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Monday, 22 October 2012

My Daily Skincare Routine | Video

Good Afternoon my loverlies! Hope you all had a fab weekend and that you're not suffering from the Monday Blues :) Today actually feels like it's mid week, I'm surprisingly chirpy!
Anyway...I've filmed another video for y'all. It's my Daily Skincare Routine, which I've recently changed up. I've said a sad goodbye to Clinique and a warm hello to a new brand. If you want have a little nose, go have a watch. I've listed all the products in the down-bar of the video, if you want to read up more about them :)

I also received some rather disturbing comments on my channel yesterday; I was really shocked, being the first derogatory comment on any of my videos - but I suppose it was always going to come, nonetheless I did feel a little bit ill at what they said. (if you want to see the comment, I did post one of the screen shots on twitter). I think using the big wide web to discuss your passions can be a bit of a dangerous ball game, you definitely have to be thick skinned and let the negativity roll off you. I thought I would always be able to do that, but it did leave me a bit worried. Anyhow, on-wards and upwards and their vile comments have been reported and the user blocked from my account. I'll have none of that nastiness thank you very much :) 
Have a lovely week you lot, and please do let me know if there's any other videos you'd like to see?


Charlie said...

megs your a babe! your skin looks flawless. I've heard you tube can get nasty but ignore it your just doing what you love. don't let it bring you down xx

Keyta Hawkins said...

You have such amazing skin!! :O
- Keyta x

Larissa Dardania said...

Sooooooooo beautiful today *o*

Ankita said...

I have been one of the silent followers of your blog since a while now, but today I have to say this - You are gorgeous! I LOVE your blog and all your videos too :)

Gia @ Lovely Serendipity said...

Thanks so much for posting this! :) I learnt so many things about skin care today, will probably watch it again to make a list of the products you used :) xx

Georgia Paris said...

Great video! I still need to get my hands on some Bioderma.xxxx


Jazzmin V said...

Oh my, you are so lovely!


Helen said...

I found that with Clinique too, I get bad break outs and whilst clinique 3 step system made my skin feel squeaky clean, it made me feel too dry after a while which then caused more breakouts. I use Liz Earle now and I was really worried about it being too oily for me but I love it now. I feel clean but also soft and not tight! Such a shame it doesn't agree with you. You've also made me think about eye creams, definitely want to protect against crows feet!

Anti-Aging Skin Treatment said...

I like the video very much.You take care of your skin so intelligently and beautifully.

Zoelee said...

Great video. Must get myself a face steamer!

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I really like to read.Hope to learn a lot and have a nice experience here! my best regards guys!

Laura said...

Hey, just wondered what had changed since your first few pro clinique posts? I have been using the 3 step for over a year and at first was head over heels in love but then things started to go wrong so swapped to the anti blemish 3 step and its not great. I have been thinking about abandoning Clinique too. Would you advise? Thanks.
Ps- your skin looks beauts!

Lifestyle couples said...

I have been one of the silent followers of your blog.You have such amazing skin! Today I will say that - You are gorgeous!

Alison Clarke said...

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