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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What I Wore | Saturday Night Fever

Jumpsuit: In Love with Fashion*. Necklace: Kirsteen Stewart*. Belt: Vintage. Boots: TK Maxx. Hat: Ark. Lipstick: MAC Dangerous.
I’m not one to glam myself up regularly, but when Christmas rolls around there seems to be endless parties and therefore reason to dress yourself up - so one must ensure her wardrobe is prepared.

This jumpsuit is rather daring for me, I mean, it has slits right up to the hips and definitely shows off more than I usually feel comfortable sharing but there’s just something about it that I really love. I feel a little ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in it, what with the swishy legs and high-waisted cut I should probably be sporting a microphone and singing the Bee Gee’s! ;)
On a serious note though I bloomin’ love it and the ivory shade makes it feel slightly more ethereal than sexy, which I think is why I like it so much...we all know I don’t do ‘sexy’ guys (not without failing miserably anyway). Kirsteen Stewart has also achieved perfection once again with this beautifully gorgeous necklace - I think it goes perfectly with this outfit and I love how unique it looks!

I’m also wearing my beloved Jacey Withers fox bracelet – it’s my favourite piece of jewellery and I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but it comes on quite a sizeable, chunky silver chain. The back of the bracelet has a tiny fox charm where it fastens and recently I’ve been thinking about adding a few more animal charms to it. Charms Direct make the cutest, daintiest charms and I’m particularly fond of the Dachshund Dog and 3 Wise Monkeys – I’m thinking of adding them to my (ever growing) wish list and slowly building up my own, unique charm bracelet, what do you think?! 

Jumpsuits are also my preferred choice of glam. Maxi dresses are lovely and all, but for the most part can be a complete nightmare to walk in – I much prefer being able to do a few lunges on an evening and love the freedom the encompass whilst still looking wonderfully feminine.

How about you? To jumpsuit or not to jumpsuit? That (appears) to be the question..


Sara Chergui said...

You look incredible ! Love that look !

Catherine Loves said...

You look amazing :) x

Catherines Loves

EmilyGrace said...

Such a gorgeous jumpsuit!


daniella-r said...

You look amazing! That jumpsuit is gorgeous!
Daniella x


Sarah Nunn said...

Wow it's a jumpsuit, I thought it was a dress! That's such a gorgeous statement piece, and it really 'pops' with that purple hat. Perfection xxx

Heather said...

this is bloody stunning on you! you look amazing, love the hat!

High Society // highsocietyfashion.blogspot.co.uk

Renate said...

You look gorgeous, it suits you perfectly and is such a "you" outfit. Thanks for sharing! :)

Renate from http://thecuriousklutz.blogspot.com
A post on my current makeup routine has gone up on my blog, if you're interested to check it out!

Yuen Lim said...

I thought it was a maxi dress! Such a gorgeous jumpsuit (:

Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

tillylion said...

stunning, a nice alternative to a dress x


Temporary:Secretary said...

you sexy model, you! You have got a killer body for jump suits like this, Megs! I'm to short for it but I'm forever wishing for longer legs so I can look like this! *sob* Long legs are on my christmas list! x

Amy Simmons said...

That jumpsuit is gorgeous and I love the way you've styled it! Amy :)

Secrets of a PR girl

Cristi said...

That is a stunning jumpsuit! I love the whole outfit. Really elegant for a Christmas theme party. It's always nice to 'glam up' once in a while. x

James Bennett said...

This outfit is absolutely stunning! Love the combination of the red/burgundy hat with the white jumpsuit- fantastic look!

Stylish England

Jo said...

So bloody beautiful :) Love this outfit, you look stunning :)

Jo xx


Style StreetStalker said...

Very cool post!! Love your blog by the way - may have to return to stalk you more!


Leanne Rachel said...

You look gorgeous! That jumpsuit looks really lovely on you xx

Leanne | Seeking Serendipity

Flora Zhu said...

Gorgeous look! Love your hat and the color of your lipsticks!

Canvas June

Martha Woods said...

Wow, you look amazing! Love this paired with the booties and the hat, it's very 70s.

Cheshire Cat said...

Wow! You look amazing hun! Love the the jumpsuit and the hat. :)

Cat x

lolakate said...

You look like a greek goddess here Megan. Gorgeous xx

Cat said...

this is so amazing, you look incredible x

catarina tosellon said...

Simply amazing , love the way you look :D


Luisa Tamrakar said...

Love your style! :)

Please check out my blog http://rougedivision.blogspot.co.uk

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