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Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Make Up Storage | Organised Chaos

One of my favourite posts to read at the moment is the beauty blogger's 'Make Up Storage'. It's been floating around for a while now and to be honest, I'd never thought mine would be of any interest. Simply because it's pretty messy in comparison to everyone else's. But after I'd read a handful of posts with acrylic drawer boxes I'd got a little bit fed up, and that's when I thought - hmm perhaps my way of doing things might give a little something different! That's not to say that I don't like acrylic storage boxes - I'm just WAY too messy to make them look as good as they should.
And then when I saw Leanne's post from Leanne-Marie on alternative storage it tipped me over the edge. I will share my 'alternative' messy ways with you! Haha. 

Daily make up:
My day to day make-up keeps itself to itself. I like to be able to just pick it up first thing in the morning and not have to worry where anything is and just get it over and done with (I am not a morning person). So it's situated on my little coffee table, on a plate, with a deer - as you do.

The rest of it:
The remainder of my make up that I use on a semi-regular basis, i.e. nights out or a little extra for weekends is stored in a  little carry case I picked up from a local vintage store for £5. It's perfect really, because it fastens at the front I can throw all the make-up above into it, combined with the extras and take it away with me, and it also looks quite pretty just sat on my table!
My lippy's are all stored in this little metal tin - again something from a vintage shop that cost next to nothing. Because I am addicted to my lipsticks I know what I have and I'm not overly bothered about being able to see every single one lined up next to each other. I quite like the unkempt-ness of it all.  
I also have a bag of make up that hardly ever gets used, but is there for emergency situations (i.e. never, but I can't get rid because I'm a hoarder). I wont show you that, because it' s literally just a bag of not so great make up!

I hope you enjoyed this post - and seeing a bit more into my organised chaos of make up :) It's quite simple really, which is how I like things. 
If you'd like to see a post similar to this on my jewellery or nail varnishes please let me know!

I officially have the flu and am writing this from my bed, feeling utterly sorry for myself with a beechams hot berry drink (making the best of a bad situation) and some flapjacks. I ate half a bag of oranges yesterday...I'm not sure that was quite a good idea!! I hope you're all well though and looking forward to the weekend :)


Bright Town Girl said...

This is such a lovely way to store your make up, all the boxes are so cute. Hope you feel better soon. x

Leanne Marie said...

Love this post. The tin your store your lipsticks in is so cute. I'm definitely bored of my acrylic storage now, I think I need to get some Pantone tins from my post! haha

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Maya M said...

Great way to store all your make uo and I really like the box!


Charlie said...

love this its nice to see makeup storage that doesn't involve muji! haha. the lipstick tin is gorgeous xx

Hannah said...

I like the originality of how you store your makeup and I think it shows your personality too which is lovely. I agree that most of these posts include acrylic storage; it does look nice but something a little different like yours is always a nice change/

Feel better soon :)
A Subtle Difference xx

Beauty Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gleepface said...

I love the little deer plate thingy! So cute!

Hev said...

Yes for none acrylic type storage! I'm after some more storage, I currently have a box similar to yours but it has divided sections in it.. Kind of over flowing now though! Find it impossible to find anything nice and acrylic would definitely not stay clean near me! Love the little deer plate xxx

Beauty Becky said...

I hope you feel better soon hun :) I really loved this post because I'm the same with my storage! Other makeup storage posts can be so neat and everything is out lined up but I can just never keep it like that and eventually it all gets put in a box. I'm really glad you posted this because it shows how things can go in boxes whilst still looking pretty and organised! Also, it may say above I have removed my comment - I was trying to type too quickly too early in the morning on my phone and published it halfway through a word! Haha :) xxx

Anna Blush said...

I like your 'organised chaos' look! reminds me of my own dressing tabe :) hope you feel better soon! xx


Zoe Newlove said...

This is such a good idea, my make-up storage is so boring. Literally two tatty bags full of my own personal make-up. I need to sort it out, this has given me a little bit of inspiration to spice mine up a bit. Hope you get better soon chicken x x x x

Floral Danielle said...

Mine's the exact same as this! One for main make up, one for the rest, one for lipsticks, and one for make up that never gets used! :)
The little deer dish is so cute!

loulabeth ♡ said...

Aww I love the way you store your makeup! Especially the little deer plate, so cute (: I need to invest in some better makeup storage as it all kinda just floats about at the moment with nowhere 'proper' to live haha!
Hope you're feeling better soon (:

L x

Catrine said...

this is really cute!! it's nice and refreshing to see not a muji set! soooo lovely :) xxx

Holly said...

I love this post Megs! Such lovely ways of storing your make-up and I'm a little bit in love with that deer plate! I just reorganised mine yesterday so think I will do a post similar to this :) Thanks for inspiring me!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Awww I'm jealous of that plate with the little deer, so cute x

Amy W. Hemmingway said...

I absolutely love the little deer plate, it's cute!

www.dusterknuckles.blogspot.co.uk | I'm having a Celine giveaway!

Melissa. said...

I laughed out loud at the make up bag for emergencys part because I'm the exact same! I can't throw anything out, because I may need it at some point, or else I just like how it looks, or the memory that went with it. I would love to see your nail polish and jewellery storage too!x


daniella-r said...

I'm the same with my make up, although it's just randomly strewn across my dressing table- I need a lovely plate with a deer on it :)
Daniella x


Leanne Rachel said...

This is the nicest make-up storage i've seen! So cute xx


Catherine Mona said...

Love how you keep your daily makeup out on the deer plate. So cute & perfect for grabbing exactly what you need in a morning rush... xx


keikobeauty7 said...

I'm a bit relieved that I'm not the only one who is messy on makeup storage!
Thank you for a lovely post!

jessiemapooh said...

Yep, I pretty much adore your storage!


Alette said...

I really like your way of storage. It looks so cute! I am looking for a nice tin box to keep my lippies, but haven;t found one in the right size yet.

Fatzee said...

You are right! This is indeed something different and I love the vintage feel its got to it
Thumbs up!


AmyBell said...

eep I've got wee tins almost exactly like that.. TIN TWINS x

Eda. said...

I love your make-up storage darling, it has a vintage feel and character. I just have a make-up box and a ferrero rocher box for my eye shadows :) Thanks for sharing lovely.

Eda x


Katherine xo said...

the deer thing is so so cute :) such a lovely idea x


Dazzlin Sana said...

I like how it's so less of makeup. It's great to see such. Really. :)

Domniki Chatzaki said...

I love love love your makeup storage!! So vintage and so unique!!!

BeautyRambles said...

love the vintage box- ! x

Strange Party said...

The facilities are well lit and VERY neat and clean. Plus they are open 7 days per week. If you need a Trailer storage in Brisbane, this is the place!

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