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Friday, 15 November 2013

Meet Moo's Marvellous Advertisers

Image Source: Pinterest
It's FRIDAY! Now if that's not enough to make you happy then what is? Introducing you to two lovely shops is what! I hope you've got your purse at the ready to make a few cheeky pre-Christmas purchases, believe me you'll want to...

Olive and Frank
GUYS they've had a makeover and it's SO PRETTY!!! Not only that but they have heaps of new items in store ready for winter and honestly I have never seen so many gorgeous things under one roof. Every time I go on the website it just makes me happy...I mean, look at these shoes...I said LOOK! They've also very kindly set up a Bloggers Network, so if you're a fellow blogger like me and want to get involved with discounts and giveaways then have a looksie here and get signed up :)

The CityRack
If you're looking for glamorous this Christmas then The CityRack is the place to be. Filled to the brim with gorgeous dresses you're certain to stumble across the perfect party outfit. I'm particularly taken with this little number, shock horror it's black and white! But it's a bit lovely isn't it? They've also got a great section on their website dedicated to Celebrity Looks, so you can take inspiration from your faves and translate it in to an affordable look that works for you :)

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