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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Party Oufit

The works Christmas Party is clearly one of the most important parties of the year. It's the one time you get to really dress up and have a fantastic night with the people you work really hard with, day in, day out. I'm pretty sure every girl will admit that they purchase a new dress when that time of year rolls around and it's your mission to find something that not every girl will be wearing. 
When the gorgeous Kim at e-tail webstores contacted me (she's the loveliest lady), on behalf of Chi Chi clothing I was just a wee bit excited at her timing. This, yes this dress right here has to be my absolute favourite Christmas party dress to date.
The long sleeves and comfortable material come hand in hand with a hell of a lot of sparkle, making sure that it's perfect for Christmas / Winter attire - plus it's a Little Black Dress, which is never an item you can have too many of. And although I like my dress to stand out a little, I feel that I could tone it down a little by pairing it with some chunky black tights and velvet ankle boots. 
Apologies for the lack of full length shots here guys, but the lighting at 7pm on a winter night was definitely against me. (cue to perhaps invest in some indoor lighting, any recommendations!?)

And if I wasn't in Australia for New Years - I would 100% be wearing this baby again.

See you all in 2013 my lovelies and Happy New Year!!!! 2013 is THE year, I just know it.


KayleighLouise said...

It's absoloutely gorgeous!! You look fabulous as always!! Xx.

Angela said...

This is the perfect winter party dress!

FloralDisaster said...

That dress is so nice!

Beauty Becky said...

You look amazing and gorgeous! Have a great time in Australia! I'm thinking of looking into some lighting so please let me know if you find any :) xxx

KylieR said...

Wow you look stunning!! Have a fab new year in Australia X

Sophierosehearts said...

WOW stunning dress, i hope you have an incredible time in oz!

Sophierosehearts x

LaurenAlston said...

you are beautiful!!


Samantha said...

Such a pretty dress and your make up is perfection :)


Katie @ Lady Million said...


Katie Frank said...

this is such amazing xmas look <3 i love this dress <3

SparrowMint said...

Beautiful dress!


Samantha | TinyPaintPot said...

So, so pretty! As always! Love the dress.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx

Lucy Old said...

This is absolutely stunning!



Tonya said...

omg beautiful!

Sophie said...

Oh wow just wow! You look gorgeous in your new dress!

Annie Joseph said...

Stunning attire!!! the work on the neck is really good and just enhance the beauty of the dress. Just love the way you carry the beautiful dress.


Natalie said...

That dress is to die for!! WOW!x


Laura said...

That dress is gorgeous! Happy New Year! xx

Bella said...

Awesomeee! I really love your style! I'm your new follower! :)
Happy New Year!


Lianne Whitelaw said...

Love love love this dress! Its gorgeous! Lusting over all the sparkle, such a great Christmas dress!
Lianne x

Christina Storey said...

Just cam across your blog - It's lovely! New follower in me :)
Christina xoxo www.stylestorey.blogspot.com

Alex-Rose said...

Beautiful dress, your hair is so PRETTY! Lucky girl! Happy new year xxxx

Georgina Hatton-Woods said...

This dress is fabulous, I'm off to have a look now!

Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

Bethany Stebbens said...

Love the dress!

Harriet Phebes said...

This is such a gorgeous dress, you are so lucky! We love your blog and are now your newest follower :)


Harriet Phebes said...

This is such a gorgeous dress, you are so lucky! We love your blog and are now your newest follower :)


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