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Monday, 17 June 2013

If I was a Festival Girl...

Dress: c/o Mee Mee. Belt: Vintage. Bag: c/o Freestyle Xtreme. Hat: Topshop. Boots: c/o Daniel Footwear.
If I was a festival go-er I think this is would be exactly what I would wear. Unfortunately I'm not, but we can pretend right?

Festivals are like my idea of hell - I don’t deal too well with large crowds, I hate not being able to shower every day and I really really don’t think I could stomach the portable loos that go hand in hand with festival season! I know that I’m massively missing out on a fantastic atmosphere and experience though, so perhaps I’ll try attending for one of the few days next year.
Anyway this dress is bloody lovely isn’t it? The open back takes it from being a standard maxi-dress to something far more interesting and pretty. I usually hate not wearing a bra with clothes (as there is pretty much nothing going on in the booby department) but I think wearing anything underneath this dress would really take away from the design. I think the bag matches the dress perfectly and is the newest addition to my ever growing collection (when you move house you realise how much you really have, eek). I am not a fan of small bags, I much prefer being able to store my life in one place and carry it around. I also love yellow and this mustard colour means it’s not too garish and over the top – plus it’s got scalloped edging which is always a good thing.

So as I wasn’t going to a festival, I wore this for Father’s Day. It was so strange going back to my Mum and Dad’s and just ‘popping by’ to celebrate rather than it being home – but it was lovely to see them and spend some time together before going out for dinner with Daniel’s family.

We’re starting to get settled in the house now and it’s gone from being majorly manic to calm and homely, which is amazing! I’ve already started taking some snaps to show you guys but it might be a few weeks yet before I share any...I quite want everything to be in it’s ‘place’ before you guys see it :)
I was also far too excited to take these snaps in our garden, it's the simple things eh?

Are you going to any festivals this year or are you like me and just fancy playing dress-up instead? 


Amy Goodeve said...

This out fit is lovely. xxx


Molly Lyon said...

I LOVE the back of this dress! And your hat is gorgeous too!

Molly x
Lyon Notes

Pasha said...

you look gorgeous here as per!xxx

Fashion Ganache said...

Prefect outfit! I'm loving your hair colour so much!
Fashion Ganache.

Sandra TheBlackPearlBlog said...

You look incredible! xo

Olivia Law said...

Stunning photos! I love your hat so much xo

Rosie said...

You are crazy gorgeous. I am so NOT a festival goer either, literally can't think of a more horrendous way to spend a weekend!


Becky Lamyman said...

This dress looks lovely on you! Practical question though - how much does the top section move around as it is very low and revealing at the sides - I would be terrified of accidental nipple slippage!

Tracy Hodgson said...

Just stunning!



Fern said...

The dress looks beautiful on you, I love the back of it :) x

Sadie said...

You look gorgeous in this dress! It looks like you had a lot sunnier father's day where you are than we did. I'm hoping to one day brave a festival too but am a little put off for the same reasons as you :) xx

Katie Krenz said...

Beauty! I have been loving maxi's lately :)

Lauren said...

Pretty dress Megan! I think you should definitely try a festival, even if it's just for a day! I can't get enough of them! :) xo


Flora Amies said...

I agree, the back of that dress is so pretty. Because the dress isn't too clingy it doesn't look too sexy for day time, if you know what I mean. Gorgeous!

I'm also rubbish at festivals. I've been to two and whilst the atmosphere is great, it really is just camping and it's most minging. I queued for a shower ever single day (I can't go to bed dirty), which really isn't the end of the world. I didn't even mind the mud, but I really hated the toilets. I don't think there was a day when I didn't gag! I would definitely go to a festival again but only with a day ticket - no more shivering in a tent and having my things stolen ever again!


carelessly cut said...

Wow, the dress looks amazing on you!

Rosie x

Sophie Ruffell said...

You look AMAZING.
Such a perfect outfit.


Chelseyxlou said...

Wow, that dress is absolutely stunning! The back detail is lovely.

chelseyxlou.blogspot.co.uk xo

Lara Lewis said...

Gorgeous dress! You look fantastic :)

zoe louise said...

you look stunning xx

Zoe | Sweet Electric

Sarah Nunn said...

Ahhh I love your boho style. Wish I could pull this off.
Glad you're settling into your new home, must be so lovely! My boyfriend bought his first house recently so I've been spending most of my time there, it's soo nice to have our own space!


The Style Rawr said...

Ah you beaut, this dress is delicious. I can't wait for Glasto next week, I'll be taking a ton of baby wipes! ;)


Nora Lilly said...

This is a stunning outfit post! ^o^ x


Holl JC said...

You look gorgeous Megan! That dress is just stunning! xxx


Nikki LunarLights said...

You look absolutley beautiful in this dress :) So gorgeous! xxx

Sara Chergui said...

This dress is so freaking gorgeous ! And you are really pretty anyway :)


Victoria Sanusi said...

want your style!


Kirsty Watson said...

You look gorgeous! The dress is amazing & the back detail definitely makes it. Not sure I could pull it off but it looks great on you :) xx


Abi Williams said...

That dress looks amazing, I love the back of it! :) x

Nicol said...

loving the belt! love the back


Alex Howe said...

This is beautiful! I love the outfit, probably not practical for a music festival as it would be likely that it would get damaged. But it's a lush outfit overall! xx

Liquorish Online said...

You look gorgeous and the fashion style of yours with hat and handbag.


Josephine Cheng said...

such a cute foxy look!


Esmeralda Rubi said...

Yous look is amazing!!!!
Esmeralda Rubi
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