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Sunday, 22 December 2013

How to Style the Ultimate Plunge Bra from Wonderbra

Playsuit: Motel Rocks

You may have read my recent post where I announced I'd be working with Wonderbra for the next year - offering you guys advice on what bras to pick, how to wear them and lots more.
First up is an outfit post...this beautiful Motel Rocks playsuit, that happens to have a very deep V-neck. Now I know a lot of girls would feel anxious to wear something like this, whether you're a bigger busted lady or a bit teeny like me we both experience a problem...finding the right bra to go with it. Even if you've got bigger boobies, it doesn't mean you want to go braless, I mean, those babies don't always support themselves and I'm sure we've all experienced some pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions when they're absent? We're all in the same boat ladies and I have discovered the answer to our worries. Wonderbra's Ultimate Plunge....
Ultimate Plunge Bra*
I felt a little embarrassed to publish a photo of me in my undies on my blog, but I felt that just an image of it just on it's own wouldn't do it justice, so I hope you guys are okay with it. But seriously ladies, this is a holy grail piece and one every girl should own. It takes a hell of a lot to give me a cleavage and although it's not much it's made me feel SO much more comfortable and confident wearing beautiful clothes like this playsuit. Don't get me wrong, I quite love having smaller boobs and like wearing loose fitting clothes that compliment my figure - however it's amazing to have something I can use when I do want to have them a little on show.
It's the most comfortable bra I've ever worn and there's pretty much no padding - what it does have though is special 'hand tech support' that literally look like tiny little hands on each side of the bra that work to push your boobs into the perfect cleavage, whilst keeping everything in place. It has detachable straps, comes in a range of sizes fro32-36 A, 32-38 B to D, 30-38 DD to F and retails at £32. I think it's an absolutely genius invention - the deep plunging shape means it's positively perfect for any low-cut outfits and the fact that I wouldn't have dreamt of purchasing this playsuit before owning one of these is testament that it's a complete investment. I just wouldn't have been able to feel comfortable in this outfit wearing any other bra.
So, Wonderbra girls really do have more fun!! I hope you've found this helpful and it's given you some outfit inspiration going forward. Where there's a Wonderbra...there's a way.


Becky Temple said...

Gorgeous playsuit! x


Sarah said...

I love Wonderbra, they're so good at giving the perfect amount of 'push-up' for us less gifted in the boob department! Great post - I've been eyeing this up for a while so might have to consider it. And you have a fantastic body btw! x

Claudia said...

You are very brave and (in a non-pervy way) look amazing. This playsuit totally suits you. I seriously have nothing so a wonder-bra with no padding wouldn't do anything at all for me but if I do happen to sprout into women-hood at 25, I like how low cut it if so that you can wear it with a plunging neck-line.

Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

tillylion said...

Looks so cute the bra is awesome! X


Megan Lillie said...

Wow, you look amazing! The playsuit is incredible!

Megan xxx
Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

Lornas wishing well said...

I have this bra, its amazing x

Celine said...

Gorgeous outfit Megan! I adore the playsuit :) Ooh, and that bra really does sound very practical! :) xx

Celine from Vintage Teapot

Sara Chergui said...

This is such a great bra !

Catherine Loves said...

You look amazing :) x

Catherines Loves

Carly Jade said...

That playsuit is gorgeous! But that bra...need it asap!


StephDreamsBlog said...

Sometimes (most of the time) you're just the prettiest thing, my eyes ever did see!
This outfit is HAWT! Like, sexy hot, but with out the tacky and skanky that you get from looking sexy. I think it's actually hard to do, so you've pulled it off amazingly. The playsuit is just so gorgeous, with your hair it's a perfect match!!
Hello boobs, can I have yours please? THANKS ;)

Laura Hyatt said...

How bloomin' gorgeous are you?! Wow! :D x
Heroine In Heels

The Style Rawr said...

Omg I totally need one! I have an Ultimo body which looks similar but I hate the fact that it fastens underneath! This would be perfect :) And you look great!


Anthea Lau said...

you look absolutely amazing in this sequin playsuit, and you have perfect red hair! I also like that you have revealed the 'secret' of staying away from a nip slip with the deep plunging bra! <3

Check out my outfit post featuring Breaking Rocks Clothing :)
RASSP blog

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