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Friday, 30 November 2012

My Foxy Fashion Wants

Burberry Fox Head Clutch. Jacey Withers Fox Head Ring. Oasis Fox Print Dress. Layla Amber Fox Head Earrings. ASOS Fox Head midi belt. ASOS Fox Pouch. 
You guys know how much I ruddy love my foxes, so I thought you might quite enjoy having a peek at some of the foxy things I've been stalking on the internet as late. Yes that's right, I am a massive fox stalker. 

  1. Obvioulsy, I am never ever ever going to get my hands on the Burberry clutch, at £795 I'd have to sell my car and that would mean I couldn't go to work. Actually....this sounds like quite a great plan? (mwahaha). Thank you Hannah Maggs for introducing this amount of amazing-ness...NAAAT ;)
  2. The Jacey Withers ring is another pricey one at nearly £200, but I've been lusting after this for over a year now and have nearly purchased it on far too many occasions - it's so gorgeous though *sobs*. 
  3. I love the deep wine colour on this and skater dresses are so simple to wear. Being Oasis it's not a cheapy one but I do love it rather a lot. 
  4. Waaa how bloomin' cute is this little pouch? I want it to put all my travel toiletries in for Australia and at only a fiver I may have to ask Father Christmas nicely if he'll pop it in my stocking :)
  5. This midi belt is one of my faves of the bunch. I only own a few and none have a fox head on them. Clearly, this needs to be rectified immediately. 
  6. I recently received one of Layla's lovely brooches as a gift from my Aunty and I just adore her stuff. These earrings are perfection.
I'm now going to go off and sulk at all the lovely foxy goodness I cant afford to buy. 

Anyone else love them as much as I do?!


Samantha said...

Oo, it's all so cute and that dress would look lovely on you :) stick them all on your Christmas wishlist!

Sam xx

Lucy Edwards said...

I've got a few foxy bits, this dress:

And this brooch:

WonderfulYou said...

Ahh Lucy I love them both!!! Great finds :) xx

WonderfulYou said...

Ahh Sam I want everythinggggg, not sure I can pop the Burberry one on the wishlist though haha xx

Charlotte said...

Oh Meg, please sell your car and buy that clutch, it's beautiful! I saw some foxy stuff in urban outfitters at the weekend and thought of you (in a strictly none stalker way ;))

These shoes: http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/deena-+amp-ozzy-black-fox-head-slip-on-shoes/invt/5314463097777/&bklist=?VBMST=fox

in particular, and there was a gorgeous mug too but it's sold out :(

daniella-r said...

Love the fox head earrings by layla. They're really cute. I'm a bit of a fox stalker myself (although not as dedicated as you!) I have a dress, hat, too many foxy socks and a necklace to date :)
Daniella x


Leigh Travers said...

Ahh thanks for sharing this post, sweet. You're entirely right, I completely appreciate every item! Oh, that Burberry clutch is to die for! I may have to invest in the belt though!

Holly said...

Oh man I want that clutch so badly! These are all really cute finds Megs, I love foxes too :)

Tara Baker said...

That Oasis dress is adorable. Obviously I can't afford it but it's still adorable.


Leanne Helmer said...

Those rings are adorable! I love foxes too, so this post is perfect for me :) xx


Zoe Newlove said...

Burberry how I dislike you, that clutch is just.... drools a little. If I win the lottery I shall buy us both one :) xxx *dreams*

Lauren said...

The ring is perfection! Need I even say anything about the clutch?! Gorgeous...and over half of a month's wages :( wah, oh Burberry!xo


Lauren said...

Absolutely love this post - I love foxes too! May have to go get that dress, it's scrummy.


Greta said...

Love your blog so much! What is your day job? :)

Katie Frank said...

so many beautiful foxy stuff <3 can i also got these all <3

Cat said...

Foxes are beautiful, love your picks here Meg :) xx

Anna Sealey said...

Aw they are all so adorable! Foxes are georgous creatures. Lovley images, great blog and youtube channel :)



Elena said...

Just found your blog dear. Amazing wishlist :D

If you want visit me, I'll be so grateful :)
Lots of kisses, The Spotted Cherry Pie

Tracy Hodgson said...

Yep, i too want all of the above! especially the dress, it's totally darling!



CarlyB said...

Dearie me, I NEED that Burberry clutch in my life.x

Nicola Purkins said...

Those earings!!!!!!!

Philippa Wall said...

I have just nominated you for the Laine Blogger Award :) Go check it out:

avecjayj said...

love that burberry clutch!

jayj x.

Camellia Jhonson said...

Wow, your clutch is really antique, just love your clutch. The pouch is nice to carry the things along with that its unique look really make it amazing to look.
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Sharina said...

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! im inlove with your blog! youre too gorgeous for my life! Lol. I just browsed and saw your hair post! WOW.


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