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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Moo's Musings #2

Hello lovely faces and welcome to edition #2 of Moo's Musings, where you can probably be bored to tears with what I've been doing (or not been doing) over the past weeks. Let's start from the top and work our way down to the bottom (saucy)...

1 & 2. It was Halloween, we had no idea what to go as so my dear friend Charly and I messed our faces up a bit and backcombed our hair, sorted. 3. Homesense is probably the best shop and when I spotted these little balls of loveliness I went to instagram to help me decide which one to pick..we went with purple.
4. I absolutely love that we have an open fire in our home, so warm and lovely. 5. I caved and made an impromptu purchase of the indeed labs infamous pepta-bright and hydraluron - reviews to come. 6. Naturally we all take selfies on the train.what? You've done it too! 7 & 8. Meeting the lovely Jayne for the first time and catching up with beautiful Lauren. 9. I visited my cousin in London, we went out and got home at 5.30am. This was our view on the walk to the bus stop. p.s. I hate night buses. 10. My favourite quote in the Alexa Chung book. 11. a pretty lovely case from caseable. 12. my walk to the train station from my cousins apartment. 13. Alexa Chung - IT a pretty darn good book if you ask me, would you like to see a review? 14. Out for lunch with my mum and sister. 15. And of course one must have dessert with lunch, no?


Sarah-Jane Dale said...

you been a busy bee!!! looking forward to the hydraluron review really want to know if its worth all the hype xxx


Olivia said...

I'd really like a review of the Alexa Chung book, please!!


Sophie Cockett said...

id love to see a review of the Alexa Chung book! have asked for it for Christmas! :) lovely post, as always xxx keepcalmlookpretty.blogspot.co.uk x x x

Steffen Putzker said...

Great post of you...pretty pics these are....

window cleaning

Sophie Scrimshaw said...

Despite the critisism it got, I bought (and loved) the Alexa Chung book and actually sent a picture of that very same quote to my friend as it my me giggle!


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