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Monday, 13 January 2014

Evening Eyes with the Clinique Holiday Make-up Set

Clinique Holiday Make-up Set* from Selfridges
Eye makeup is something I rarely take a risk with. For those of you that know me well, you will know that a simple cat-flick with my beloved liquid liner is all that graces my eyelids on a daily basis. But when Selfridges got in touch and asked if I’d like to try out the Clinique Holiday Make-up Set there wasn’t much of a hesitation on my part – with two Cream Shapers for Eyes, High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, eight All About Shadow Eyeshadows and two double-ended brushes, it was definitely something I wanted to add to my collection.

All the colours are quite daring and I was definitely a little scared. However I wanted to try and create something a little different and see what I could get away with. Luckily, I have a very wonderful make-up artist friend, Zoe, who very kindly said she’d work her magic and create an evening time look with the palette for me...and here are the results:
I wasn’t expecting to, but I absolutely love it!! (Zoe, you’re so talented! ;)). The deep purple really makes green eyes 'pop' and although it's not a colour I would've considered beforehand, it’s really shown me that I need to take more risks with my makeup and that even the most daring colours can work. The mascara has to be my favourite item in the set, seperating the lashes beautifully and adding huge amounts of volume - it's easily the most impressive mascara I’ve tried in a long time – new holy grail?

To create the look Zoe used 3 of the shadows (the dark purple, lilac and golden brown) and both the cream shapers. The shadows are super pigmented and have a beautiful shimmer to them whilst the cream shapers are true to their name and on application are incredibly creamy, easy to blend and stay put. Personally, I think it's so refreshing to see some vibrant colours in a palette and to include the shapers is a genius idea.

We’ve even filmed a tutorial for my YouTube channel that will be live over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled and make sure you’re subscribed if you’d like to see a step by step of how we achieved this :)

What do you think? Is purple a colour you’d go for now? 


Gemma Oliver said...

You look gorgeous! What a beautiful shade of purple and I love the lip colour too!

Gem x

Holl JC said...

This is such a gorgeous set, and the look you created is wonderful Megan! x


leopardheels said...

Great make-up palette, beautiful make-up:)

Amy Keeling said...

This is lovely Meg, I think the colours suit you really well :)
Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

lolakate said...

This looks lovely and you really suit the purple meg x

casuallyawkward said...

your eyes look absolutely amazing, this look suits you beautifully Meg xx Stefanie casualllyawkward.com

Rachael McClenaghan said...

You really suit the purple and your make up is lovely! I love wearing quite dark purples.

Rachael x
All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

Rachael McClenaghan said...

You really suit the purple, your eyes really pop! Your make up is lovely! I love wearing dark purples.

Rachael x
All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

vicki said...

Gorgeous - the purple / plum shades look stunning on you

Ellen Bourne said...

You have an AMAZING eye-colour. I have green eyes too and I agree, purple really makes them pop.

Ellen Bourne said...

You have an AMAZING eye colour. I have green eyes too, and I love wearing purple on them for that extra pop! Especially when I have red hair.

Caroline Johnson said...

That looks like such a perfect little box, plus the packaging is lovely! Really suits you! x

Sana Shahid said...

It's such a gorgeous palette and you look amazing!


Alessandra said...

You're so beautiful, that colour really suits you

Sophie Rose Hearts said...

That set is so pretty and wow the purple looks great on you :)

Sophie xx

Makeable said...

Love the purple! Normally I dislike this kind of colors, but it looks really good on you!

Amy Brooks said...

Your eyes look lovely and the Clinique set looks amazing!


Rosie W said...

Ooh it really suits you Meg! I must be more adventurous with my eye make up in future.

Izzie said...

you look incredible! xo

Catherine Loves said...

You look lovely, love the lipstick too :) x

Catherines Loves

Sarah Barton said...

This looks amazing! Purple always looked pants on me but might try it! Your hair looks amazing, have you cut it!?

Shereeeen ♥ said...

Your eye make-up looks gorgeous! X


Celina said...

This palette is so lovely and I like the look you created with it!
Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

Madeleine S-B said...

That look is so lovely, the shade really compliments your eyes (:


VioletDaffodils said...

that palette looks lush and you look stunning :)



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