because it impressed me so much. And that's before I knew you were shooting this campaign! Twitter is going mad for it. And that's because the imperfect is very much represented, and it's shocking that that's a bit of a first in fashion. We're all worthy! Like, that feeling of worthiness and celebration is what will sell clothes... not aspiration. Aspiration is dead, baby. Authenticity is where it's at! 

That's something else we talk about a lot, too. About expectations.

Right! And This campaign feels like girls and women are finally getting to "opt-in" to the beauty standards they want to hold, rather than being excluded by the beauty ideals the fashion industry has dictated for so long. Anyway. I obviously feel very passionately about this. Shut me up! Next question!
She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.

Okay. So. What the world sees as "feminine" is drilled in to us: look pretty, but don't know it. Be fun, but not too fun. Wear makeup, but don't look like you're wearing makeup. It's a constant contradiction and a slippery slope. With that being said, what does being feminine mean to you?

Okay, I'm gonna be contradictory and say I'm not really interested in being "feminine" so much as owning my womanhood. It's only recently I've begun to truly embody being a woman - like, a grown-ass, in-charge-of-herself WOMAN. I think it happened when I turned 30. And, not to sound hyperbolic or over-the-top but it's a revelation! When I say "being a woman" over being "feminine" I think that comes from the notion you've just said, that thing about making ourselves palatable both in personality and aesthetic. To me, that feels girlish and immature. In contrast "womanhood" is about knowing who you are and stating that with confidence. 

I love this, but what do you say to the women who haven't had that realisation yet? How did you get there? 

So much is about who you surround yourself with. That's what attracts me to you, as my friend, so much. You teach me more and more about not apologising for who I am by your own example and literally every time we hang out I step into that confidence more. And, confidence is just about the sexiest thing there is, I think. It's like, hell yeah I'm happy to laugh loudly at your joke and not care if people turn to stare! Because newsflash: people like fun people. Yeah, I'll use make-up if I feel like it and won't if I don't and I'm sorry but if you compliment the length of my eyelashes I'm not gonna be all like "Oh? Me? These old things?" I have eyelashes like spiders legs! It'd be disingenuous to deny that. So, I don't know... I guess I spend a lot of time trying to own what's great about me, and what is less great, and not value myself any more or less based on which column has more in the list that day. Does that make sense? Hmmmm. I think what I mean is that womanhood is about who you hang with, and ultimately being your own best friend as well, unapologetically. Think Rihanna or Michelle Obama or Adele. And you, obvs.
She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.

Hahaha. THANKS! Okay, so next question: When it comes to business, does it feel like you're constantly in battle? To look, feel and be confident but not be accused of 'using' your sexuality to 'do better'?

Ohmygod that is such an interesting question. I mean, my whole career is basically based on this idea of the beauty in imperfection and how none of us are fucking up like we think we are. So, no, to be perfectly honest. I'm a woman who writes for women, and gets published by women, and followed on social media by women... like I literally posted a photograph of my size 16 arse in my underwear the other week and said, "My account is not for men. My body is not for the male gaze. Everything I do is for women, who are the loves of my life." Once you take blokes out of the equation it's much easier, for me, to communicate my hopes and dreams and struggles because I just don't feel the need to impress women. We've had it rough for millennia, so I just wanna say "me too, you guys. Me too." 

What clothing makes you feel *most* comfortable?

Well, I've got a phenomenal arse and quite a tiny waist, so if I'm trying to play up my "best" parts I focus on those areas, like with the dress I wore for our photoshoot: I belted it to create an hourglass shape and felt pretty damned hot, actually! I typically can't "embody" one style. Like, I'll wear a dress and trainers, or jeans and heels. I like to play around, and to keep it very simple. I'm the girl who has one pair of boots and one coat to last all winter, so I don't have to think about what I'm wearing too much. 

You literally have like, thirty coat hangers in your wardrobe and put everything else under your bed. It's seriously impressive. How do you make that work and still feel inspired? 

Every month I go through my wardrobe and make sure everything is ironed and weather-appropriate, and if it needs a button fixing or taking in or letting out I take a trip to the tailors. By knowing everything in rotation on my rail - which, for the record, has 33 coat hangers on it, actually! - goes with everything else, I can get dressed in five minutes and always feel pretty good. That leaves more time for continued badassery out there in the big wide world!

We're so different in that way, I have *all* the clothes.

Hahaha - yeah, but then that's the point, isn't it? There's no right or wrong way to do it! JUST LIKE THERE'S NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO BE A LADY!

OHMYGOD okay, let's finish there, because I couldn't have planned a better conclusion if I'd tried.
She's a lady: Lifestyle and fashion interview with Laura Jane Williams for H&M's #ladylike campaign.

I just want to take time here to say thank you. To Laura, for being a constant inspiration. To Alex for bringing the vision I had for this post to life with her amazing photography. And to H&M, for pushing the boundaries of fashion - for giving opportunities like this one to experiment and have fun with fashion in a way so many brands don't. 
And for hopefully starting the conversation with you guys. What does #ladylike mean to you? I really want to know. Comment below and join the conversation on social with #ladylike and share your experiences and your voice. 

Because no-one does ladylike, quite like you.

Photography by Alexandra Cameron (another lady who makes being myself the easiest thing in the world).

Follow Laura's blog here, her instagram here and buy her memoir here


Thursday, 22 September 2016


Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.
Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

2016 is the year that has introduced me to Paris - firstly in April with Jamie for our one year anniversary and again, this month, with The Apartment and Villa M. 

The Apartment whisked us away for 72 hours in the beautiful capital - attending the fashion buyers show Who’s Next and Premiere Classe. We acted as buyers for the weekend, curating our own store front window via mood boards, taking inspiration from the new designers pieces, with the chance of winning a trip to Tokyo to make the mood board a reality. Pretty nifty, non? (I didn’t win, but I have rekindled a love for scrap-booking and was introduced to some pretty stunning designers, so we’re all winners here right?)

We all know that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and this trip saw me not only fall more in love with fashion but I also fell head over heels for someone new… 

Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times before - blogging has seen the beginning of so many wonderful friendships for me and each and every time one begins to bloom I can’t quite fathom how lucky I am to be surrounded by such inspiring, incredible women. 

Of course, it’s not always that simple, and there have been times where I’ve been left stung by behaviour in this community - but coming out the other side of it only reaffirms how amazing the good ones really are. 

Trips away with other bloggers can be an intense environment, especially for those of us who are particularly anxious; and I’ve had a few comments over on Twitter lately that other bloggers would love to meet new people but are just too frightened of rejection. 
Well I can tell you one thing for sure - what it does do is force your hand - you have to embrace it, be accepting of people and allow yourself to relax in to the unknown. It’s scary, but I can pretty much guarantee it will be worth the initial worry. Everyone is in the same boat and everyone wants to feel liked, appreciated and accepted - much like blogging itself funnily enough. Whether it's a bloggers press event or even a school trip, it doesn't matter, people are people and you are you. And you are good enough.

Putting yourself out there and saying 'I'm worth giving a shot' is really difficult. It takes balls and maybe you won't always be greeted with open arms, but then maybe you will - and maybe you'll meet some of the best people you've ever met. 

Maybe, if you allow yourself to push your own boundaries, say yes to opportunities that scare you, with new people you don't know yet, you could be left surprised - and perhaps with a few extra buddies, too.

For the ones you're most apprehensive to meet, may be the ones you turn to in the future, for the next big scary thing.

And so here's to The Apartment and here’s to Paris, for bringing more amazing ladies in to my life.

'When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump, otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life, and that I can't do'. - Abel Morales
Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

Visiting Paris with the apartment and villa M for the Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade show.

Lovely ladies in this blog post:

SKIRT | TOP | SHOES (similar)

Photography by Kris Atomic


Monday, 12 September 2016


How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

Monochrome has been my entire wardrobe for as long as i can recall - and so when it comes to summer style I’ve always struggled to find pieces that can keep me cool but still let me feel like myself.

And then this summer I discovered a new love.

The Denim Look.

My summer wardrobe has been updated with multiple denim dresses from white to acid wash and black to blue. For someone who finds summer styling the most boring of all seasons it’s added a new dimension for me - denim allows me to still be structured with my style and veer on the girly side without completely falling over the edge in to a frilly-princess-dreams.

And this dress from ASOS is one i couldn’t resist sharing with you - it’s got everything spot on, from the midi length to the wrap around fastening and the self-tie top to the button keyhole back. It’s a relaxed fit with an adjustable waist (you know, for when you’ve attended one too many BBQ’s) - and it fits my favourite kind of style: effortless. You can throw this on and away you go - everything about it proves that denim dresses can be the new summer staple in your wardrobe.
How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

How to wear denim in summer.

Photography by 
COMB - who are just a little bit amazing. They're the place to go to find the best alternatives for the fashion pieces you desperately want, but can't find. Simply upload a snap of an outfit via their app and they'll find you what you're looking for!