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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Alpro #deskfest: Breakfast Day 3

The last day of my Alpro #deskfest is something that really fits the criteria; it’s perfect to have on the go, and at your desk, whether it is a morning or afternoon treat. 

I mentioned in the first #deskfest post that I’m not milks biggest fan. I can just about cope with it in my cereal and a splash in my tea – but you’d never see me indulge in a whole glass before bed (or whenever it is you drink a glass of milk, blergh). Alpro may have just about changed my mind - the thought never entered my head to try flavoured milk, or a flavoured milk alternative and I’m really quite excited. The taste of this hazelnut drink is so yummy, a glass is reasonably filling and you’re getting some vital vitamins including B2 (energy metabolism), B12 (skin, hair and nails), D (weight loss) and E (reduces cholesterol). There’s also no lactose or animal fat so it’s an all-round healthy, tasty drink. I'm thinking of using it to do some baking too, perhaps some hazelnut pancakes? 

Have you tried a milk alternative? Or any of the new products from the Alpro range?


Katie said...

I love this stuff, I use it in coffee!

Katie x
And Katie // Beauty & Lifestyle

Beauty Becky said...

Ooh your little breakfast series has definitely made me want to try new things! I eat one weetabix for breakfast and have done since I started eating solid foods as a little 'un! I need to try new breakfast foods! Haha :) xxx

Anonymous said...

How much did you get for this?

Jennifer Louise said...

This looks really tasty! Great benefits too :)

Much love,
Jennifer x


Desperate Blogwife said...

Ooh I really want to try this now, sounds interesting!

Claire x


Jodie said...

I always have this with cereal :) the almond one is quite nice too!

Jodie x

Becca Louisa. said...

The Alpro chocolate milk is really, really good!! x

Farrah said...

I hate milk too! I don't mind it if it's mixed in with tea or coffee but alone is pretty nasty. If this was a perfect world, I would use Almond Milk all the time. That's also a great alternative!

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