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Sunday, 30 June 2013

GUEST POST: Want to become a model? Unsure of how to get started? UK Models can help.

Modelling is something of a hot topic in the blogging world and although it's not everyone's cup of tea, I know lots of lovely ladies who read my blog that would be very interested in putting together a portfolio, testing the modelling water as such. Today is a little insight in to how you could get the ball rolling, if it's something that interests you!

Are you someone that dreams of being made over by professional makeup artists, posing for the camera in beautiful clothes and then seeing the final shots in print? If you are, then chances are that you have approached agencies or applied to online castings only to find that they are not who they say they are, or when you look in to the companies further, find that they are only trying to sell you expensive services and products for little in return. 

If so then we can help. UK Models are a professional model support service, which means we can make sure that you can navigate the competitive world of modelling safely and successfully. Being a support service we can advise you on the type of modelling that we feel you would be best suited to, the routes in to modelling, break down who agencies are and how they will promote you. We can also offer those that are serious about making it in the industry the opportunity to experience a professional model shoot with the professional photographer, makeup artist and studio artist completely paid for by us giving you the chance to find out if the potential is there in front of the camera.

If after the shoot you have impressed the team and modelling is something that you feel that you want to forge a career in then you will have the opportunity of creating, building and buying your portfolio from the images taken on the day. A professional model portfolio is essential for a model looking to find work in the industry, which is why we work with studios that have over a decade of experience in shooting models and aspiring models in order to provide them with professional images that they can use to market themselves either with an agency or through freelancing.  Of course some agencies can recommend photographers that they work with however if UK Models set up your shoot then you will get the opportunity to find out if you show model potential on the day and also decide if you want to pursue a career as a model before making the investment. It also means that you will own the full copyrights to the images if you choose to purchase them so you can use them with more than one agency (depending on their contract) or apply for freelance modelling alongside being signed to an agency therefore improving your casting opportunities.

Of course we don’t just leave you there, UK Models will continue to support you support for a full year so we are on hand to talk you through applying to agencies, casting directories, networking, contracts and commissions. So if you are wanting to break in to modelling and are unsure of how to get started the register with us today at our website.
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Sara-Jane Harris said...

This sounds amazing!! Definitely something that I personally, and so many other girls would be interested in!! Will be looking in to this further! Thank you! :) xxx

Zoe Newlove said...

Having been a model myself something like this would be really useful for new models or models trying to get back into the industry. Great post :) xxx

Kelly said...

This sounds awesome :) thanks for bringing it to my attention Megs x

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