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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Birthday | Turning 24!

L-R: Daniel getting a smooch. Posing with the fitty Zoe Newlove. Girlies. Welcome to the gun show? My favourite lady. Gorgeous Kel Bel. Monie and her Banana ;). Always smiling with Sara. Bump and Grinding with Charlypops. (Orange Jumpsuit from Ted Baker!)
Okay, so in fairness it was my birthday like a month ago but hey, it’s always nice to share lifey things with you lot and I’ve finally got around to it!

I turned 24 on the 3rd July and I have to admit I hadn’t given my birthday a second thought what with the house move and all that, this year has just whizzed by. Daniel and I agreed no presents this year – we’d just moved in and have forked out so much that the funds could go to something more necessary, like a sieve ;)

He did however surprise me with this pretty amazing birthday cake (and tickets to Bruno Mars aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! He is rubbish at keeping to pacts). Nightmare before Christmas has been my favourite film since I was a wee nipper so to have something as awesome as this really means a lot to me. Plus, it was probably the best cake I’ve ever tasted – the jam and butter filling was the creamiest of creamy and the sponge was so moist and scrummy I only shared a few pieces!

When I got an email from Debenhams Flowers saying they’d like to send me some birthday flowers I was so chuffed; how thoughtful and absolutely lovely. The bouquet is so gorgeous and there hasn’t been a day since we moved in that I haven’t had flowers in the house – so these were a welcome addition and I received so many comments on them! Debenhams have also been very lovely and offered you lot some cheeky discount that lasts until August 31st using code: bdayb15 at checkout; so if you have any birthdays coming up, get involved!

I also had a compulsory night out with the girls (and boys, when it hit early hours!) which was a jolly good laugh, pimms, pimms, rum and cocktails equaled a very messy, but fun evening :) Zoe (best beauty blogger in all the land) also came to stay, as you've probably guessed from the photo's! She is such a babe and if you haven't checked out her blog yet, GO DO IT. It was so lovely to meet her and have her there - it's official that blogging introduces you to the bestest of peoples and she's become a true friend. 

So, that was my burfday in a short(ish) summary! Nothing too extravagant..saving that for the big 25 next year (WAA). 

Hope you enjoyed a bit of a lifestyle ramble lovelies...how do you usually celebrate your birthday? 


ZeebLikesIt said...

Naw lovely pics! That cake is amazing!!


HOLY CHIC said...

Awesome pictures and a fantastic cake



Emma Matthews said...

Wow I love your cake! Happy be-lated birthday!

Emma x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Happy belated birthday, Megs! Still on the right side of 25 :-) x

Holl JC said...

Happy belated birthday Megan! Looks like you had an awesome time! I love your jumpsuit, it looks amazing on you! xxx


Bec Waters said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday. Definitely looks like you did :)
Bec xx

Angel Shahed said...

Happy birthday Meg!! Have many more wonderful years ahead...
I simply loved the cake...

Georgia Nicolaou said...

Lovely photos! Happy belated birthday! :)

Beauty Inside Art

Avneesh nKaren said...

you look lovely as always :)
happy belated birthday megan xx


Ash B said...

That cake looks so cool! Love the photos and lifey posts! :)

liza prideaux said...

Eep glad you and a lovely birthday, moving house is an expensive game, we've just moved also. The flowers are gorgeous too!


lonelily said...

Your cake is AMAZING! Such a lovely gift. You looked smashing on your night out - love the dress!

I actually wrote a little birthday post recently too! I celebrated with cake, jelly (shots) and dancing!

Brilliant post as always :)

Kerry x


Cara Howard said...

LOVE your birthday dress!!! Happy belated birthday!!!

Alice Barton said...

happy bday!! that cake is pretty awesome! xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Holly Gardiner said...

Ooooh wow look at that caaaake!! Glad you had a fab birthday - lucky you witht he Bruno Mars tickets too, fab surprise I bet :D


Becky said...


Hope you had a lovely day!


catmotron said...

Happy belated birthday, that jumpsuit is stunning! :) xx


hannah maggs said...

aw, he sounds like a sweety. the cake is amazing and you look SO good in that dress meg :) glad you had a wonderful birthday! cant remember if i said or not at the time but just incase, happy belated birthday dear :) x

Nathalie Fraser said...

You look soooo gorgeous in the pictures! Hope you had a great bday! :) x

Robyn said...

Aw happy (belated) birthday Megan! I'm amazed by that cake - I wouldn't have shared that little baby haha! And your jumpsuit looks incredible on you :)
Robyn Mayday

Sharina said...

I really really love your photos! Happy bday dear!

raj patil said...

very nice blog !!!
i like the way you writing the blog and images...
eggless black forest cake

Десислава Валентинова said...

hey, babe, i just found out your blog and I already am in love with it! You look so sweet and your looks are so cool and inspiring! I'm your new follower via Bloglovin'! <3
and Happy Bday! ;))))))


Fiona Lily Avenue said...

Happy belated birthday!!!
The cake looks amazing!


Rosie W said...

Happy belated beauty! LOVE the cake <3
Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

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