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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Outfit Post | Strictly Velvet

Tonight, a dear family friend is taking part in a charity dance where she'll be shaking her tooshy ballroom style - all in the aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Mum and I are going on down to show our support and I thought I would share with you lovely lot what I'll be wearing!
Bag: Brand Village. Blouse: Zara. Leggings: Topshop. Shoes: Zara

It's been a god awful day for weather today - so excuse the rain & me looking like a wet rat. I had to take these pictures before I drowned on our driveway!! 

I have been after a new black bag since forever. I don't know what it is, there always seems to be the perfect tan bag available, but when it comes to a smart black bag it's like 'pooft' they all disappear and I am left sad and black-bag-less. So when I discovered this bad-boy on the Brand Village website I was head over heels and couldn't wait to get my filthy bag grabbing mitts on it. It's the perfect size, and has lots of little compartments inside (I'm a hoarder, so I love this). 
I know, I know, I've gone for all black again - but my lips are red, so that counts as colour right? This blouse is so comfy and feels super luxurious - my favourite part being the velvet quilted shoulders and cuffed sleeves. I seem to really quite fancy the pants off velvet - as I'm wearing it on my bottoms too. You remember my black and white velvet leggings that I wore here? Well I loved them so ruddy much that my boyfriend was a bit wonderful and bought me them in black too. YAY! Probably to shut me up going on about my love for them. My little black glitzy shoes are from the Zara basic range and are perfect for dressing up quite a casual outfit. I pretty much hate wearing staggering heels, mainly because it hurts - so these little heels fit my style to a tee. 

I know that cancer affects far too many people's lives - and still isn't something that many people can discuss openly. However, if any of you wonderful lot would like to make a small donation towards tonight then that would be so lovely and you can do so here
Of course - please don't be offended by my asking or feel you have to; I just thought it would be nice to share it with you guys in-case it's something close to your heart too :)

What are you yummy lot up to over the weekend? I went to see Twilight last night. OHHHHHH my all I can say is, who wants to go with me again?!

ALSO - I'm getting my hair done next week and fancy something different....ideas?


Kate said...

Gorgeous outfit! x

Maya M said...

Stunning, so pretty and that outfit is so cool!


Berty Morales said...

You look amazing and I love this outfit. Love your hair as well, and great bag!

Sarah Clark said...

Love this!!! Sometimes all black can look amazing... even more so with your hair!! I think you could pull of darker hair colour, like a ash brown!!! I wish I had your hair!! :)


Sarah xx

Temporary:Secretary said...

LOVE the bag!!! x

Pretty Little Lives said...

You look fab! Your hair is gorgeous, I love the colour!!

Natasha Carly x

Fern said...

I love this outfit, the leggings are so lovely! Enjoy tonight x

Sophie - CGDN said...

that bag is amazing, can't beat a larger bag with plenty of compartments x

Elise Downing said...

I love this outfit so much, the all black works so well with the mixture of textures, it's great.

Elise x


Alice said...

Wah I'm so envious of your gorgeous hair! You look gorgeous as always - love the bag xoxo

Emily Cave said...

Gorgeous!! and so chic!!
Love the bag as well, definitely got a bag crush now.

Would love if you would check out my blog and follow, love yours!

Em xxx


Fiona Lily said...

That's lovely! Love your bag so much

Amy said...

The bag is amazing! I'm after a new black one I just haven't found one that I like, this however is gorgeous!! :)

Looking lovely too, have a nice night!

Amy xx

Emily said...

You look lovely! xxx


Georgia Beee said...

LOVE the bag!

Georgia x

p.s. Enter my giveaway to win Kukee Jewellery!

Elizabeth Nott said...

I love the bag! It is gorgeous <3 I love that it has lots of compartments - I'm a hoarder too ;)

The Style Rawr said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Your hair is amazing and this is a great look. I hope the charity party went well, such a great cause. :)

The Style Rawr!

Elliee ☮ said...

You look stunning Megs! Your hair is literally gorgeous you lucky thing!x


Lauren said...

Gorgeous outfit


Lauren said...

P.s. how crazy is the new twilight!! X

Katie Frank said...

wow, you look so amazing *.* i love your hair, i love your trousers and i love your bag *.* yay!

Lauren said...

These trousers! I saw the white ones in store and loved them but thought they were too bold for me haha! But these are the answer to my prayers ;) I personally love all black outfits! Your hair brings in the colour too :)


Hev said...

Don't you dare chop all your hair off on the quest for something different, or I might actually cry a little bit. I did that at the beginning of the year and now kind of regret it.. Whoopsy. I had my hair a plummy/purpley colour last year which I reckon would look awesome on you! Looove the shirt and trousers, can I come and raid your wardrobe please? xxx

Anna Sealey said...

Your are simply stunning! You look amazing! I love your bag and leggings, such staple pieces! :) Your blog is brilliant btw <3



Sian Waters said...

WOWW!! LOVE Your hair! :) What colour do you use?

Loving your blog so im following! :)



Miss drifted Snow White said...

what a stunner of a bag! WOWWWWWW --- subbed too! cant believe i hadn't before!

Miss drifted Snow White

Becky said...

I simply love this outfit and the bag is gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely time at the ball and I agree its such a worth while cause so thank you for mentioning it on your blog! :-)

beckys makeup

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