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Monday, 11 February 2013

NOTD | Rimmel I heart Lasting Finish - Tangy Tangerine | Wonderful You Review

c/o Semichem
Today is just a quick and easy 'nail of the day' post. I am writing this from my sick bed (ahem, dedication right there). Typically my immune system is pretty shoddy - but it seems to have taken a real hit this time. I have the most hideous chest infection which makes me sounds like a teenage boy hitting puberty, my entire body aches and I have conjunctivitis. Truly I am such a pretty sight at the moment (hence the face free blog post haha). Off to the doctor's this evening for some harder drugs ;)

Enough about me! Let's talk about this fruity little number... Rimmel's I <3 Lasting Finish #705 in Tangy Tangerine (*gasps* Jeez, rimmel like their hefty product names dont't they!) - I'm quite partial to a spot of orange lippy but I've never really been one for bright nails (think more deep plums or golds) - but when I spotted this bad boy I couldn't resist. I'm not one for fiddly nail art, so plain and simple is pretty much a given with my nails - however I think this colour does the talking perfectly on it's own. 
This collection hosts a range of gorgeous colours from Double decker red to Pear drop. It promises to be hard wearing and chip resistant and I have to say I was really impressed. I am ridiculously heavy handed and seem to smack my nails against anything I possibly can - I usually chip my nail varnish within a couple of hours. But no no, good old tangy tangerine took 4 days to start wearing down (approx 10 days on any normal person!). I applied two coats to achieve this finish - the brush fans out beautifully hitting the majority of your nail with one swipe. And my very favourite thing is that it's only 8ml, personally I never get through a giant bottle of polish so prefer the dinkier sizes, and it's only £2.99 (baaaargain).
I just love love, love it and shall definitely be sporting this little baby in to the spring.

Do you have any shades from this collection? What's your favourite? If you wan't to pick a couple up, they have the 3 for 2 across all Rimmel products in boots!


Amie H said...

Such a pretty colour :) Will pick this up for Summer! xx


Angela Marie said...

i love this color, it also looks like it has a really nice finish- or maybe that is just your pretty nails. Feel better soon & don't worry about looking a mess in bed :)

Angela @ the Lovely Cup

Charlotte Manning said...

I hope you feel better soon lovley, I spent the whole wekeend in bed so know how you feel,

I love the shade, orange is always one of them colours you can wear all year round I think,


Vicki said...

I like the £2.99 price tag - thats a bargain. This looks like a great spring colour. I dont have anything from this collection - but one of my all time fave colours is the Rimmel 819 in Green With Envy. Its so pretty

Joanna Kay said...

I've never tried orange nails as I have been scared I can't pull it off, but this looks so gorgeous! And I love rimmel nail polishes, they last so long!


....... said...

love your blog. came here by way of Fee of makeup savvy and so excited to have discovered you. this is a fantastic color on your nails love the bright orange. def going to go check it out when I next visit the drugstore. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

Milex said...


fashion written with a lipstick said...

i absolutely love this!!! super gorgeous colour! :) xxx

Emma McIntyre said...

I love orange colours - lipsticks, blushes, and now nail polish, and at £2.99, a bargain!


Katie Clarke said...

I just put a bright orange nail varnish on tonight whilst moping around with a sore swollen glands throat lol, orange must be just a pick me up colour to go for on those sick days. looks lovely on your nails :) new follower! xx


Katherine xo said...

this is a really cute colour! :) x


Laura said...

I love this colour, great for summer!



J4mieJohnston said...

I love this colour! It's so bright and vibrant :)


Gaby Fauchon said...

I love this, very summery!

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