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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub | Wonderful You Review

I am new to the LUSH bandwagon. I must admit, I'd never been overly intrigued to step inside a store due to the overpowering scent, and because of that I've not really been fussed about reading other bloggers posts about it. Sometimes I could really smack myself at how stubborn I am - because I finally stepped in and I'm so glad I did. 
My best friends mum had told me I had to visit - simply for the customer service in the store. The lady talked her through everything she wanted to know about the store and products without bombarding her (did you know everything is completely natural & organic? I expected it not to be with all the bright colours!). She helped her find exactly what she needed and then left her to it. Once she had finished shopping the store lady approached her again and said that every day, the staff were allowed to choose one shopper to give a free product to - and she wanted to give that product to her. How lovely is that? It wasn't a 'Oh, well you can only have this particular product' - no she got to pick whatever she wanted. If nothing else, I think you should pop in to receive a bit of the same. Is it just me or has customer service gone down the pan a little these days? 

When I popped in I was rushing around like a madman doing the Christmas shopping, so I didn't have enough time to stop and chat, but they were all super friendly (especially as it was Christmas eve, very very busy). I wanted to try one thing that my mum's friend had mentioned to me...their Lip Scrub. 

This isn't a 'brainy' product - what I mean by that is you could quite easily make something similar yourself. It's the brains behind it that I love.
This little pot of yummy has worked wonders for my dry, chapped lips. It's jam packed with castor sugar and jojoba oil to create an exfoliant for your lips that isn't too harsh but still moisturises. After one use it left mine flake free and supple enough to not even need a lip balm afterwards. If your a lipstick fan (like me) - this is the perfect product to carry around in your make up bag; whenever I want to reapply my lippy I use this beforehand and it takes all the dryness away that some lipsticks tend to leave in their colourful path!
Not only does the product leave my lips feeling awesome, you can EAT it. Yep you heard, because it's mainly sugar and no nasties you can just lick the excess product straight off your lips. I got mine in the flavour 'sweet lips' which is meant to be a chocolatey taste, I wouldn't say it tastes exactly like chocolate but it is very tasty! 
It's a hefty 25g of product, which is heaps in lip-care terms (so if you fancy eating a few finger-fulls it won't make too much of a dent ;)) and at £5.25 it's certainly worth the price tag given how long it will last.

I couldn't find mine on the website (I think it might be new?), but there's a few others here

Have you tried their lip scrubs? Or do you have a must-have product from LUSH? :) (not bath bombs, I don't like them!)


Emily said...

This one looks lovely, I have the Popcorn one but I just find it really salty, which means I don't like eating it:( x


Chelsea said...

This looks so lovely! I've seen a few reviews on it but I was hoping to find some good photos - so thank you. Now I just need to decide which flavor to get xx

Leanne Marie said...

I need to get myself a new lip scrub! My lips are suffering!
I've only ever tried the bubblegum scrub from lush. I'll have to check out the other flavours!

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

J4mieJohnston said...

It looks really nice! I have the bubblegum one and it smells amazing. It also is great for my lips. I'll now have to check out other flavors so thanks for this blog post :)


Nicola Purkins said...

Are these not just the cleverest things! I think that when I ahve finished mine I am going to keep the pot and make one myself!
Cheeky much?!!!

loulabeth ♡ said...

The customer service at LUSH really is amazing, I'm always greeted by such friendly staff & they make the shopping experience so lovely! I have the popcorn lip scrub and I absolutely love it, it's so good at exfoliating my lips, I always apply it before I put on matte lipsticks, they then apply like a dream! (:

L x


bowbanglebake said...

Lush customer service is fantastic! I was the lucky girl who got a free full sized toner the other week!
I have the same lip scrub but I really cannot get my head around licking it off! It just doesn't seem right to me so I wash it off! I know I'm weird! I love using this before bed and covering my lips with loads of lip balm - you'll wake up with silky smooth lips which just take lipstick so much better!
I am a lover of bath bath but they do really nice bath melts and bubble bars if you prefer a bubbly bath and I'm getting quite into their skincare which I never imagined as I'm married to my Clarins routine!

Jenni x
Bows Bangles & Bakes

Georgia Beee said...

This is great stuff, I have the bubblegum one and its really nice :)

great review :)

Georgia x
Georgiabeee.blogspot.co.uk | Twitter | facebook

Ellie said...

You can't find sweet lips on the website because its discontinued! You're lucky to have found it in stock :-)

Ellie said...

Bubblegum is the best! You can't usually find sweet lips in store

Kim @lovecloth said...

Ok def need this is my life... yum

Individual.Emotion said...

I really adore this brand. I got the bubble gum lip scrub and the popcorn one. last one isn't my fave because it's salty =/ and my must have is the enchanted eye cream and also their buffy bodybutter..never had softer skin after a shower.


Chris El @ MyFashionTrendencies said...

I'm new to Lush too and I bit the bullet and bought the bubblegum lip scrub and now I'm obsessed! Love your blog and I'd love it if we could follow each other :)
xoxo Chris

Leanne Rachel said...

I love Lush and their lip products! It's such a shame that I don't have a store near me. Lovely review. :) xxx


Gaby Fauchon said...

I'm not a huge fan of LUSH since it's a bit overrated in my opinion and everybody thinks their products are all natural just because they are handmade but a majority of them contain parabens and some nasties but anyway! I recently used up a lip scrub I had from them and it did work so well that I am tempted to repurchase it, I will just make my own - and cheaper - handmade version with brown sugar and coconut oil instead x

Charlotte | Charlotte's Web said...

I use the 'popcorn' scrub and I adore it.. so so good! x

Katherine xo said...

I have the popcorn one and they are so effective and so yummy! x


Shalini Menon said...

i have never tried lush products nor lip scrubs before but after reading this post i'm definitely going to!


Eilla Sikén said...

True. Their products aren't completely natural and organic either. They still use parabens in their products. Their shampoo and body wash left my hair and skin super dry.

Eilla Sikén said...

True. Their products aren't completely natural and organic either. They still use parabens in their products. Their shampoo and body wash left my hair and skin super dry.

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