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Monday, 14 October 2013

Skin Worries | Being Proactive

For the past 4 years I have battled with my skin – as you well know, I bloomin’ go on about it enough don’t I?! I have gone through the motions...
  • Sticking to a healthy diet
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Exercising (albeit minimal)
  • Being consistent with my skincare
  • Changing up my skincare
  • Swapping my contraceptive pill
  • Seeing my GP and receiving prescription medication
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Now of course I didn’t try all of these things at the same time, hell that’s bound to make me breakout – but over a 4 year period with the above changes applied over time here I am, still struggling and suffering.

I don’t claim to have the worst case of acne, or that anyone should feel sorry for me – but what I do believe, quite strongly, is that if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin then you will feel like I do and will consider or try near enough anything to get rid of the continuous breakouts and scarring.

After trying everything within my power to shift these nasties I’ve now started to investigate going to a specialist for treatments. This isn’t something you can get for free but when I consider that last year I spent over £100 on my winter coat, well..I think I can save those pennies and try and sort out my face – after all it is on display forever and always!

First up on my investigation list is sk:n – I’m sure you’ve heard about them before but if you haven’t you can read a detailed description on who they are here. In a nutshell they use the latest technologies and clinically proven products to help improve your skin, whatever your issue or treatment requirement, be it laser hair removal, wart removal or like me skin worries you can pretty much count on them having something that will help.

For me I'll be focusing on the treatments for acne, scarring and peels.

Acne Treatments:
Isolaz is one of sk:n’s most popular treatments for live acne..using a device similar to a hoover (hehe), it works it’s magic by sucking out all the dirt, oils, excess sebum and unnecessary nasties in the skin. Also attached is a laser that releases a light that kills off any remaining bacteria, whilst the vacuum suction helps to bring the infected skin closer to the laser light, leaving less room for anything else to creep its way back in. A single treatment will cost you £130, but the way this treatment works is not a one off miracle cure – it’s something you need to be invested in and stick to for a while - but it sounds incredible.

These are the bad boys I’m most interested in – skin peels help to remove dead skin cells whilst encouraging your skin to naturally produce new, healthy ones. Unlike the Isolaz acne treatment, you do run the risk of having some slight swelling and peeling to the treated area but that’s what the experts are there for...to point you in the right direction for what treatment will suit you best.
They’ve currently got 50% off on Glycolic peels (AMAZING NEWS) so a single treatment at the moment would be a very reasonable £40 – but if like me you fancy yourself a few treatments (best idea) then you can get 3 treatments for 2 at £160, which I’m seriously considering. It’s still quite a lot of money, especially if like me you don’t have much to spare – but I think I might add it to my Christmas wishlist and try and contribute some pennies too so that I can get this baby on the road!

I can’t quite believe that we’re approaching the end of this year...but I do really feel like I’ve learned something about myself and my attitude towards my life in general, even though these months have flown by! I can be the most negative ninny and I rarely find myself looking for the best of a bad situation. However, I have realised that that will get me nowhere in life and that I am fast becoming my own worst enemy. Moping and moaning about my skin wont get me anywhere fast, but being positive and working hard in order to help myself help my skin will. I'll be pursuing these treatments and will let you know when I take the plunge and get started. The thing I'm most looking forward to is having an expert there to hold my hand and TELL me what will help, instead of constantly guessing...wish me luck!
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liza prideaux said...

These sound interesting, I also have suffered with my skin in the past but I've noticed in the last few months since changing my diet it's alot better,
Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

Krystel said...

Great post and very interesting I also suffer from acne one minute it's cleared up mostly the next it can be as worse as ever I have found going to the gym helps me using the saunas and some points you noted above like healthy eating and water. I also have prescribed medication from the doctor and a zinc treatment that helps but it's a constant battle :( my skin can be good but the next day it can break out very bad I can hide it well but sometimes it's harder and it puts you down especially for bloging when taking photos ect.I have never looked into more expensive treatments these do sound pricey I would recommend you try the GlamGlow Super Mud mask it's pricey but it does the same as a facial peel and the hoover by getting dirt out your pores and tackling acne I have used it before and would highly recommend it as a cheaper alternative :-) x


Mel said...

Really interesting piece, I struggled for years with my skin as it was always red, blotchy with severe break outs, I kept going to the GP who kept fobbing me off but finally I saw a new GP who diagnosed me with Rosacea, I was given a cream and antibiotics and it went away almost instantly! Just use the cream once a day now and apart from the odd spot around my time of the month my face is much happier!

Might be worth checking if you have similar symptoms to Rosacea as its more common than people think and having facials and treatments can often make it worse.

janine said...

i love your honesty, i really relate... pessimism is a hard habit to break. in terms of acne, i havent suffered myself (i am prone to spots and have oily skin but never had full blown acne) but ive heard people say cutting out certain foods such as dairy can really transform their skin. not sure there's any truth in it and not sure a person should live without cheese, but it could be something to try out before opting for more expensive treatments.
try your best to stay positive, keep exploring options and hopefully you'll find one that works for you. also try to be more accepting of yourself. although you probably feel like everyone focuses on your acne, they are more likely to notice the really great things about you.. lovely hair, clothes, makeup etc. so that's something to bare in mind :)

Ash B said...

I've hated my skin for years. The freckles that popped up after never wearing sunscreen in my preteen and teen years - ugh. Now I have scarring to add to it. I don't have the worst skin either, and I hate to complain, because I feel for those who have real acne problems. However, I do agree that if we don't feel comfortable we'll do just about anything to fix it. I like to stay positive, so I don't let it get to me too much. I have no pennies to spare for my face or treatments right now, but maybe sometime down the road, I'll be able to indulge. Great post, Meg! I always love your personal posts. You're absolutely beautiful and such a sweetheart!

Gemma Roberts said...

Really interesting subject huh. I have weaned myself off a full face of foundation, over this past two years. I used to cover up every single blemish, I was so stressed with things going on and then would get rash like spots, then stress about those! Nasty cycle! Try try try these days to worry less, easier said than done though isn't it :/ Everyone has something they bully themselves with don't they (or a list in my case! Haha).

Faded Windmills

teli lalas said...

ty for the helpful tips! :)

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