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Monday, 29 July 2013

Check - Check it Out

Hat: Topshop. Jacket: c/o Glamorous. Crop Top: Topshop. Boots: Daniel Footwear. Leggings: Topshop. Necklace: Vintage.
I have a slight problem when it comes to my wardrobe – almost a phobia of wearing the same thing twice, especially when it comes to my blog. To many of you this will sound like the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard, but I’m sure there are a few of you that will be nodding your heads in agreement. However I am starting to realise how utterly stupid this is and am trying my hardest to make the most of my wardrobe.

On that note, you may recognise these leggings! They are my absolute favourite leggings in the world ever – not only are they black and white, we know how much I love monochrome, but they are flocked velvet leggings. Mmm hmm I’m constantly caught just stroking my legs...I bet you think I’m joking but I’m certainly not. They don't have them anymore but there's some similar ones here.
It’s only been since the back end of last year that I’ve embraced a bit of the ‘leather look’ in to my wardrobe and this jacket has been given the big thumbs up from Wonderful You HQ! A regular leather jacket is pretty damn yummy but adding tassels? Genius.

I’m taking nanny home this evening (sadness). I’m very much a family girl and I’ve really loved having her at the house with me, she makes me very happy indeed and I’m going to miss her heaps – but now we have our own place she can come and stay all the time :)
Also Daniel is home tonight :D yippee! I know it sounds a bit silly as he’s only been gone 4 days but we haven’t spent more than a day apart since we moved in and I have really missed him.

This week will involve me attempting to film a YouTube video..I know shock horror! I don’t know why but I’ve had a bit of a vloggers block and now have the fear to film another one. However, I’ve been tagged in a few Summer edits so I’m thinking that might be a good place to start :)

Hope you have a lovely week - ciao for now Amigos! 


Makeup Monster said...

Your hair is so beautiful!

Tasha Hinde said...

Amazinnggggg snaps!! YOU LOOK HAWT!
I love the jacket :) (and yes I completely know how you feel regarding wearing the same outfit more than once haha)

Nina said...

I'm dying for some leggings like that, preferably in red though. This pattern is going to be huge for A/W and I can't wait
Nina from little nomad

Sarah Nunn said...

Check you out!! You look so amazing. I also notice that you've been doing a few 'on location' outfits recently! Does someone take your photos for you or have you braved going alone with the tripod??


Sophie said...

I hate wearing the same outfit twice in regards to going out clothes which is silly as I have some beautiful dresses. even if I say so myself haha!

Michelle Hung said...

I like the leggings! Wicked!


carelessly cut said...

Love love love this look!
I have those leggings but they really just don't stay up - wish I'd have gotten a smaller size.
Might have to make belt loops 'cause they're so frickin' amazing haha!

Rosie x

Simply Naturale said...

Love this outfit , especially the jacket and crop top! Aww hope you had a great time with your family!

Eloise | http://simplynaturale.blogspot.co.uk

Jayne said...

Love this outift! I have that top and i realllly want those leggings!x
- Jayne
Electra Violet

Victoria Sanusi said...

i saw them leggins today

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

Rebekah Louise said...

gorgeous outfit,love the top!x


thalia said...

You are stunning! I find myself falling in love with every outfit you wear xx

StephDreamsBlog said...

Oh hi pretty lady! Too much about this outfit is perfect...and so I begin.
Love the boots, super cute and love how they go with everything. You rock the trousers so well, and that jacket is FIT! and obviously the hat...we know how I feel about you and hats <3


Sara Chergui said...

You look so lovely !

Hanna Lee said...

Lovin' the leather jacket! LOVE ur hair ;)

Celina said...

You look lovely and I just can't get over how amazing your hair looks.
Celina | The Celution

Emma Diggins said...

Beautiful! Your hair is amazing
Emma x

Emily said...

You look gorgeous! Your hair is literally incredible, super jealous! xx


hannah maggs said...

hehe i wondered when youd be back on youtube lovely :)looking forward to it!
Your figure is just amazing by the way!! xx

Purple Ivy said...

You hair style is absolutely beautiful megs. Love the boho/country vibe of the look.


Justine J said...

I love your shoes! I have very similar ones but in black but I have to admit that yours are prettier xx


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