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Monday, 18 June 2012

Mini Boots Haul!

I took a little trip to my local boots a few weekends ago, & picked up a few of my beauty essentials, along with a few newbie’s I hadn’t tried before. I absolutely love Boots, & could literally spend days in there, if I was allowed ha-ha.

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter - £5.99 (on offer, usually £7.99)
Firstly I picked up one of the infamous Revlon Lip Butter’s, in Tutti Frutti. I really love the packaging & the colour is soooo yummy; love myself a bit of orange! Obviously, being a lip butter, the formula is very sheer, & quite glossy. It applies really well & you can build it up if you want a heavier finish. They’re also quite moisturizing, & not at all drying on the lips. The only downfall for me is that they get used up so quickly, such a weak formula doesn’t stay around for too long; but you can’t have it all can you! I’ll definitely be repurchasing this one & a few more colours too. It’s currently on offer at Boots, so get yourself down there & grab a few!

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals – £2.99
This liquid liner is something I’ve been purchasing since I was 17…over 6 years! (You do the math ;)). I just love it. I tend to use it all along the bottom eye, just below my lashes; & sometimes on the tips of my liquid eyeliner wings. It’s not an everyday product, just for when I’m going out for dinner, drinks or something like that. It adds a lovely touch of sparkle & goes with almost any look!

Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops - 10ml - £4.15
Now, I’ve heard a LOT of good things about said eye drops. Can I just say, I am not impressed.
Optrex Eyedew Dazzling Eye Drops will give you super white dazzling eyes and are suitable for all eye colours.”
I’m afraid; they just didn’t work for me at all. Firstly, my GOD did they sting my eyes. I’m not entirely sure why, as my eyes aren’t particularly sensitive to drops usually, but literally, I couldn’t open my eyes without them really stinging. & secondly, needless to say, they did not make my eyes whiter. They made them much redder. I did try using them on a few more occasions & the same thing happened each time. I was pretty bummed; I was looking forward to having dazzling eyes!! I know a few ladies who use them that have blue eyes & they haven’t had a problem, but my greenies couldn't seem to take it...

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour 220 Tangy - £7
So, after spending on those three products, I got given a no.7 £5 off voucher…I couldn’t wait, because I’m Megan, & I’m impatient, so I scuttled straight over to their counter to see what I could find. The nail varnish immediately popped out at me! I think the colour is beautiful,(it’s orange, ;)). If you want to see the finish it gives, you can take a look at my post here, where I’m wearing it. It has a really thick consistency; you could probably get away with just 1 coat, which is great value. It’s long lasting & the brush is quite long and spreads across the whole nail, both qualities that I love in nail varnishes. & seeing as I picked it up with my voucher, I only spent £2 on it, BARGAIN!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19
Now, I'm sure you will have spotted this product around every ladies blog, but it is amazing. For such a low price you get a hell of a lot of coverage! It's quite light, but can be built up really easily. I suffer with awfully dark circles under my eyes & this has been an absolute god send - blows some of the high-end brands out of the water!

Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner - Black (I can't remember the exact price, but I think it's about £4.99)
I have been using this little bad boy for years now. It's probably not the best liquid eye-liner out there, but it works so well for me & for such a good price, I think I'll be sticking with it for a few more years to come! I think you may be able to spot a little Collection 2000 trend going on in my make-up bag? haha. 

So, that's what I picked up on my little haul :) What do you think of the items I bought? Have you tried any of them before?
Also, I was thinking of doing a mixed haul on my YouTube channel, of a few more bits I picked up this weekend. Clothes, more beauty products etc. Let me know if it's something you'd like to see? :)


Zoe Lianne said...

Absolutely love that no 7 nail varnish, such a summery colour!



Jolie Baby said...

I really want to try the lip butters!! That is crazy about the eye drops!

Anastasia said...

I love that somebody else is as obsessed with orange as me :') xo


taylahjoyce said...

I love the Revlon Lip Butters! I have three colours but not the Tutti Frutti, it's next on my list though. They're so expensive here at $24 each!

seebyzoe.com said...

I used to use the Eyedew drops years ago. They worked really well for my blue eyes with no stinging.

Great post :)

The Beauty Professor said...

Beautiful blog...glad I stumbled upon it. Just followed!

--The Beauty Professor

WonderfulYou said...

:O $24 that's ridiculous! come over to the UK & go on a spending spree :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Ahh, i'm glad they worked well for you :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Oh thank you so much!! that really means a lot :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Definitely do :) I think they're great! I know :( I was really disappointed with them, never mind! xx

Sammy said...

Oooh i would love to try the lasting perfection concealer - i wish we got it in Australia. Great post hun x

Helen* said...

Lovely items, glam crystals looks really pretty! :)

You have a lovely blog and i'm glad to have come across it! :)

Now following!

Looking forward to your next post! :)

Please check out my blog if you can,

Thank you :D


WonderfulYou said...

perhaps we could do a swap of cosmetics Sammy! :)

dugongsss said...

Lovely haul and amazing pictures too! :)

Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

WMBG said...

great post!



LucyyLou said...

I love those glam crystal eyeliners! I've been using them since I was 13 :P
Lovely haul :D


Tanesha-Marie said...

I could also spend all day shopping i Boots *holds hand up saying I'm Tanesha and I'm a Boots addict ha ha* Lovely nail polish colour

Tanesha x

WonderfulYou said...

Haha! Love this comment!! too true, I could quite happily set up camp & live there forever!x

WonderfulYou said...

Yay! It's great isn't it? :) xx

Sandra said...

I wish they sold Revlon lip butters in my country! They look so lovely!


Becky said...

I love the Revlon lip butters. I've been considering getting Tutti Frutti for a while because it looks so pretty!

Kate said...

This is a really cool post :) your photos are so creative!

WonderfulYou said...

Ahh thank you Kate!! :) Xx

WonderfulYou said...

Definitely worth it lovely :) X

WonderfulYou said...

Ohh, maybe they will do soon?x

Melanie Jane said...

I am with you on the Boots thing, I have been known to 'waste entire afternoons in there, haha. I always buy way too much, too.
These photos are so gorgeous! Really like them.
Mel x


WonderfulYou said...

Thank you Mel :)

Yes, & internet shopping doesn't help either! haha xx

Dazzleulooks said...

love the colour of the nail varnish and the Revlon lip butter x


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