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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Dance away with Bass Buds

Bassbuds earphones. c/o Bassbuds
Since moving in to our new home cleaning has become part of my routine and although it feels like a massive chore there is nothing more satisfying than a clean house at the end of it. Seriously guys, what is happening? Am I becoming an adult? Unlikely.

Whilst technology isn’t something I shout about on my blog, it takes a huge part in my life – as I’m sure it does yours. Blasting music out of the stereo whilst cleaning isn’t the best so I’ve found myself reaching more for my iPhone/Pod and tucking it in to my jeans – to dance with the hoover in our own special way (I hope you have a saucy image in your head right now). That’s why these earphones are so bloomin’ brilliant. Not only do they look pretty damn awesome – hello bling! But they’re ‘in ear headphones’ which means they keep in all the sound and don’t let any other sound in so it’s literally just music to your ears! Pretty perfect for any situation really. I’m a sucker for anything pretty and as much as I’m a lover of Apple, their headphones get so grubby and these bassbuds just look so slick. They also come with the cutest little rubber buds so that you can get the exact fit to your ear shape (mine are diddy, so this was very handy indeed!)

Yesterday they launched a great summer campaign with some rather fancy prizes including a £500 shopping spree in Harvey Nichols with a stylist so hop on over to their website and check it oooooout!

If you didn’t know (you probably guessed if you follow me on twitter etc.) that it was my birthday yesterday! I was working, but had a happy day and spent a lovely evening with Daniel, we watched Despicable Me 2 which is AMAZING and he also bought me the most incredible cake which I will share with you at a later date! I got a bit of spending money for my Birthday, so I’m thinking with all the housey stuff we’ve done lately it might be quite nice to ‘do’ something together, I’d LOVE to get my hands on some Micky Flanagan tickets! Have any of you seen him? I feel like I just want to be his friend.

I'm excited for this evening - going for an Italian with all my family which will be lovely as I don't get to see much of them since I've moved! What are you all up to?


Dib-Dab-Debs said...

I'm the absolute same when it comes to housework and cleaning. I have to listen to music while I do it. Somehow, it makes the chores get done quicker! I'm actually in need of some in ear headphones as mine recently broke!


The Style Rawr said...

Happy belated birthday!! These bassbuds seem to be everywhere at the moment, I love my Beats by Dre headphones but in-ear buds are so much easier to carry when on the go. <3


Charlotte SomethingSpecialToSay said...

I love putting headphones in when I work out as I can't hear myself breathing or thumping around haha! These headphones do look absolutely beautiful - I love the bling. Hope you had a fantastic birthday :) My boyfriend has just booked us tickets to go see Jason Manford - so exciting! We've seen him before and he was just absolutely hilarious.
Charlotte xxx Something Special To Say

stylonylon said...

Ah, a late happy birthday! Another Cancer baby :) mine's today! Have a lovely meal with your folks!

Julia xx (we met briefly at the Company Style blog awards - same category!!)

savagegem said...

I seem to get through headphones so quickly I think its about time I invested in a decent pair. I'm going to see Despicable me 2 on Monday, I can't wait.

Gem X

beautyqueenuk said...

Love the look of these, anything pink gets my vote xx


Sophie said...

Glad everything's working out for you in the new house! I've been needing a new pair of headphones for ages (you're right about the Apple ones - mine are completely falling apart) and these ones are so unique! I love how they have the different sized ear buds too!


Gen said...

These look amazing and I'm in a search for affordable awesome earphones since mine have stopped working, thanks for a great post!

Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

Claire Reed said...

Happy belated birthday! I fully recommend going to see Micky Flanagan - I saw him live in April and he was soooo funny!

Claire x


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