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Monday, 21 May 2012

Feeling a bit Floral | Crown & Glory

About a year ago, I discovered a beautiful little shop on the internet. Crown & Glory. I am a sucker for any pretty hair accessory, so when I came across this brand I was super duper happy. From turbans to crowns; each piece is individually handmade by the lovely Sophie, & a lot of the pieces are made to order, so you’re guaranteed an original item, every time. Something about that just makes it extra special doesn’t it? 

Having built up a rather large collection of her pieces over the last year, I thought I would show you my most recent purchase:
don't worry...i'm not naked ;)

I bought the Marina - Fuschia Daisy Bandeau & I am absolutely in love. It’s such a beautifully delicate piece, which makes such a bold statement. I picked this one up in the up to 50% off sale and the little beauty was only £9! Amazing right. The whole range is so reasonably priced; and fills what I believe is a huge gap in the accessories market. Yes, there are heaps of shops that cater for hair accessories, but I am yet to find one that has such intricate detail, at such a fantastic price. There is a vast variety of items available, yet each piece is so wonderfully put together, with such care & attention. Plus, the customer service is incredible; always a speedy and ridiculously friendly response. And even better, Crown & Glory can even make up your own individual piece; so if you had an idea that wasn’t quite like what is available on the website, they’ll more than likely be able to cater for your needs. 

I just love everything about this wonderful little spot on the web.

Have you ever purchased from Crown & Glory before? Or do you think you will now?


Lauren said...

Wow, this is absolutely STUNNING.

wonderfulyou said...

Ooh glad you like it Lauren. The pieces are wonderful aren't they! :) xx

Celeste Sievers said...

You look beautiful, and the piece is great. I can see why you really like the shop!


wonderfulyou said...

Awh, thank you so much Celeste :) it has some really lovely pieces doesn't it. xx

Sarah Sezza said...

Lovely post! You are just so pretty can I say! Sarah xxxxx http://floralsflowersandallthingsnice.blogspot.co.uk/ xxxxxx

wonderfulyou said...

Thank you so much Sarah, that's a lovely thing to say :) i will definitely be checking your blog out in the morning :) xx

Kfedland said...

This is such a beautiful headpiece!x

Gemma Satire said...

Oh this is such a pretty headpiece! I've never bought from Crowns and Glory because my friends are fashion designers in uni and they make handbands EXACTLY like this themselves! They said there gunna sell them all on ASOS Marketplace soon for about £8 so if you want more but with different colours you should deffo give them a hollar!

Gemma x


wonderfulyou said...

glad you like it :) there are sooo many lovely ones on here site!x

wonderfulyou said...

That sounds great Gemma :) you will have to send me their details. You can never have too many hair accessories!


Michaela said...

hello :)
you look lovely on this picture :)) I love this headpiece, looks really great on you:)


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