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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wonderful You's first GIVEAWAY! Can I get a 'Hell Yeah'?!

The Winners:
sara xoxox
Laura-Marie Roffey

WAHOOO! It's my first giveaway ladies & gents!! (pretty sure no gents read my blog, but whatever)
I was contacted a month or so a go, by the lovely lady Stephanie at Prairie Charms. They're a brand spanking new online jewellery shop, that sell beautiful handmade charm bracelets. Being a new blogger, I was so surprised when she got in contact with me to ask if I'd like to receive & review one of their pieces; of course, I said yes! After chatting with her for a while, it was decided that it shouldn't really just be me that get's to receive the loveliness, it should be you wonderful people too!
Each piece is lovingly handmade, & why stop there? These ladies certainly don't! How bloomin' gorgeous is this wrapping?
Personally, wrapping is really quite important to me, so this definitely gets brownie points my end!
Now, here's where you guys come in..wanna see the lovely bracelets that two of you, yes you heard right, two of you could win? Ah, okay, go on then....

How gorgeous are they!! Both bracelets come with their own individual detachable ribbon, for an extra bit of yuminess.
I'm just so in love with this brand. Not only is each bracelet handmade, with each piece being 'limited edition', to ensure your bracelet will be individual; they also offer a 'make your own' service. & the very, very best bit, is that 10% of each purchase that's made is donated to the Great Ormond Street Hospital 'Kiss it Better' Charity. I think that's just the cherry on the top, don't you? I want to get my hands on every piece!
So, I'm not going to make this difficult to enter, because to be frank, I really don't enjoy filling in a million entries on a giveaway. However, I will ask of you two things:

1. Please be a follower of Wonderful You via GFC (I will be checking!) It's simples to do!
2. Leave a comment below with your email address & why you'd like to win.

I will pull the two winning names out of a hat 2 weeks from today on August 1st.
& just for an extra, here's the bad boy I kept for myself :)
Good luck beauts!


limesandsmiles said...

Hell Yeah :P Reallly cool! I would like to win, so I can review and post it on my blog after I have thanked you ofcourse (sorry I am not a good one at this haha) my email is limesandsmiles before (at) gmail.com! Ixx

BonjourBeaute said...

Aww that wrapping is super cute! I'm a big lover of good packaging too. I follow you already but i would love to win because they look so adorable, i love the designs. That elephant one is A-MA-ZING! You have a lovely blog by the way!

my email is: bonjourbeautex@hotmail.com



Mittens said...

These are absolutely gorgeous. I am a follower on GFC and I would like to win because the braclet would go really well with my favourite summer dress -it would complete the outfit!
Email: mittensdiscovers@live.co.uk


daniella-r said...

'Hell yeah'! haha! This is such a lovely give away. I love handmade jewellery I feel it's more special and unique. These pieces are gorgeous (I love the elephant one!) That's the reason I'd like to win! I follow on GFC and my email is: daniella-richt19@hotmail.co.uk
Daniella x


Pernille said...

These are so cute!
I'm following via GFC and I'd love to win one of them, because the cute elephant charm reminds me of my trip to Sri Lanka where I saw dozens of elephants :)


Evie said...

The elephant is adorable!
I'm following on GFC on this account, and I'd like to win because they look like they would be good for layering bracelets.


Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

Thank you so much for the giveaway!
GFC: Natalie Roseanne Peploe.
I'd love to win because I love their bracelets and I think they'd go with my style well :).


Irina G. said...

Thank you for the giveaway!)
GFC name: Ирина Гнатюк
I'd like to win, because the bracelets are great and they would go well with my summer dresses.

Jessica Who? said...

love these bracelets! great giveaway!
i follow you via gfc :) (jessica who)


katiiedoesbeauty said...

I'd love to win as I never win anything and they are both gorgeous! Thinking about buying some others anyway :) the 10% going to charity is amazing! Thanks for the give away :)


Chloe Murray said...

They are beautiful! I think it's so lovely that some of the profits from the jewellery goes to Great Ormond Street, that's just so kind. I'd love to win because I'm a bracelet junkie, and am always on the lookout for a new brand!

I'm following you via GFC on this account, and my email address is chloemonster_x@hotmail.com x

Sophie ★ said...

I love these bracelets, what a cute giveaway! These are perfect for the summer!




Laura. said...

i follow you on bloglovin,
follow me back? xx

Laura-Marie Roffey said...

I already follow you :)
I think it's important that small businesses especially those that do so much for their customers (great service, effort in handmaking, reasonable prices and charitble thinking!) and offer something so unique are supported in these times, plus they're just too adorable not to want!

Stefij said...

i'd really like to enter, been trying to follow but GFC is being silly. will keep trying

My email is stefi jan3 at gmail com ta

I'd like to win as i'm new to blogging and i never win anything it'd make a nice change and i think is a really lovely they give to charity.

off to keep trying GFC so i'm in with a chance

The Clothes Maiden said...

this is beautiful! xo


Ellie Spanswick said...

They're so pretty, especially the elephant one, I love elephants, being an Ellie an all! I want to win one because, basically I'm so poor right now having just graduated/unemployed that I can't afford to buy one, or anything so it would be lovely to have something pretty and new. I also love a good cause, being a big fan of charity bracelets and children's charities, including HHHO. Even if I don't win, when I have a job I'm definitely up for getting me one!

Ellie Spanswick said...

oo my email is espanswick@gmail.com

Liza Vladyka said...

Please be a follower of Wonderful You via GFC

Liza Vladyka said...


it is stunning

the crazy persian said...

I love that elephant bracelet!

denise said...

wow these are exceptionally pretty!!!! I love the style they have going on! :) The bracelet you kept for yourself is fantastic, too; Loving the cream color!

how nice that there's going to be two winners! yay!

I'd like to win because they seem very unique and out of the ordinary.

Claire Roberts said...

Oh they are so pretty!! I love them and that elephant one is to die for!!



Charlotte said...

I follow on GFC.
I'd LOVE to win these because I absolutely adore 'tribal' themed jewellery! These are gorgeous. I need to update my jewellery collection and these would fit in just perfectly.

My email is Charlotte.Buckley@ntlworld.com

Thank you!

Charlotte xo

riley white said...

Follow on GFC

Hi Megs!
I love these bracelts so much! I would love to win these as either of these bracelts will bring a nice refreshment to my jewlerry collection as i do not have many like this.
Thank you

Kelynnma said...

Following via GFC and ohmygoodness these bracelets are gorgeous! I'd love to win and rock it, I have nothing similar to these so far!


inmydepth said...

ooo these bracelets are just lovely, so glad I stumbled across this wonderful blog through zoella :) so here's my email :
c.williams131@hotmail.co.uk *fingers crossed*

Sophielou said...

I would absolutely ADORE to own these beautiful creations! And I'd love to win as they are amazing, plus I lost my job today, so I could use a little present to cheer me up :3



sara xoxox said...

Hi! I already follow you, but I'd love to win because not only is the jewelry absolutely gorgeous, I love the idea of the donating to charity! Especially GOSH, which I've always been proud of. I'd love to do a review of the bracelets, and the elephant one is fantastic: I'd probably give it to my mother as a present as she grew up in Kenya, and always goes on about how her favourite animal is the elephant!


Love the blog!!

Lauren said...

Hiya just discovered your blog via twitter and do glad I did! Love it :)

Following on gfc and I'd love to win because I love the tribal jewellery look and haven't been able to find anything as gorgeous ad these in the shops! Thank you for sharing this great little brand, can't wait to start a collection!

Lauren x

Lauren said...


My email is laurenconway1@hotmail.co.uk

And I love the little fox next to your signature :) how'd you do that?? X

Kaz said...

Love your blog, really glad i've just stumbled across it :) definitely following now!
The charms on these bracelets are so cute, I love jewellery like this and like wearing loads of little bracelets (especially for festival season!), but they're just so expensive in the shops and hard to find ones that are a bit different. Gotta love the extra brownie points of them giving money to great ormond street, I work in the children's hospital in Leeds so I know how valuable kids hospital charities are.
kaz x

beckawoo said...

I think the major win in these beautiful peices is that money goes to charity. Walking around with a stunningly unique braclet would put a massive smile on my face but knowing its helped such an important charity is certainly the cherry on top. Thanks for bringing this gawgous little jewlery shop to my attention :) x


Scarlett said...

I love your blog, so glad I found it! I also love these bracelets, and it sounds like they are an amazing cause! I would love to win either of them, because I love bracelets and I would love either of those!

xo, Scarlett
The Trendy Chick

Amanda McGown said...

Hello! I am a follower and I would love one of these bracelets because I'm currently obsessed with jewellery! Some of the money goes to charity which is fabby! All the charms look so unique which is amazing! I have nothing like this and would adore it!
I love the theme on your blog its so simple but stylish!I found your blog from the one and only Sprinkle Of Glitter and absolutely love love love it!
My email is Amandamcgown@hotmail.com

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