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Monday, 9 December 2013

What I Wore | Music to my Ears

Music to my Ears Dress: Sugarhill Boutique* Hat: Ark Clothing. Belt: Vintage. 
Sorry for being so absent on here for the last week – I have been horribly poorly with the flu and a chest infection. It always hits me at this time of year but this bout seemed to really hit hard! Nonetheless, I am back and although still feeling a bit crappy I am able to look at a computer screen for more than half a second :)
Now on to the goodness...It’s no secret that I have a rather large crush on Sugarhill Boutique. I’ve featured them a fair few times on here and already have the matching blouse to this dress – but when I spotted this one on the website I had to have it. It’s literally the prettiest little thing I’ve seen and everything about it just makes me happy. It’s swishy, has an old school music player print all over it, the length of the arms is the ultimate favourite and I also quite love the little black lace panels inserted on the waist – they just always seem to get it so right and never fail to add statement pieces to my wardrobe.

I have a huge amount of posts ready to go up over the next week or two in the lead up to Christmas, I’m trying this new thing where I’m super organised..let’s see how that goes, yeah? ;) Would you guys like to see daily posts? Or is that a bit much?

One thing you won’t see much of though are the ‘Winter Gift Guides’ posts – I think the blogosphere has been rather inundated with them recently, non? 


Charlotte Lewis said...

I still can't get over how much I am in love with your hair <3 I have just gone back blonde and still can't get used to the colour, you suit yours so well! Gorgeous :) xx


Sian Seccombe said...

Such a cute dress!
Sian x

Holl JC said...

That dress is just so so pretty, I love it! You look wonderful! x


Annette Brennan said...

Such a lovely outfit! I love your hair too, I recently dyed my hair a similar colour but to be honest I prefer yours! Haha!

Annettibus |Irish Personal Style and Beauty Blog.

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Beautiful dress and with the hat it's so stylish and bohemian :O). Xx


Olivia said...

I'd LOVE to see daily posts! Please :) x


Izzy said...

Very cute, hope you feel better soon! <3

Cute to the Fashion

Nicol said...

hope you get well soon my dear :) you look amazing as usual


Leeanne said...

Absolutely love your blue dress ..<3

Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty


tillylion said...

the hat looks cute with your hair colour x


Kaz said...

Ahh I love that dress :) it looks so pretty on you!
Hope you're feeling better soon lovely!
Kaz at Sunshine Days x

Sarah-Jane Dale said...

Glad to hear your feeling better! You should defiantly go for some daily posts and see what the response is like, no harm in trying. I have lots of blog posts on my feeds with gift guides haha xxx


Olivia Law said...

This is SO pretty! I love your belt xo

itsfemmeface.com said...

I wish I could pull off a colourful hat! I feel like I would look like a fishmonger from Morrisons rather than having a cool look like yours :) Love this outfit x

Catherine Loves said...

You look great, lovely dress.

Hope you feel better soon, do what you can with posts I would love to be able to post more regularly but just don't have the time. x

Catherines Loves

Bridie Mia said...

Such an unusual and pretty dress, I love it! I've only bought from Sugarhill Boutique before but it is super pretty. I'd love to see daily posts from you, hope you're feeling better :) x

Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Letitia Harriet said...

Such a cute dress!

Leanne Rachel said...

Lovely outfit! Hope you're feeling 100% better soon xx

Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

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