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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Hat:Topshop. Jumper: c/o COW. Leggings: Topshop. Sandals: Topshop
There is never a dull moment when a vintage jumper is in your life and I can’t count on my hands and feet combined the amount I have. I popped this one on the other day and Daniel said ‘that’s very you, and very much like all the other ones you have’ which made me chuckle (only because it’s true). I love a good embellishment and the fact that this jumper is bright pink equals a match made in Megan heaven.

You know I love to be comfortable and there’s nothing better than whacking on a super soft baggy jumper over a pair of leggings and just being done with it.

I really love reading through the comments that you wonderful lot leave on my posts, and one thing I find that comes up more often than not is ‘Love this look, but I’d never dare wear it!’ – So...I by no means class myself as anything out of the ordinary when it comes to fashion but I just wanted to say that when I pick clothes, I very rarely think much about anything. That doesn’t sound very good does it, but I just mean if you see something and you think you like it, more often than not you’d be surprised at how you can make it work with what is already in your wardrobe. It just takes a bit of patience and imagination.

If you’d like to see some posts or perhaps a ‘how to’ video on styling statement pieces, do let me know!

Much love, xxx


Katie said...

Megs you absolute babe! Love those sandals xxx

Holl JC said...

You look lovely Megan! That jumper is awesome, and I love your shoes! xxx


Sara Chergui said...

That's a lovely look !

Sara Chergui said...

Love the look !

Leanne Marie said...

Love the colour of this jumper. I'm all for throwing on a baggy knit and leggings. So comfortable!

Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

Sarah morethanadored said...

Such a babe! Love that jumper, the detailing is amazing :)

Sarah | More Than Adored

Kirsty Watson said...

That jumper is freakin amazing!! I never used to have the guts to wear lots of things but since I started blogging I tend to just go for it because I want to blog about it! I totally agree that if you love something you can pretty much always find a way to make it work - it's just an issue of confidence really! xx


AshleighGxoxo said...

Love the jumper! You can't beat a super cosy jumper that looks pretty too! xoxo

Lauren Cope said...

I've been reading your blog for ages and rarely comment, so thought I'd take a minute or so to let you know how great it is! Love your outfit posts, yours is definitely my favourite fashion blog! And you're gorgeous you lucky thing, if only my full fringe would lay as nicely as yours does haha.

Great post - makes me so excited for Christmas and winter! (A bit too early, admittedly)

Lauren J xxxx

Sophie said...

Ah this post makes me excited for autumn to arrive - it's always been my favourite season! i love the bright vibrant colour of the jumper.

daniella-r said...

Ha that last comment sums me up- I'm sure I've said somewhere along the lines that I love your clothes but could never pull them off myself! :)
Daniella x


Olivia Law said...

Your shoes are so cool! You look stunning xo

Becky Temple said...

love your outfit, the sandals are so cute! x


emmerliejay said...

Megan you look so lovely in this post! :)
I'm that person who says I wouldn't dare wear that, but I really would love to! Seeing a styling video would be great :) I need help to get my wardrobe out of the black/white/grey rut it's stuck in haha!
emmerliejay x

Megan Lowes said...

absolutely love the jumper! it's so vibrant and bold, I love the way you've styled it too!! x

Laura said...

This jumper is so lovely! :) xx

Tasha Hinde said...

Cutie patootie!
This jumper looks swell on you Megan, the colour really suits you!
Love those Topshop shoes too :) xxx

Rosie W said...

Wonderful look, and looove the shoes.
Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

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