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Friday, 28 June 2013

KMS California Tamefrizz Fighter Kit Review

(KMS Tamefrizz Fighter Kit - £29.50 c/o KMS California Salons)
It may sound silly, but hair is one of my favourite things about a person - I really think it speaks volumes about your personality. Everyone’s idea of ‘perfect’ hair is different and every single person has different hair ‘issues’. I’ve always been quite lucky with mine, in the respect that I don’t have to use heaps of products to maintain it’s condition - however my one major niggle is frizz. I try my best not to blow-dry my hair, but sometimes needs must and when I have to do it my hair is WILD. It is so thick, that the only way it knows how to react to heat is to frizz up – which is obviously not ideal, I think that’s why I find it so much easier to style my hair the day after I’ve washed it.

Trialling KMS California’s new fight frizz range was something I got a bit too excited about – usually I hate the thought of washing my hair but I couldn’t wait to see if it had a positive effect. So, let’s run through the products in the range one by one...

Shampoo & Conditioner:
The shampoo lathered up quite nicely however it wasn’t full on, so you know there’s not too many nasties in there making up for their lack of care with frothiness. With some shampoos I find that it makes my hair ever so knotty, meaning the conditioner has to work really hard to smooth it all out – this shampoo rinsed out beautifully and left my hair feeling super nourished (even under the shower). Following on with the conditioner focusing my efforts on massaging the product into the ends of my hair and working up to mid-way (never put conditioner in your roots...GREASE), rinsing it out I was pretty damn impressed. My hair felt so smooth under the water and completely de-tanlged.  

De-Frizz Oil: 
This is my favourite out of the three products. Applying from mid-way to the tips of my towel dried hair before blow-drying this oil is promising to hold on to those extra bits of frizz that the shampoo and conditioner couldn't quite catch and it definitely works it's magic. As I mentioned above, my hair is huge when I blow dry it and this really helped to tame it. I've also been keeping this in my handbag to use over the ends of my hair when I'm out and about to help if the air is damp etc. 

The smell of all the products is heavenly, quite musky and sweet and it leaves your hair smelling of the product but it’s not at all over powering - a little bit like Theirry Mugler's Angel, but more subtle. Overall I'm impressed with the results - it definitely does what is says on the tin and leaves my hair smelling lovely. I think however, I would replace the conditioner with one tailored towards split ends just so I'm getting the nourishment my hair needs.

The picture above shows my hair freshly blow-dried from the shower - only using the KMS products.
Please do take in to account that these products aren't for dry or damaged hair and none of them will protect the hair, they will just help to keep frizz and flyaways at bay.

Is frizz something you and your hair suffer with? If you're screaming yes and want to get your mitts on the range it's available in selected KMS salons - find your nearest one here!


Sarah morethanadored said...

I suffer from frizzy hair on fresh hair quite badly! These sound perfect for me :)


Tasha Steel said...

These sound like great products!


Celina said...

I haven't tried KMS products before but I've heard a bit about them and they sound pretty good. xx


Flora Amies said...

This is such a useful post because I have SUCH frizzy hair and I'm always looking for a better way to control it! I also love the idea of using it because one of my favourite perfumes is the Angel one you mentioned. This sounds really good to me!


Channa Sanjeev said...

Excellent blog miss, really like your blog. have you tried KMS Molding Paste?, if not, i personally recommend you this product. It is really nice.

Nicol said...

i dont suffer with frizz but nowadays, i get it at the ends of my hair since its so dry now from allt he hair dying


Mark Jullia said...

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Genny A said...

i just got the taming creme a few days ago.. my hair developped this weird frizz that will NOT go away no matter what i do! i used to just do my hair in 5 minutes - towel dry and mousse, scrunch and voila! Now... as it air dries, it'll look pretty for like 30 min but as it keeps drying, it frizzes up like crazy, which it has never done before!! i have tried everything - from mousse, to creams, hairsprays, leave-in conditionners, serums/elixirs, different shampoos/conditionners.. NOTHING WORKED! i can even feel the straw-like hairs in the shower, it's so depressing i wanna cry :(
then when i get out i wrap it in a towel for 10 min, it's already frizzy.. it never used to do that.. so i put some products through and scrunch it.. it looks pretty for 20-30 min, then all those little straw like hairs say hello and ruin it. i have it from roots to almost ends..my hair is really long and i don't wanna cut it because of all this, i love it this way.. i've seen 4 different hair dressers and they don't know what caused it and i don't wanna straighten my hair all the time, too damaging and a pain in the ass.. you wanna work WITH your hair, not against it !
so will the KMS shampoo, conditionner and oil really work? please help.. i see a difference with the tame frizz taming creme but i always gotta reapply.. let me know thanks

Genny A said...

i have a serious frizz problem.. started last year sometime, now i've had it for months. i have these untamable straw like little hairs that stick up, no matter what i use! i've tried everything! from mousse, creams, serums/elixirs, hairsprays, gels, leave-in conditionners.. even changing shampoo/conditionner.. everything!
i used to do my hair in 5 minutes : towel dry , then put mousse in and scrunch and voila! now.. not even close! when i'm in the shower, i can even feel those little dry like hairs! it's crazy! i get so depressed since it never used to be like that.. i don't dye my hair or anything. i get out of the shower - it's already frizzy, i wrap it in a towel 10 minutes, take it off, it's less frizzy but it's still there, then i style. it looks pretty for about 20-30 min, then as it air dries, the little hairs come out like they own the place! and it completely ruins it :( i don't wanna straighten my hair either, as it's too damaging, a pain in the ass and you don't wanna work against your hair, you wanna work with it! my hair is really long too i wouldn't want to cut it off, i'd be so so sad !
so! i just the taming creme from KMS a few days ago, i find it helps a lot, but i still gotta keep reapplying .. so is it really worth getting the shampoo, conditionner and the oil? let me know.. thanks!

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