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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Sleep Tight Georgie Porge

You may remember (if you've been reading my blog for as long as I've been writing it), that I rustled up a little birthday post in April last year for our lovely little fluff ball George..the family guinea pig. He was 7 years old, which is pretty much ancient in terms of guinea pig years and at nearly 8 and a half he sadly said his goodbyes to our family and left for what I hope will be a super comfy sleep!

I think the older we get the more we try and detach ourselves from emotions that may seem silly, or embarrassing. But I certainly don't feel silly for feeling very sad about George. To many he will be 'just a guinea pig' but to us, especially my little sister, he was apart of the family. He had the best life and was so friendly (as well as terribly greedy - hello King of dandelion's).

So, here's a toast post to celebrate what a wonderful little being he was and will continue to be up in his little guinea pig heaven.

I will miss your noisy squeaks and tubby belly.
Sleep tight George, love you always xx


Sara Chergui said...

So cute !

Gemma Roberts said...

Oh Meg. What a gorgeous little guy. So sorry. I don't think it matters how old we get, these things never seem to get any easier huh. Just shows how much a part of your family he must have been xx

Faded Windmills

Kate A said...

Rest in peace George! He look like he was a sweetie!

Tal Types said...

im such a sucker when it comes to animals, tear'd up a little then.
sleep tight George so nice to see he lived a lovely happy life! hear to many horrible stories about animals being miss treated. As sad as the situation is its nice to see he was loved :) xx


Jen - Kitsch N Sync said...

Awww...what a long & happy life George had with you! x

Kat said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm a crazy bunny lady, so I totally understand how the little fluffballs can capture your heart. They have as much personality and soul as the more conventional house pets. It sounds like George had a wonderful, long life and I'm sure he's popcorning now at the rainbow bridge. Thank you for loving him. I hope you're ok xxx
Kat | DollyRouge

On The Dressing Table said...

Sorry to hear that, losing a pet is always hard, they are such a part of the family. He was a really cute little guy.
Anna xx

Cat Storey said...

Sorry to hear for your lost hun. I still grieve for my dog I lost a couple of years ago... they are part of the family. xx


Catherine Lux said...

Aw, i'm so sorry to hear about George. Hope you're ok.

I've had three guinea-pigs since I was four years old, with each of them living around 6-8 years, and every one of them was SO hard to lose! It's amazing how such a small little animal becomes such a huge part of the family.

George was such a cutie, I'm sure he's having a great time in Guinea-Pig Heaven!

C x

Claudia said...

It's always sad when a family pet dies, it's not silly emotions at all, they become part of the family. I hope you're okay!

Claudia xx

Beauty and the Chic

Helen said...

Awww. He was such a cutie. Pets are just a part of the family as the human members so it hurts when we lose ones we love. I miss my past-on pets everyday.


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