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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fantastically Wonderful Advertisers | May 2013

*insert major cliché here* Is it seriously already June? It is absolutely crazy to me that we are almost half way through the year. In 6 days time Daniel and I will be moving in to our first home (aaaaaaaaah), excitement is starting to brew and bank balances are crying! But more on that later. 
After my last (rather self-indulgent) post I couldn't think of a better way to end a perfect month than by introducing to you the wonderfulness that is perched on my sidebar....

Grace of Beauty
Grace only started blogging in January this year which I can't quite fathom..her posts are detailed, her photography amazing, let alone her amazing blog layout and beautiful face! She's the kind of girl you look at and think, I wan't your skin on my face immediately (it's impeccable) and on her blog I feel instantly at home - from chats about her gorgeous doggy to her new favourite lipstick or must have nail polishes you'd be a fool not to stop by. I think this girl is going to be big in the blogging world!

Olive & Frank
Are you in need of vintage inspired jewellery? Or a cream tassel bag? Or even a Cat face dress? Of course you are - and you've come to the right place. This beautiful shop has been with me for a few months now and I hope they never leave. It's honestly one of my favourite online boutiques and whether you want to treat yourself or find an individual gift for a loved one - you need to shop here!

Stand for Style
Not only do I absolutely love this lady, Charlotte you're a total babe - but her blog is so refreshing. I for one totally get lost in my ramblings but Charlotte is so fresh and to the point which is something I really love. You'll find recent hauls, beauty reviews a plenty and she's also recently posted about a QC Fashion Styling Course, which sounds very interesting indeed. You'll have to hop on over to find out more!

A Brew of Blessings
I frickin' love this blog. Tara is originally from Southern California and recently made the big leap to the UK for a married life with her husband (how romantic is that!). Her blog is her way of sharing what she's been up to with her friends and family - but of course we're all totally nosey parkers and not only does she have a wonderful life, she's literally one of the most beautiful brides I've EVER seen. Go, go look!!!

I hope you enjoyed stumbling across some new lovely reads and purchasing the tassel bag from Olive & Frank ;). These bloggers deserve a gazillion followers and I'm so happy they wanted to share their sites with you lovely lot.

I've been so busy with the move that I haven't had a chance to completely sort out the new packages for June. I think I'll probably have it sorted next week and if people want to purchase then, for an extended month then that is what we shall do! 

Happy June 1st everyone :D have a fab weekend.


Stand For Style said...

Thank you gawj! How exciting, is it really only 6 days until you move in?! Looking forward to lots of home posts! :) xx

Candela St. Julians said...

Ohh in 6 days!! It's wonderful!! I hope you post about decoration ;)

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace said...

Thank you Meg! :) Aww, talking about moving in together,I struggled in the beginning with my boyfriend even we were together for more than 2years by the time when we moved in together. We grew up totally different environments/culture and etc. Now it has been more than a year living together and I'm more than happy that someone i love is always with me,support me everyday.. I wish you a very good luck on move! (I'm also looking forward to lots of home posts as much as Charlotte does!) xxxx

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