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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer Survival

Dress: c/o Mina. Necklace: Vintage. Sandals: River Island. Hat: Topshop. Belt: Vintage
I have to admit that when it comes to summer I feel a little out of my ‘fashion’ depth. I prefer my winter wear and as silly as it sounds I struggle wearing a singular item of clothing, like a dress – I love layering and being cosy. I also detest my legs. That said, we’ve had such a nice bout of weather recently that I’ve really had to embrace it and stop reaching for my jumpers.

I’m going to a birthday BBQ on the weekend and this is 100% going to be my outfit of choice. If I have to only wear one item of clothing, it’s going to be this dress as it’s so god damn pretty. The colour is gorgeous, the print is even better and I love the button detail to the back – overall it's clearly a winner. Mina is a brand that I just love and their sales are always fantastic for picking up a beautiful bargain.

Hay fever appears to be ruining my life at the moment and means I can’t stay outside for more than a few minutes. However I have decided I am going to kick it’s little tooshie tonight and do some painting in the garden :)
Tomorrow is my best friends graduation and she has invited me along (I’m feeling super proud of her and quite touched to be going!) BUT I have no idea what to wear – it’s going to be hot tomorrow and I don’t really own many formal pieces of clothing. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

What’s your must have summer item? Is Mina a brand you’ve looked at before? 


Shona said...

I've never heard of Mina before but this dress is gorgeous, you look stunning in it! The belt goes really nicely with it as well, wish I could put together outfits as well as you do! xx

Shona | freshbeautyxox.blogspot.com

Holl JC said...

You look beautiful Megan! That dress is gorgeous, and the detailing is so lovely! I agree, I feel so out of my depth dressing for summer! I completely prefer my autumn clothes! xxx


Sophie said...

Don't you look gorgeous m'dear?! Love the colour on you!

a little lusciousness said...

Aw, I used to model for Mina (a long time ago!) Glad to see they're still making lovely dresses :)

Rosie x

Savage Gem said...

I've never heard of Mina before but this dress is super cute. Perfect for this sunshine.
I went to a friends graduation once before I wore a silky pleated midi skirt that was so light it felt like I had nothing on and a striped T-shirt tucked in paired with high heels to get a perfect balance of formal without trying to hard. I hope that gives you some ideas.


Temporary:Secretary said...

You look lovely Megs! That's a very summery colour, love it! x

Ash B said...

You look gorgeous. My summer must have has to be some shade. I just can't... the sun and I don't get along at all, lol.

Hails said...

I don't know how you do it, Megan - you look flawless ALL THE TIME! The dress is absolutely beautiful and so unusual. I'm currently having a browse on their website because I definitely need to say goodbye to my black jeans and jumpers now the weather is so warm! Hay fever has been really bothering me too this year, damn the pollen! :) I hope you have a lovely time at your friend's graduation!

Love, Hails x | www.hayerlily.blogspot.co.uk

RhiRhi Barnsley said...

I really love that belt, so nice. Wish I could find somewhere that stocks it online though!

- Rhi x

Abigale Feasey said...

It does feel a little crazy wearing simple pieces like dresses or vests and shorts after our long winters! I end up with such a stash of jumpers they are overflowing out of my wardrobe. The dress looks beautiful on you and your hair really makes the green colour pop :)
Abi xx

ZeebLikesIt said...

You look stunning!! And I love that dress!


Amy Keeling said...

Gorgeous dress Megan, a lovely colour for this weather :D
Amy x
A Little Boat Sailing

Kristina Nuetzmann said...

You look amazing in that dress! Your hair looks great too. I love your style :)

Kristina | Beauty With Compassion

Vanessa A said...

Such a lovely dress! Loving the detail of the belt!

xo, Delightful Sunflower

Sophie Ruffell said...

Such a pretty outfit,
love it.


Olivia Law said...

This is gorgeous - so perfectly summery! xo

Celina said...

Such a pretty dress! I love the cut-out.

Celina | The Celution

Kerry said...

Looove that dress!! x

MirrorOnThe Wall said...

I know what you mean - it can be more difficult to make an outfit interesting in the summer in some ways, as it's just too hot to accessorise tok heavily some days.
Why on earth would you hate your legs you crazy woman? You have the most enviable figure, believe me, and you look lovely as usual. Love the lemon yellow.
Mel xx


Scarlett Rupa said...

love that dress, you look lovely


June L. said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL outfit, you look gorgeous! <3

Junniku blog [Click!]
- A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

Amaris said...

Your hair color goes perfectly with this dress!

Rosie W said...

Gorgeous dress :) Hayfever is ruining my Summer too :(
Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

Madison Martine said...

I absolutely love this dress! Your style is amazing!


Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow I love your dress, it's such a gorgeous colour and details, plus it suits you amazingly!
Ester from Drawing Dreaming

Holly-Bella said...

I've never liked my legs either, although I still adore summer so much! I just put on fake tan and hope for the best, haha.

I love your dress, it's fabulous. And your hair! :D


Elizabeth said...

that dress is lovely, such a happy color for summer! xx

mintyessence said...

The dress is beautiful on you!



Danielle said...

Love this outfit! xx


Jess said...

Dress is beautiful and loving the sandals. I'm obsessed with animal print shoes so love them!


Mia Felce said...

I love your dress! I went on the website and it doesn't look very flattering on the model, it suits you a lot better.
It's a lovely colour.

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