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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Glitter Egg

As it was Easter Sunday this weekend, I thought a few drinky-poos were in order, well, it would be rude not too wouldn’t it? And this is what I wore:

Virgoslounge are a London based women’s brand, bringing a vintage feel to current fashion trends. They started following me on Twitter, so as you do, I had a little peek at their page, which followed on to their website, which followed on to a few cheeky purchases. Eep. I instantly fell in love with the brand and this dress, which retails at £49.99, and obviously the velvet leggings I’m wearing, costing £50.
I was so sad when the dress arrived, as it was just that little bit too big. I had ordered a size 8, as size 6 wasn’t supplied at that time. But size 6’s fear not!! They are going to be introducing this size in all future designs on this dress *phew*; so I’ll definitely be purchasing that when it’s released. (I hear new colour variations are expected too, ooh lala). I ordered my leggings in an S (this has now changed and are available in sizes 4,6 etc) they are super comfortable, the perrrrfect fit. Plus, they hug my bum, which is hard because my bum is pretty non-existent *sobs*.
Now, I know some of you may be saying, this is a wee bit pricey. And yes, I would agree, they are slightly more expensive than your standard purchase. However, it’s SO worth it! Plus, they are regularly promoting special offers (follow them on twitter to hear the latest, @VIRGOSLOUNGE); for example, I purchased my leggings & dress on a 30% off offer, costing me approx £70 for both, which I think is a bargain. Especially when you take in to consideration the quality of this stuff; all of the sequins on my leggings were hand sewn on, which would’ve taken an age. But they are wonderful and it means your own piece is completely unique! 
I will 100% be purchasing from these lovely ladies again and I’m so excited to see more of their new collections when they are released.
What do you think of Virgoslounge? Have you purchased from them before or do you think you will now?


What's In Her Closet said...

Love your velvet leggings! So bold and chic!

Steph and Amber


wonderfulyou said...

Thanks ladies! I love them so much i may have to purchase the green ones too :) xx

StrasznaSzafa said...

I love your leggins!! :D

wonderfulyou said...

thank you :) x

jessica said...

these leggings are hot stuff!!

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love them so fashion forward.

<3 Marina

Heichal Salomon said...

Amazing tits, I love it!

LaQi Styling said...

Loves those. I need a pair!!! Too cute!!!

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