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Thursday, 12 December 2013

How I Straighten my Hair | ghd Limited Edition Pink Styler

ghd V Pink Diamond Styler*
I don’t think there’s a girl (or a guy for that matter), that doesn’t know about ghd’s. For many they are the holy grail in the straightener world and I’m no exception to the rule. Since I started secondary school – when my mum finally caved and agreed that perhaps my frizzy frizz bomb hair wasn’t the most attractive look for a teenager trying to discover her inner goddess, I’ve been their #1 fan and haven’t ever used anything else! In that time I’ve owned 3 pairs and I’ve only repurchased due to be a little superficial and wanting the newest edition (c’mon, we’ve all succumbed to the prettiness, right?) my most recent ones I’d had for over 6 years and they were still going strong, but....

This time around I’m lucky enough to be the proud owner of their brand new Pink Diamond design. From the hot pink shade to the glittery black plates there isn’t much not to love about them. Of course it’s always nice to have a hair styler that looks pretty, but the really special thing about these limited edition ghd’s is the cause that it’s supporting. Over the last 10 years, ghd have released a new pink styler and through this time have raised over £7million for breast cancer charities worldwide – that’s pretty amazing right? So how does it work? Well, every time we buy this pretty little package £10 of the total will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Something I think is quite lovely, really.

I personally only use my straighteners to straighten my hair and I have to say it’s completely effortless – they glide through my hair beautifully and don’t catch, tug or pull. However, if like many others you like to use your stylers for curling your hair, their plates come with a contoured edge, so they’re designed to create that perfect curl or wave! They really can achieve pretty much any look and if you’re looking for some inspiration you can find tutorials here on their website.
Not only does this perfect little styler come with a fab paddle brush, it also has some pretty fancy, not to mention important features...The extra long cord gives more flexibility, no more worrying about perching right next to a plug to get around your whole head, you can have a little jog around if you fancy it? Just me? Okay... It also comes with an automatic sleep mode that switches them off if they haven’t been used for more than 30 minutes, I know, every girls dream right? But my favourite is the slide-y on-off button, when you switch it on, it lights up pink and gives out a little tune that I can only describe as a little hair fairy sharing it’s joy.

Overall I think it’s quite obvious that I wouldn’t be without my ghd’s, they’re 100% my investment hair styler and even though they’re a little pricey, they’re completely multi-purpose, look beautiful and not only that with these particular ones you’re supporting a really wonderful cause. What more could you want?!

I thought you might quite like to see them in use, so here’s a video all about how I straighten my hair – enjoy! :)


Sara T said...

You have the cutest of faces :D your hair isn't too shabby either, it looks lovely!

Jenny said...

Great video and gorgeous hair love the colour <3 I recently bought the silver edition however I never received a paddle brush in my set :( I love the pink though so pretty it's nice they have opted for more colours instead of just black x

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Sophierosehearts said...

Those GHD's are amazing, you always have such amazing hair too!

Sophierosehearts x

Jayne said...

Those ghd's are lovely, ghd's are soooo amazing! Your hair looks so good!x


Leeanne said...

Your hair looks so nice. The styler has such a great design too!

Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty


Stephanie said...

What a gorgeous set! Would make such a nice gift for xmas. I really want to update my GHD's, though I've had them for years and they're still going strong. So basically it would only be for the pretty colour haha. You look great too xx

Brittany Messner said...

I know this post is about your hair, but that orange lipstick looks amazing on you! What shade is it?

xx -b.

Fleur Griffin said...

I've never ever used GHDs. Ever, my parents were always against me using heat on my hair and I've never been able to afford them. I seriously want to try these though they are so stunning!!!

vicki said...

These are so pretty & pink! Whats not to love.
Your hair is cute too xx

Lorna mai ltd said...

I recently bought some ghd's for the first time. Still getting used to them, they are brilliant!


Claudia said...

These are so gorgeous, I really want them!!! so pretty. I love the Wonderland ones that have just come out :)

Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

Letitia Harriet said...

I had, I think, 2 cheaper straighteners before I got my GHD's and I've never looked back! :P

BambiRoux K said...

I love your hair colour! It really makes me want to go back to being a red head, and now I want GHD's!

Jackie said...

I forgot to put this in my Christmas wish list. I really want to get this exact one since I have heard so many good things and plus the color is so pretty!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

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