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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fantastically Wonderful Advertisers | August 2013

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Every month I have some rather lovely people tucked in my sidebar. And you guessed it, the time has come to have a little chat about how wonderful they are..

How She Wears It
Tasha is a blogger from over the pond in NYC (uber jealous). You can expect posts about beauty and fashion along with the off YouTube video thrown in for good measure. Her make-up is FLAWLESS and I particularly love watching her tutorials. This one being a firm favourite - I mean how amazing do her lips look!! She is definitely an undiscovered talent, so what are you waiting for? GO GO GO!

Hello Freckles
Tasha, you had me at the blog name *swoons*. This girl is such a natural beauty, I look at her skin and lovely little face and think 'I want to steal it'. Yes, you'll find beauty and fashion posts here. But you'll also see a lot of life-y things too, which I bloomin' love. For example her playlist posts where you can discover music you perhaps hadn't before. Gah what can I say...GIRL CRUSH.

Olive and Frank
This beauty of a shop has been with Wonderful You for as long as I can remember. I'm sure if you haven't already hopped on over to this vintage inspired haven that you will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing variety of pieces and affordability. There isn't an item in this shop that I wouldn't wear and to achieve that as a brand is pretty awesome, non? Gimme it all!!

I hope you found some new reads and purchased yourself a pair of these badboys!  I'm off to get stuck in to these scrumptious ladies latest posts and swoon over clothing I really shouldn't (but will be) buying.

Don't forget - if you'd like to advertise your blog or shop with me all packages are available here for your viewing! 


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