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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Throwing it Back | Rugrats Style

Dungarees: c/o Oh my Love. T-shirt: Primark. Watch: Guess. Trainers: c/o Bucketfeet
Dungarees of any sort just make me think back to my childhood - specifically watching episodes of the Rugrats - if you're with me on this one / are old enough to know what the hell I'm talking about please can we have a little moment to sing along to the theme tune?

Now I have your attention, let's discuss these dungarees...I have to admit that I bloomin' love wearing them. Not only are they amazingly comfortable, but they really do make me feel youthful which is sometimes quite easy to forget. I am still young and able to have fun - life can get in the way of that and wearing dungarees is a perfect excuse to not act like an adult for a day (or two). 
I picked up this tee from trusty Primark over the weekend and obviously bought it in black too. I do love a plain t-shirt - they're so easy to accessorize and go with everything. 
You know I have a serious shoe obsession and these beauties from Bucketfeet are my new favourites. Not only is the design very cool (yes I said cool) but the story behind the brand is something that I really love. Each shoe is individually designed by a different artist, which means talented artists are not only getting the recognition they deserve but each shoe is completely different and original. They've just launched over in the UK exclusively to Office, go grab yourself a pair (especially as these babies are currently in the sale!)

So, once again comfort prevails and just in time for the sun! Are you embracing your youth in dungarees or would you rather just watch an episode of Rugrats for old times sake? :)


rebecca boo said...

aaah the rugrats was literally my childhood, chuckie was always my fave! these dungarees suit you so well, I haven't found any that I like yet xx

Carly Rowena said...

You look absolutely stunning!! xx

Katherine said...

You have such beautiful hair!! x

Olivia Law said...

I love these dungarees so much! Your shoes are beauts too xo

Ash B said...

This is too cute, and you look absolutely gorgeous as always! I need to get myself some of these, and then I'll definitely look like I'm 12 years old haha.

emmerliejay said...

Haha I loved the rugrats! You look lovely in this outfit :)
emmerliejay x

Sara Chergui said...

Love this look and your hair :)

Sophie said...

I wish I had your pins then I'd wear dungarees every day!

LeeLi said...

Every time I put on dungarees I feel like a toddler! You look great I love your hair colour too. Pretty :)


Kerry said...

ive been loving dungarees lately but havent braved buying some! you look great in them :) x

Holl JC said...

You look awesome Megan! I love those dungarees and they look great with your simple white tee! xxx


Nicol said...

rugrats where the days! and youve brought it back XD


Charlotte said...

I love the look of dungarees but I cannot for the life of me find any that will fit over my huge child bearing hips...can you get rhinoplasty for your hips? LOL

Katie said...

I really really wanna watch the rugrats now! Love Tommy ha! This outfit is lovely, I think these are one of the best pairs of dungarees I've seen they're a lovely fit!

Katie xx

Beauty and the Baker

Adrienne said...

Your hair is stunning! And I wish I could pull that kind of outfit off but I'd look stumpy in these kind of dungarees. Lovely legs! x

Adrienne | Late Night Nonsense

Vanessa A said...

Those shoes are awesome! I really like those overalls

xo, Delightful Sunflower

Zoe Newlove said...

Rugrats is awesome. Chuckie is the coolest dude. I hope my kid is like him.
Buying these dungareeees! xxx

daniella-r said...

Oh no I can't remember the rugrats theme tune- I used to love it though- espesh chuckie :)
Daniella x


Sophie Ruffell said...

Such a cute outfit.
Love your dungarees.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness you look so cute in dungarees! :)


Sophie Louise said...

your hair is gorgeous, and I love this outfit! Considering buying some of these for myself! I love your blog, and literally check it every day (sad, I know!) Please keep writing, because it gives my inspiration for my own blog! I hope mine will be as good as yours one day hahhaa, quite a way to go yet though! I would be so grateful if you could check out my blog and let me know what you think? keepcalmlookpretty.blogspot.com and find me on twitter @sophie_KCLPblog or @sophie_cockett xx

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