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Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Wore | Christmas Sparkle

Hat: Topshop. Crop Top: Missguided*. Cigarette Trousers: Missguided*. Boots: TK Maxx
Picking an outfit for Christmas Day is always something I completely forget about until the day before when a light pings in my head and thinks, oh god, what am I actually going to wear? Christmas Day itself is always absolutely manic for us (meaning Daniel and I) – we try our best to make it around all of my family and all of his before heading off to my families for the evening and Boxing day. Needless to say, I would love to be cosy in my PJ’s all day but alas this is not possible. One must put on her glad rags and be, well, glad about it. So I always like to make a bit of an effort and feel a teensy bit festive in the process.
I haven’t worn a pair of ‘proper’ trousers since I was in school but these bad boy cigarette trousers from Missguided are summin’ else... high-waisted, navy and smart – just perfect. When I spotted this crop top on the website I thought it must’ve been fate, they’re simply made for each other and in turn are made for my wardrobe.
It’s love and that’s all I have to say about that.

What did you wear Christmas Day? Are you a dresser upper or a dresser downer? :)

Shop the look here...


Andini Ria said...

Your figure is to die for! I love this outfit, the crop and pants go so well together <3


Keeley said...

Wow you look absolutely amazing and the colours go so well with your hair! Stunning xx

Sara Chergui said...

You look so cute ! Love the pants on you, they are amazing !
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Georgia Nicolaou said...

Wow! You look absolutely amazing! Your figure is incredible!


Julia in Disguise said...

Your hair colour is amazing! Love the outfit also, especially the top! x

Abbie said...

This is a gorgeous look! Love that top on you! <3


Lauren said...

You look amazing! Love this outfit, I really want a sparkly top like this now :)


CharissaRae said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. After seeing you and a couple of other bloggers in these trousers I think I need them! X

Hayley said...

I love your crop top, so shiny. The trousers really go well.
Water Painted Dreams xxx

Sofia said...

You're so beautiful, I love your hair !

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Sindy Ng said...

perfect combo, love the crop top! x

GirlBlogsEtc said...

everything here is perfect. x

Catherine Loves said...

You look amazing :D x

Catherines Loves

Fern said...

This top is a little bit fantastic isn't it! Beautiful x

Sophie in the Sticks said...

I'm a dress upper all the way! Love the combination you put together, sparkles are perfect for festivities x

Sophie said...

Absolutely cracking figure- making me want to put down that mince pie!

Sam said...

Those trousers and top really suit you and the colour looks lovely with your hair!
I'm more of a dresser-downer on Christmas. This year it was my Primark Christmas pudding jumper over a simple skater dress. I spent the day at my Mum's where my sister never changed out of her onesie so even in my jumper I felt overdressed haha!


Rebecca Jane said...

Loving all the sparkle :)
Gorgeous outfit!!



Linzy labellevie said...

Wow darl you look gorgeous, the trousers are amazing!!


mintyessence said...

LOVE the sparkly top!



Rebecca Morgan said...

this outfit was made for you, no doubt! x


Jackie said...

What a pretty outfit and I love that sparkly top!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

Ellen Bourne said...

Wow, just found your blog via sprinkle of glitter. Your hair & style are both so amazing. I will continue tuning in here for sure! xo :0

Ellen Bourne said...

Wow, just found yoiur blog via sprinkleofglitter & I must say: your hair & style are both SO amazing. I hope you had an awesome Christmas, I'll definitely be following you here.

lifeasart said...

You have the most beautiful hair color! And the blue looks great on you. Gorgeous!

Chantelle Nelson said...

You look beautiful! :) Christmas Day is the same for me and my other half, it's pretty manic trying to visit both families and by the end of the night I'm totally knackered haha! I'm a pretty in between dresser at Christmas, I like to be dressy/smart but wear something that's going to be comfortable too since I'll be doing the rounds on Christmas day! I opted for high waisted trousers and a crop top this year too! :) x

The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

Rosie W said...

GAH You are just stunning.

Nicol said...

this is such a lush outfit! you look amazingggg :D


Michelle said...

such a wonderful outfit


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

The trousers are amazing! The same question comes to my head as well every year the last minute-and then I panic! Hope 2014 will be an amazing year!

daniella-r said...

I love those cigarette trousers! And how they finish at the top, you look amazing in them- and that top!
Daniella x


Victoria said...

this outfit is beyond amazing :D im glad i discovered your blog this first day of the year ;D
twitter @VictoriaMcg06

Laura said...

You look amazing!!!!!


Gina Evans-Forte said...

Good god you look gorgeous! I absolutely love your crop top. I'm usually a "stay in pjs all morning and then get into christmassy clothes" kinda gal. Usually I choose an outfit beforehand but this year I changed my outfit about three times because I kept opening gorgeous clothes from my presents! x

Sophy said...

In love with this outfit! You look absolutely stunning, and those trousers and that crop top are to die for! Good old misguided ey!
Sophy xo | Lashes and Splashes

Grace Parry said...

I love, love, LOVE this look Megs! So beautiful and great on you! x

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