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Thursday, 27 September 2012

September Joliebox | London Fashion Week

Now, this is my first time trying a Joliebox, and I was super excited when the post-lady knocked the door yesterday afternoon bearing 5 new beauty bits for me to try, squee :)

Before even opening the box, I was greeted with the fabulous JolieMag, which was such a treat. Including interviews with some wonderful ladies and a few hints and tips on making catwalk looks achievable. The contents of the box was tailored to London Fashion week, with the idea that you could use all the products as a pre-fashion week prep. To ensure you were looking your best for the paps ;)
Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea, it makes the beauty box that much more accessible, when all the items can used in conjunction with one another. 

C/O Joliebox: Top to Bottom: Redken Align 12, Balmi Lip Balm, Twistband hair-tie, I Love... Coconut Face Mask, Dr Bragi,

I love that the Joliebox comes with a drawstring bag, and inside mine were these little goodies:

REDKEN Align 12 (Full Size RRP £10-15): Now, in my latest post I've admitted that I think less is more with hair care. And I think to some extent, I will always believe that. However, when I spotted this little handbag sized product I was immediately eager to try it. Volume is usually the factor I go for with my hair, but I must admit when I'm in a rush blow drying my hair, it does end up looking like a big fat bush (the tree kind, ahem). This product promises to smooth the hair leaving it silky and completely straight, whilst adding a little protection. I washed my hair last night, and gave it a good blow dry to test the water. I'm impressed. My hair was poker straight, and frizz free but it was still big and bouncy. Big thumbs up from me!

Balmi SPF 15 Mint Lip Balm (Full Size RRP £4.99): I nearly wet myself with excitement when I saw this. I have a big love for lip balms, and this one is actual perfection. Not only is it ridiculously aesthetically pleasing. C'mon guys, it's a cute little ball of lip balm.  But it's application is so clever. The balm itself is domed, which means you can apply it to both your lips at the same time! I got the mint flavoured one, which is so nourishing and soothing on the lips. Definitely going to pick some more of these up! Also, lovely to see a full sized product in the box :)

Twistband Hair Ties: This. This right here is the best thing EVER. Yes, it's a hairband, and I'm probably a bit too excited, but I don't care. It's my favourite thing in this box. I wear my hair up a lot, and sleep with my hair up too (because there's so much of it), and hate that I end up with a big fat kink in my hair when I have to take it down. This new invention not only looks prettier than a regular hairband, it doesn't leave a kink in your hair! It's lighter and less harsh on your hair but still has a great hold. I'm not sure if you can actually buy them in the UK yet, but they're so cheap in the US it's insane. MASSIVE love for these!

I love... Coconut Face Mask (Full Size RRP 49p?): I love (haha) the I love... brand. I have a few of their body washes from Superdrug and they smell divine. However, I really disliked this face mask. When I opened up the sachet the product was so gloopy I couldn't actually spread it over my face! The bits that managed to stick to my face dripped off, and I admit, I took it off before it could fully set. Not something I would consider using again :( (it smelled amazing though!)

Dr. Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant (Full Size RRP £25): I tried out one of the little satchets before I tried the Coconut mask. I loved it. The fine beads were big enough to feel like they were working the dirt out of my skin, but not large enough to cause any discomfort. My skin felt so smooth and fresh after use and there was no irritation (my skin is super sensitive, so I was impressed)!

Overall, I am massively happy with this months edition, not only was it a new twist on the beauty box theme, meaning I could use all the products in the same evening; but I've discovered some fab brands that I may not have tried otherwise. 

Have you signed up for your Joliebox yet? If so, what variety box did you receive this month? :)

p.s. You can still get your hands on this box, if you subscribe by midnight on Sunday 30th Sept!!


Stephanie Tang said...

This sounds like such a lovely box! I've wanted to try the Balmi lip balms for a while since I heard that they were better than their sort of counterpart, the EOS lip balms, but I don't think they're available in Asia :( I actually just wish these types of subscription services were available in Asia in the first place!


Stand For Style said...

I am just so on love with those hair tiesthey are so cute!! I haven't heard of Joliebox until now so I only have you to blame if I spend on this Megs! :) xx


mollyy said...

i really want to try joliebox, it seems to be one of the better beauty boxes. i really want to try balmi! :) x

Dixx said...

Hi! Could you, maybe, check out my blog? I'm kinda new and I know you get a lot of request like this, but said I'd try my luck. :) http://imeowlife.blogspot.ro

Laura Jade said...

I'm thinking about signing up for it but I wanted to try Glossybox first, but their service is shocking! It took ten days to deliver it and I only live in the North East...I don't know. I think i'll definitely try Joliebox next time :)


Beauty Fiend said...

I'm surprised I love.. do face masks?! I'm intrigued to see what they are like . I can't imagine them being great though haha
Beauty Fiends Blog

I'm also having a giveaway here

daniella-r said...

I like the idea of the hair band, I hate having kinks in my hair! Need to have a look on eBay for them me thinks :)
Daniella x


Daisycakes said...

Seriously tempted to sign up to Jolie box now, it seems that it's the most consistent of all the beauty boxes. Lovely post xxxx


taylahjoyce said...

I love the "I love" brand, however I've never tried a face mask.
I regularly purchase their hand cremes and love them, don't lose hope for the brand!

danielleyc said...

I'm super intrigued by those twistbands!
I've seen the box cropping up all over the place, seems like a really good one!

http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

WonderfulYou said...

Oh, I wish they were too Stephanie :( perhaps you could arrange a swapsy with someone in the UK :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Oooh, please do spend on it, it's so worth it!! I used to get the Glossybox, but I wasn't blown away. Joliebox tick every box I think :) Xx

WonderfulYou said...

I'd agree lovely. The balmi is SO worth it too :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

I would definitely recommend Joliebox for service Laura. I was signed up to glossybox for a while, but overall, Joliebox definitely tick more boxes!xxx

WonderfulYou said...

Yeah I love their body washes so it was sad times :( maybe I just had a bad one!xxx

WonderfulYou said...

Let me know if you find any Daniella :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Consistent is definitely the word :) in every aspect :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

I'm not put off :) I still love their other products, just don't fancy another face mask! xx

WonderfulYou said...

It really is great :) the magazine is such a nice touch too. I absolutely LOVE the twistbands!!xx

Mila said...


Isobel said...

You can buy the hair ties from Claires! xx

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