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Saturday, 4 January 2014

My Michael Kors

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch*
Watches are something I used to completely overlook. Up until 3 or 4 years ago, when Daniel bought me my first ever watch, I just didn't really think I needed one. But when we went shopping for one, my mind was officially changed. Not only are they obviously useful (i.e. always knowing the time), but they also help to complete an outfit and of course, make your arm look oh so pretty!

I've never been a fan of the original Michael Kors watch, to be honest I'm a real girly girl and the masculine look to the most popular MK just didn't appeal to me. However, you cannot deny the utter beauty of such a wonderful brand. Mr Kors never fails to deliver, whether it be handbags, make-up or his beloved watches - he really is an artist and it would've been downright rude to not explore his collection on the basis that I simply disliked one of his designs.

Now, this rose gold bracelet watch (MK5491) is just too beautiful for words. From the dazzling stone set bezel to the mother of pearl dial it's utterly stunning. I love the rose gold finish and the stopwatch dials on the face give it a more interesting, sporty look. It's reasonably chunky, but still totally feminine and luxurious. We all know that a Michael Kors doesn't come cheap and at £229 it's certainly an investment. However you cannot deny it's quality and I actually think it looks like it's worth a lot more. I thought it might look a bit too heavy on my wrist as I'm so slight, but it's pleasantly surprising how wonderfully it fits. At least once a day I will get a compliment on how pretty it is and honestly, it's one of my most precious possessions and something I know I will love for a very long time.

Do you own a Michael Kors watch? Or if not, what do you think of mine...to bling, or not to bling? ;)


Robyn said...

I don't own one, and I'm very envious of yours - looks so lovely!


Nicola said...

Im the same, i never thought id need a watch but i really do love the MK watches, its beautiful!

jessica rose said...

I should buy a watch.....I use my mobile phone....(which I can never find in my Mary Poppins bag! ;(


Cat said...

beautiful watch x

Holly said...

Ooh Megs what a beauty! It looks absolutely gorgeous. I always feel so weird if I'm not wearing a watch. I adore my two Fossil watches!
Summer Holly Day xx

Nic Nac Noo said...

Ive got this one!


Love your one though - must admit im very tempted to get another...


Martha Woods said...

I think I'm the same as you...I've never felt the need for a watch! All of the beautiful rose gold designs hitting the market are making me change my mind, though. Yours is especially pretty!!

Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Michael Kors does amazing watches and this looks so lovely with the diamant├ęs. You're a lucky girl :o) - stunning! Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Georgina Fox said...

Gorgeous - I like a nice big face on a watch!

Georgina at itotallypaused.com

Jackie said...

That is so pretty and I have been eying the watches for so long now. I thought of watches the same way until I bought one and I converted over too!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

LaurenAlston said...

i am so happy for you! this is the watch i've been lusting over for the past 2-3 years! its gorgeous and I hope you enjoy it!
xx stylesista.blogspot.com

Holl JC said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous watch! It's so lovely Megan! x


Melissa Cherry said...

i dont have one but wow it does look stunning ! i would say its worth it in the long run for sure hun :)
Melissa x

Rose said...

Very cool watch! So nice!

Chelsea Maria said...

I wanted my michael kors for my 21st but the design I loved was being discontinued so ended up receiving it a year early last year for my 20th/christmas from my boyfriend. Mine is tortoise shell and gold and matches my tortoise shell and gold glasses perfectly! Over a year later after receiving it and I'm still 100% in love with it. Adding my watch to any outfit just makes me feel classy and expensive. Yours is lovely... I've been eyeing some rose gold myself, I think it's incredibly feminine and looks great with silver jewellery.

colourful kiya said...

Definitely to bling :-)! I own a silver and also a rose gold MK watch and couldn't be more happier. I prefer the masculine type of watch but I have to admit this watch looks amazing on you and it really suits you. Great investment, I am sure you'll wear it for years and years :-).

Emma Cherry said...

I like it, I think it suits your style......I don't really tend to wear watches, and when I do, I totally forget to use them, using my phone as normal for the time.
I really need to start wearing them - yours is lovely and at that price, your sure to make the most out of wearing it ;) hehe!

(Dear Thirty)

Sara Chergui said...

Gorgeous watch, I really love the shape and colour !
Giveaway on my blog, win a bottle of Burberry Brit,

Katy Stephenson said...

my boyfriend bought me the MK petite lexington watch for christmas and i love it so much! i really love the face on this watch as well:)


Lucy Harvey said...

Been after a new watch for ages, this one is beautiful! Love your pictures of it too. Lucy xxaspectatorsport.blogspot.com

Georgina Kent said...

I have this exact same watch and love it :) I bought mine about 18 months ago and it still looks near perfect :)

Sej said...

I didn't think much of other Michael Kors watches I've seen but this one is wonderful! It looks so feminine without being too girly. The sparkle is just the right so you definitely chose well!

Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say?


Chloe Murray said...

Oh my goodness it's beautiful! Like you I've always overlooked watches really, but lately I've been lusting after a Michael Kors. Might have to put one on my birthday list! Beautiful photos too btw :)


Catherine Loves said...

This is so beautiful x

Catherines Loves

Holly Gardiner said...

*drools* that is all.

Holly Mixtures

Lauren Hughes said...

I adore this Michael Kors watch, especially the rose gold ones, they're so pretty!
So tempted to get my own :-) love your posts so much!
Lauren xx

Caroline said...

so gorgeous - i wish i had a michael kors watch! Xx.

Chantelle Nelson said...

It's so pretty, I love it! I've had my rose gold MK watch for around a year now and I just love it. I wear it day and night and it looks amazing no matter what style I'm going for, definitely an investment purchase :) x

The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

Samantha Davis said...

This watch is so beautiful!! xx


Claudia said...

This is lovely, love MK

Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

Angie Wilson said...

love it, it's beautiful!

xx Angie| http://www.thefashionfuse.com/

Amy Keeling said...

This is super pretty, I'd love to own one of these one day. I think overall I prefer Marc Jacobs ones just a smitten more.
Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

Silver Wing said...

I love MK....I shop for MK bags at pursesandmore for good discounts.

Joe Weber said...

This is a very nice watch. I love the rose glod Michael Kors Watches.

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