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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Beauteco Beauty Box | July 2013

When I was contacted by Beauteco (the new beauty box in town) my first thoughts were - is this for me? I tried a Glossybox subscription last year and at the beginning I was so excited each month when the box would arrive in the post, but I did find myself feeling less and less enthused with the products and didn't always feel that they reflected the price tag for a monthly subscription. That said I hopped on over to Beauteco's website just to understand them a little better and I have to say I was truly impressed.

As a company they've gone for a completely new approach - something that's clearly important in the competitive beauty box market. Offering you a menu...that's right, an actual menu to choose from. There are 3 different boxes containing a mixture of products so it's not simply a surprise, you're actually receiving items you want and that are more tailored to your needs. As well as 100% recyclable box, let's have a yippee for not having a box within a box!

I will briefly give you the lowdown of my box and it's contents, I opted for menu 2 :)

I absolutely love how dinky this is! Makes it perfect for travelling and is different to any other I’ve used before. I’ve only used it once or twice and the results match up to my urban decay equivalent so it’s definitely getting a thumbs up from me and affordable too.
I haven’t tried this one out yet – I only wear black eyeliner in the evenings on a night out or something, and I haven’t had the opportunity to give it a whirl, but I’ll be sure to report back once I have.

Neal and Wolf Intensive Care Treatment (RRP £12.95) and Volumizing Lotion (RRP £11.95):
Firstly, the packaging is absolutely beautiful and to have these two bottles in full size form is brilliant for a beauty box. Neal and Wolf isn’t a brand I’d tried before, but looking at the packaging I immediately thought ‘luxury’. Let’s have a chat about the intensive care treatment first...products like this are always a must have for me. I regularly suffer with split ends and a simple conditioner doesn’t really cut the mustard. This one smells divine, and ever ever so slightly lathers on application so you can see and feel exactly where you’ve applied. I’ve used it a few times and my hair feels so silky smooth afterwards and my split ends are all sealed. I just apply it instead of my conditioner after shampooing and leave it on whilst I’m y’know, shaving my legs etc. The volumising lotion also smells heavenly and comes in a squeezy bottle. If I’m using a product like this I will always give it a blow dry to see the full effects. This 100% helps create body in the hair, it certainly felt fuller and more bouncy and when teamed with my volumising dry shampoo or hairspray it helps give the roots a bit of a lift too. Overall I love both these products but I think I’d probably only repurchase the conditioning treatment as a staple in the routine!

Pukka Radiance Serum (RRP: £23):
I haven’t tried this bad boy yet, but I’m certainly excited. Serums are my favourite and anything that involves radiance has got my full attention. So I’ll let you know how I get on :)

Honestly, I'm really impressed and with the fact that you can choose exactly what you want for only £10 it's a bit of a no brainer - especially when half of the products retail at much more than that!
If you want to get your hands on a beauteco box subscription you can find out more and sign up here :


Avneesh nKaren said...

I know the main charaters are the products from the box, however, what are you using on your nails? They look lovely! x


Sara Chergui said...

Everything looks so good !

Ash B said...

Looks like good products for a great cost - so ideal for a beauty box! None of that useless stuff :).

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