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Friday, 27 July 2012

Messy Up Do | Bun Tutorial | Video #5

Wahooooo, it’s Friday! I don’t know about anyone else, but how bloomin’ long has this week been?! I haven’t looked forward to a weekend so much in a long time. 

Anyway, here’s video #5 for ya’ll. It’s my first tutorial, so be kind. I felt a bit silly doing it, but every time I film a video I always ask at the end if anyone fancies seeing anything in particular, & the only thing that’s ever asked is ‘please can you do a bun tutorial’. There’s got to be over a million & one videos of girlies showing you how they achieve this look, but for some reason you guys wanted to see mine....
So, without further ado *inserts drum roll* here it is….me looking like a complete plonker in front of the camera :) 

Haha, hope I don't look like too much of a fool!! 
Have you lovely lot got much on this weekend? I’m keeping my fingers crossed the sun keeps on shining! 


Katie Frank said...

this video is very helpful, thank you!

WonderfulYou said...

Ahh I'm glad you liked it Katie! :) xx

About Cariad said...

I love the way you do your bun, Cant wait to try it myself just gotta grow it a bit longer first! x

WonderfulYou said...

Thank you! Ahh noo, you can do it with shorter hair too, that's the beauty of back-combing :) xx

Gemma Satire said...

Oh I wish my hair was long enough to put in this bun! It's so good the way you do it! And don't worry you camera quality is great! My camera now is dead good at taking pics but when I do video it sort of misbehaves itself. And I wish I had the confidence to do YouTube vids...I have nothing interesting to say!

Gemma x


WonderfulYou said...

Hey Gemma :) I'm sure you could still achieve it, instead of wrapping it around, you could just pin it down around it? May not be as 'big' but still larger than usual? Yes, that's exactly what my old camera used to do! This one seems to be a lot better, just need to work out how to get it to re-focus on products :)
Ahh don't be silly, it's nerve racking when you first start, but it's super duper easy, i love doing them now!xxx

Laura-Marie Roffey said...

Great video! I always try and do this look for work to keep it out of my face, but must do it wrong because it just ends up falling out *sad face* Will definetly be trying it again, so thanks! x

Lena said...

hi! u have a very cute blog! would u like to follow each other? i'll be very happy)

Lily Bee said...

You beaut! Lovely tutorial just wish my hair was as long as yours! Xx

WonderfulYou said...

Ohhh coming from you? The queen on buns!!!xxx

WonderfulYou said...

Do you back comb it? I find that really helps :) xx

Hev said...

One of the best bun tutorials I've seen! I wish my hair was a bit longer now, totally starting to regret cutting it all off! xx

The Collar Obsession said...

I'll proably come off as creepy but.... You really are stunning!
The video is really helpful! Thank you!!
I hope you make more!!


WonderfulYou said...

Oh Hev, really?? Thank you so much!! What a compliment :) ahh you have heaps of hair still, you could totally do this.xx

WonderfulYou said...

Awh not at all, although I'm really not, but thank you :) glad you found the video helpful too, let me know if you have any requests :D xx

Lauren Jay said...

Your hair is amazing. Very jealous of the length & shiny-ness! Also, your camera is great quality! X

WonderfulYou said...

Oh as ifffff lady, your hair is amaze! yay!! so much happier with it *fist pumps the air* x

ForbrukslÄn uten sikkerhet said...

Some reason you guys wanted to see mineSo, without further ado *inserts drum roll* here it is….me looking like a complete plonker in front of the camera :)

Thom Watson said...

May I ask what video camera you're using and/or what post editing? Love the blog!

beckawoo said...

I have no idea why you was worried this is a brilliant hair tutorial and certainly one i will be trying to do. I say trying because i have so much hair its bloody ridiculous its so thick that any other messy bun tutorial that i've tried my bun has ended up the size of a small plate which seriously aint cool. However i think the way you sweep yours around the dohnut it MIGHT just work haha fingers crossed cause its such a luvly summer look. Also i love the way that room is decorated i wanna say front room but not all too sure but yea stunning...anyways i'll stop waffeling now but yeah brilliant thanks for the video haha xx

WonderfulYou said...

Hello Thom :) of course you can! I'm using a Canon EOS 600D - & just windows movie editor. Thank you very much :) that's lovely to hear!

WonderfulYou said...

Thank you for such a lovely comment. I don't know why, I just get so panicky that people will hate it haha. It can be annoying having so much hair can't it? Perhaps try it without the donut too, as that may add more volume? I'm sure it will look wonderful on you though :) Let me know if it works for you!!xx

Josephine Pearl said...

Great video my dear, your a natural :) and so pretty.

Jo. x

beckawoo said...

Your welcome :). I can imagine i hope to do video's a little bit later as i've only just started my blog really but im a bit of a hermit crab, i cant dance around my room on my own for fear that i look a fool lol. But you certainly have nothing to worry about you have a lovely clear and relaxing voice and although you may feel a bit silly you come across as rather professional :).
Yeah i'll try it both ways but luckly by the end of next week i shall be able to do it with ease as im having the forest that is my hair cut and a well needed thining out, but i shall certainly let you know how i get on xx

Tracy Hodgson said...

Yeah, i have been trying to find a way of using the doughnut with long hair for ages, Thank you. great tutorial and i love your personality.


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