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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Monochrome Madness | If I was a Festival Girl Issue #2

Hat: Topshop, Cami: ASOS. Blazer: c/o Mina. Wellies: c/o Spats, Shorts: Oh my Love.
Oh hey everyone! Look, it is I, wearing black and white again ;) I mentioned in one of my other posts that I’m not really a festival go-er, it’s not quite my cup of tea and a biscuit affair. But I still enjoy the whole ‘festival fashion’ experience and seeing what everyone chooses to wear. I’m also partial to playing dress-up. So, this is another outfit edition to add to the ‘what I’d wear should I be on the way to a festival or two’.

I frickin’ LOVE this jacket. The abstract monochrome print is right up my street and I love how it hangs effortlessly making it the easiest item to throw on over a pair of, well anything really. Cami’s are my favourite and although leather shorts aren’t most practical when it’s boiling, they do keep you rather toasty when the sun goes down. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how absolutely ridiculously awesome these wellington boots are? Firstly, they have poppers. Secondly, the don’t take up your entire leg, making you look like every other person with a welly on at an event and thirdly, inside, THEY ARE FURY. Oh my goodness I’m going to get so much use out of these in my garden attempting to mow the lawn and prune a bush or two (har har).

Obv, I don’t go anywhere without my hat either.

What’s your outfit favourites for festival fashion? If I was to go to any festival it would have to be Bestival...does anyone fancy taking me and bringing me home after a hour? ;)


Lauren said...




Sara Chergui said...

The cardigan is perfect !!


Amy Keeling said...

That blazer is incredible Meg! Love it :)You should definitely do some photography tips on how you take your fashion photos, I know I would love to find out more :)

Amy x
-A Little Boat Sailing-

The Yummy Chummies said...

You look lovely in monochrome, it really compliments your hair. I agree with the above comment, it would be great to see a post on photography tips.

K x

Rosie W said...

Lovely look, especially loving the wellies :)

Charlotte @ coloursandcarousels said...

Love the blazer, I'm loving monochrome at the moment and this is no exception! x

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

LeeLi said...

I love those wellies so cute x


ZeebLikesIt said...

Such a cute outfit and those wellies are adorable. Love the outfit!!!


Sophie said...

Gosh i've got such major hair envy. LOOK HOW PRETTY YOU ARE!

Sophie said...

The wellies are incredible!

Sophie xx


Victoria Sanusi said...

A M A zing

Victoria Sanusi - Just Writing

Rachael Linton said...

Love the blazer so much!! xx

Rachael | beautypea

Louisejoyb said...

Love this outfit, that blazer is fab, I'm obsessed with the pattern! x

The Little Things

Ashley said...

So here's the thing: I love your blog, you are too freakin' cute, and that blazer is quite possibly the best thing I've seen all day. In love with all of this!! New follower right here :D

xo Ashley

buttonandbee's said...

Gorgeous! You hair is amazing <3 I love every single one of your posts, so inspiring :)


Anna xox

StephDreamsBlog said...

Oh hi legs! Love this outfit, the kimono really makes it too, seen it on a few blogs now and just adore it so much.
Pretty thing <3

Sophie Ruffell said...

Your wellies are super cute!
Love your outfit.
I want your hat.


katymitten said...

Oh Miss Megs, with those extra long legs.. STOP PARADING THEM AND MAKING ME JEALOUS THAT MINE AREN'T LIKE THIS (apart from my knees, apparently they're good ones?!)
ALSO I think I want dibs on your hat collection please. xx

Emma Diggins said...

Gorgeous! Love your kimono so much
Emma x

Emily said...

Okay so i LOVE that jacket! I love things you can just throw on and still look great xx


MirrorOnThe Wall said...

Absolutely love that jacket, it's such a beaut! And being monochrome, you can wear it with absolutely everything. I've never heard of Mina, will have to check them out!
Mel xx


Martyna said...

I love your blazer, gorgeous! xx


Justine J said...

WOW! The jacket is stunning! Great outfit xx


Adele Miner said...

This outfit is too cute! I need those wellies in my life! x

Sarah Plowman said...

Love this post so much!
Your hair is amazing and so is your jacket!
I'd love for you to check out my blog :)

Sarah x

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Ellen Bourne said...

oh my god those boots are perfect!

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