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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sun, Sea &....Sun?

I don’t know about anyone else. But I desperately need a holiday. Pronto. I’ve been sifting through some old holiday snaps & it got me feeling all antsy. Whilst I’ve learnt to embrace the ‘English Rose’ look that seems to take over during the colder months, after half a year of looking whiter than Casper, I think I’ve earned a jolly good tan.

The boy & I are going away to Italy for 2 weeks in August; we’ll be staying with my family, & the villa looks absolutely beautiful. It even has a few horses so we can go riding, eep! Very excited indeedy.
This is said 'Boy'

We’re also going to Australia for 3 weeks over Christmas; we’re staying with his Aunty in Melbourne, Victoria. I CANNOT WAIT. I’ve never ventured out of Europe, so this is going to be a real treat. However, I have no idea what I’m doing. & I’m awful at planning things in life, so no doubt I’ll leave it too late to research all the hotspots & amazing things I should be doing whilst I’m there. If I was rich, I would employ some ravishing life-planner man to sort me out. Ahem, I know what you’re thinking; it would be purely platonic ladies. It’s just nice to have eye candy with your organisation, right?

I do hate wishing time away, but I really wish it would bloomin’ hurry up! Although I love being a little country bumpkin, living in a pretty little village in England, I do sometimes wonder why my family didn’t decide to be kind & live somewhere hot. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

So, do any of you lot have some advice on what I should get up to in Melbourne? I think I’ll need all the help I can get. The only thing I have on my list so far is penguin watching. Apparently there’s a lovely little spot on a beach where you can watch them all walk up out of the water at the same time, awhh :)

I also believe holiday shopping will commence rather shortly.

Where are you all off to on your jolly's this year? Are you excited? :) 


Lauren said...

Very jealous of your lovely holidays, really would love to go to Australia! Your yellow dress in that photo is SO nice by the way :)

I'm going to Paris with my boyfriend - we've already been to NYC this year too! Holidays galore! xo


wonderfulyou said...

Eep, NYC you are so lucky! I wan't to go there for christmas one year. Did you have a good time? Never been to Paris either, you will have to let me know what it's like :)

Thank you lovely, the dress is from Topshop last year! xx

Lauren said...

Oh, bet it was amazing for Christmas!! Had an amazing time :) although I would definitely like to go back when it's a bit warmer!!
Oh yes, definitely will do! It's a lovely city :)
You'll have to do a big post about Australia - I'm actually excited for you ahha! :) xo

wonderfulyou said...

I'm excited for me too! haha :D
I'll look forward to seeing your posts from your trip to Paris.
We're quite the little jet setters aren't we? xx

Polly said...

So jealous of your holiday! Your dress is gorgeous :)

Renée said...

such a beautiful summer dress!


Rachael said...

So exciting that you're going to Australia, I've never been but would love to! I visited California to see my bf for 3 weeks earlier this year and hoping to go back and see him end of June so we can take a trip to Vegas :) I need some sun lol



Kfedland said...

Oh so jealous of your holiday! Do you mind if I hide in your suitcase? love the picture of you and your boyfriend, your dress is absolutely beautiful!x

Charlotte Louise said...

You have such a gorgeous blog, just added it to my reading list. I'm so jealous of you and your holibobs. Me and my boy are looking at booking Disney World for xmas! I'm so excited!!
x x


Charlotte Louise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wonderfulyou said...

thanks lovely :) x

wonderfulyou said...

thank yooou! x

wonderfulyou said...

California? That is so exciting. I'm very jealous, & vegas sounds amazing.

I will definitely be documenting the trip, so look out for the post after Xmas :) xx

wonderfulyou said...

Awh thank you. Haha, if you are pocket sized, then yes, yes you can :) I imagine my suitcase will be filled to the brim, so it shall be a tight squeeze! x

wonderfulyou said...

Thank you so much, you've been on mine for a while now :) Ahhh if you go to Disney World I will be UBER jealous; you will have to take a million photos to show me! :)


insemination said...

Such a beautiful summer place, People is also so exciting for going to Australia and enjoy it also,You have such a gorgeous blog or site,Such a beautiful summer place,Very jealous for lovely holidays.

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