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Thursday, 2 May 2013

So, Shoes are Boring... | Converse All Stars

You might have seen my blog post with my recent purchase of my Nike Blazers ooooh dey so purdy - god knows the last time I owned a pair of trainers – with all my ankle boots filling up my wardrobe, as pretty as they are they’re not the comfiest and you know me...comfort is key at the end of the day and shoes are no exception to the rule.

When I was a bit younger (15-18) converse were my absolute favourites - I had some khaki high tops with pink lining and I wore them EVERY DAY and now my high-top needs have been re-established with my Nike’s I’ve found myself lusting after some Converse All Star’s.

These low cut purple-y lovely's are so perfect for spring and the best part about these sorts of trainers is that they go with absolutely everything. Pair them up with a little skater skirt, maxi dress, disco pants or shorts - they are the perfect way to add colour and style to a casual look.

I think sometimes trainers are a little misjudged. We seem to have this idea in our head that they’re perhaps un-feminine or too chunky and I just have to disagree. Converse especially are so lightweight and slim line it’s like a glove for your little tootsies and with a huge array of colours and styles there really is something for everyone.

Do you own any converse? Or if not, are you embracing trainers in your daily wear? I think I’m going to have to break my spending ban, again....(sorry not sorry).

*This is a sponsored post


Kelly said...

I LOVE these Megs, love the colour!xx

beautyqueenuk said...

I love my Converse x


Chloe Lowrie said...

Yeah I love converse! I'm waiting for my next pay day so I can create my own unique ones on their website! Although there's just so many combinations I've currently got about 10 favourites! x

Monie C said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the Purple pair & trainers ARE cool (especially Blazers) :)
I really want a pair of the slim fitting Converse as they're not as chunky as the normal ones for my tiny feet

Amy said...

I'm trying to wear pumps more too! I want to get some with the wedge heel though as I'm quite short!

Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

Tracy Hodgson said...

I rocked my pink converse through my teens and now i have gone a little crazy with my awesome super hero converse. Heels are amazing but you can't beat converse for the weekend out and about.


p.s i love your Nike the colour is stunning!

Blood, Sweat and Lipstick said...

Ahh this has inspired me to re-ignite my teenage Converse love affair. Have been living in my Nike wedge trainers, I think it's time for some new sneakers xx

Blood, Sweat and Lipstick

Aislinn B said...

I love Converse! I used to wear them in high school and then in college, and if I could find them, I'd probably still wear them. I've kind of given up on heels, because my size 2.5 US feet can't take them anymore...sooo Converse it is! Love the purple color by the way. I'm hoping for an aqua blue color next :)

Emily / www.thebeautymist.com said...

I wear my white converse daily aha:) x


rebecca boo said...

I literally LIVE in my converse haha! they go with just about anything and are definitely worth the money:)

Martha Woods said...

Converse are the best and they really DO go with everything!!!! Love love love!!!!

Nicol said...

ive never owned any. not sure if i would as theyre not really my style. i think they wont suit me lol


Angie-Cupcake said...

These are gorgeous! I absolutely love converse, around 6 months ago my 1st pair of converse (my babies!) finally wore out after 5 years :( so i'm definitely lusting after some more! x

Barker Marine said...

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