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Monday, 20 January 2014

So, You're Not Drinking Tonight?

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What are you doing this weekend? Staying in with a film and a bubble bath? Me too :)

For most 24 year olds it might involve a night at the pub, or going out clubbing - perhaps I’m a little different to the norm, but I’m quite certain that I’m not alone. This post is a little off topic to my typical outfit share, so bear with me! Regular blogging will resume shortly...

When I was younger I used to go out most weekends and wake up the next day with an awful hangover, feeling like crap. I came to the realisation that although this is completely normal for youngsters and a great release for lots of people, it’s not something I find particularly fun.

I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol, so drinking it has always been a little difficult for me. A glass of wine has never passed my lips and most spirits are off the cards. So why was I drinking just because it was there? Why was I making myself poorly to keep up with other people? Why was I drinking at all? The answer? I have no idea. I guess I assumed it made me look cooler and that I’d stick out like a sore thumb if I was the only one with a plain orange juice in my hand. Wrong. 

You don’t have to get sloshed in order to fit in, the friends that are true will be there whether you want to go out on the tiles or stay in and watch Mean Girls.
So I made a change, no more pressurising myself to have ‘fun’ – when really, my idea of fun was doing something completely different to drinking alcohol. I’d much rather go out for dinner with my boyfriend and come home feeling fresh for the next day. I’m not overly keen on clubbing either – don’t get me wrong I love to have a good boogie with the girls every now and then, but you don’t necessarily need to stay out until 3am to be seen to have had a ‘good time’ – jees I’m bloomin’  knackered by the time it hits midnight!! ;)

The reason I’m writing all this down here is because I know that some of the lovely people who read my blog might quite appreciate it. Of which there are probably two categories...1. the young ladies who like me, maybe don’t like the taste of alcohol but feel pressurised because it’s how you’re meant to have fun when you’re 18 (says who by the way?) and 2. The ladies who are the same age as me and are feeling like they’re boring because they’d rather have a cuppa than a sambuka shot (you’re definitely not btw). And (potentially) 3. The friends who may have not really understood before, and realise now that maybe it's okay if we miss this night out coming up :)

The real moral to the story is..Do more of what makes you happy. If you feel like you have to do something to feel one of the crowd, don’t. Make that choice to improve your own happiness, and you’ll be surprised at how fulfilling it feels. Of course, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with going for a night out and having a drink – it’s completely acceptable! But I just want more people to feel like there are other options and that you shouldn’t feel pressured to do something that makes you feel pretty crappy. There is nothing more satisfying than making a choice in life that lets you feel better about yourself. So people might ask the question: Are you not drinking tonight? Or: How come you’re driving? And so what if they do? Just because you’re not the majority doesn’t mean you can’t embrace being the minority. 
We’re still having fun, just in our way.

For those who have found themselves nodding their heads whilst reading this...how’s about a huge bloggers sleepover? Register your interest below ;)
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Fern said...

Whilst I enjoy going out and drinking every once in a while, I can't do it often. I'll go out maybe once a month, if that, or for special occasions. I hate waking up the next day feeling awful, and more often or not I'll be the first one to leave because I'd rather get a good night's sleep than stay out an extra couple of hours. My friends often question why I'm going home, and if other people want to stay out all night then obviously they should go for it. I'm not judging those who do in the slightest. But I totally get where you're coming from. Sometimes a good film in bed it 1000x better. x

Hannah said...

I am so with you on this one. Definitely category two as I'm 25 and just don't get why drinking is the only thing people seem to do at the weekend. Give me a nice meal or a long country walk any day! So glad I'm not alone... X

Sandra TheBlackPearlBlog said...

Love this post Megs. I am turning 27 this year, but I stopped going out at the age of 19-20 because I had a job, had to pay rent etc and... I simply didn't enjoy clubbing and drinking. There is nothing wrong with it. I would rather spend time with my family than get wasted with 'friends'. Real friends will always be there for us anyway. Yay to sleepovers, hot chocolate and bubble baths :)

Nicole Sage said...

This post was so refreshing to read!! We have all been there with the drinking and very bad hangovers and i never particularly enjoyed it either,university lifestyle just pressures you into it! I'm still at uni and i'm only 21 and i cant drink anymore due to a chronic stomach condition, a lot of the time i think that i'm boring that i cant go out and enjoy what people my age do although i hate the constant questioning as to why i don't drink (why do you need to justify that!?), but a night in is much more special with no side effects! So thank you for this lovely,wonderful and inspiring post! I think there are a lot of people that will agree with this post :) (sorry its so long hehe)xx

WondersofDreams said...

I'm 19 this year and I still have yet to go clubbing, why would I do someone I know I won't enjoy!haha I don't need loads of alcohol to have fun, my friends don't understand :')

Lauren H said...

A couple of us discussed having a blogger sleepover on New Year's Eve because none of us were interested in going out and getting shitfaced like everyone else! I don't mind a drink - we have had some amazing parties at our houses, but going out to town makes me really uncomfortable these days. I'd much rather have a nice meal out or spend money on pretty clothes than drink it away!

Fabulous post, totally up for the sleepover ;)


Catrine said...

i'm 30 this year and ive never been big on going out. all the faff and rigmarole just to be packed with sweaty people... my hygiene issues just can't even deal. having said tho i do like wine... i go to wine tastings and it's something i'm genuinely interested in. i like to have dinner parties and team the right wine with the different courses but as for going out and getting blotto drunk... been there... done that... still embarrassed. xxx

Sian Thomas said...

I've never been one for going out, so I totally understand this! I went to Newcastle uni and definitely felt like the odd one out there - my flat mates in first year would go out 5 nights a week, getting so drunk every time, and staying out until the clubs closed. I never made it through a whole night, not even half a night with them! When I got to my third year, I only had one 'night out' the whole year, and it was barely even that, and I think I only ever got drunk once throughout the whole time at uni. Now I'm 2 years out of uni and very grateful of the fact that my friends are coming to the realisation that a good night doesn't need to be a boozy one. I do have a lovely group though that understand that if I don't want to drink, they don't have to try to get me drunk. I do know one girl who preaches about the evils of drink to others, even on nights out, which can be really annoying, so I try not to do that - I'm not bothered about drinking, but I don't mind if others do :) But why bother spending so much on a night you're not even going remember if you get that drunk and feel awful the next day?!
Anyway, that's my rant over and I'd love to come along to the sleepover ;D
Sian xx Rebel Angel

Hannah Ripley said...

thank you got sharing this post! it's so nice to know you're not alone :) for a while I'd go out to the pub and just get an orange and water but some people can be so aggressive with their 'why the hell are you drinking that??' accusations and they don't seem to understand the point that I'd wake up £30 richer than them, headache free and ready for a productive sunday ..but still had a good time! xxx

Lucy Willis said...

Count me in! This post is basically taking the words out of my mouth, Ive just turned 18 but have no interest in drinking!
Much rather have that cake by a fire with a film on!
Im a self confessed granny and I love it!

Lucy xx www.dinosaurdances.com

Malu Swartjes said...

I get what you mean! in 21 now, I have partied a lot ever since I was 16, so I can say I've been there, done that, not enjoying it as much as when I was younger anymore.. I used to have the time of my life when I was with all my girls, drunk on a bar, but the hangovers arent worth it anymore..I guess Ive outgrown it a bit, I'd rather go for a fun girls sleep over too!:D
Discover my Stylish Confessions♥

Amy Georgette said...

This is my life all over! I'm totally finished with going out until a ridiculous hour and getting intoxicated and not remembering a thing. I just find it all boring! I used to think that it was me that was boring for feeling like that, which I obviously now know I'm not boring. I am a blogger after all ;) But yeah I'd much rather stay in with my boyfriend and watch a film and maybe even have a glass of wine with him. Dinner dates or going to the cinema with friends is much more fun for me! Or doing outdoorsy things. Plus I'd rather save my money for clothes, homely things or anything else I'd like to buy.

Loved this refreshing post!!

Amy xxx

Ash said...

I have only ever gotten drunk once & I hated it, I would rather have a good time & actually remember what I happened. I've never gone clubbing & or to a pub that matter unless it was for a meal & then I'd order coke. I don't find drinking alcohol fun, the taste is fine but I drink because I'm thirsty not because it makes me appear cool. I would much rather stay in with my boyfriend, friends or family & have some quality time together. I feel like teens nowadays would be looking at me like I'm crazy if they read this, after all I am only 20 but honestly when I see women or men of any age drunk, I cringe. Do they really need to make themselves that much of a mess that they can't even walk properly? To me that is my idea of hell, not having control of my body. This is such a refreshing post, so many people do things because of pressure & it really isn't fair.

Ash | Rambles Of A Beauty Addict


h.xo said...

It is refreshing to read a post like this. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a drink and going out clubbing but for those who don't enjoy it I think there's a pressure for going out. I've definitely felt it at uni, and it's hard to say no. Although i've stuck to my guns and said no more often than yes and had people say not pleasant things, however i'd rather stay in and enjoy a night in than be out and not enjoy my night out. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the girly night out but I don't drink and i'm exhausted by midnight ha!
But it's nice to see a post like this :) and everyone is different.


Hristina Tcolova said...

I'm so on board for the blogger sleepover, pity I live in Bulgaria right now, but maybe in september next year! Lovely post, very inspirational, I also prefer a movie night to a clubbing night :)

xx from www.mistysstuff.blogspot.com

Charlotte said...

I love this. I have a similar attitude towards alcohol as you do; I got pretty bored of it after a few months of being old enough to drink. I don't drink at all now (I'm 22), and I don't have time for people who can't deal with the idea that not everyone enjoys waking up and not remembering a thing. Like you said, there's nothing wrong with going out and having a few drinks. It's when people are stupid with it that it annoys me.

Zelà said...

Love this post Megs! All of my friends are really into getting ridiculously drunk, and then spending the day after moaning about it! I hate it, I really think it's not worth the hangover and it just ruins your day! I like to have a couple of drinks, but I definitely don't drink as much as I used to, also, you could be spending that money on way more important things! (ahem, clothes)

Sparrow Mint♥

Jodie. said...

This post was so so lovely to read. I do like a drink every now & then but it's more in a family, friends & food setting - like a bottle of wine or champagne between us with our meal. I never really was into the whole 'going out/clubbing' scene and there have only been a couple of times since turning 18 I've had a good night out. The rest were a waste of time and money. I'd much rather get tucked up in bed with a film, a big mug of milk & some chocolate! So count me in for that sleepover!! ;P xxx

Lena said...

Thank God for this post!
I've never tasted alcohol before. My grandpa passed away last year because of cancer. ...because of smoking and drinking. He wasn't an alcoholic! Cancer is kind of a 'normal' thing for old people but drinking let it go quicker....
So I promised myself: no alcohol. no drugs.no smoking.
It's like a life challenge to say no and to stay strong even through the 'wild teenager years'.
I'm almost 16 now. All of my friends have gotten drunk before.
I hate parties because I hate the laughter and the jokes...I can't stand this anymore.
What I wanted to say is: Thank you so much for this blog post! I'm so glad to know other people now who are thinking the same way as I do. I would love to take part in the bloggers sleepover. ....but I'm too young and I live in Germany. ...:(
Nevertheless I hope you'll have a nice week :)
Thanks for the inspiration and for the hope.
Sorry for my English ^^

Lots of love,


Pavlina said...

You can always have great time with friends without drinking. We all have had hangovers once or twice. It's called experience. We learn from it. But why would someone want to have it every single weekend?! I don't get it. I'd prefer to go out with friends to get a drink just for a few hours or make ourselves a movie night. And still we'll be sober and have a good time. :) Thank you for this post.

Kerry Hunter said...

Thank you! You finally voiced what I've been trying to explain to my "friends" for years. I'm definitely both 1 and 2, and my friends have never understood, often making fun of me for it. I don't drink whatsoever, and have never touched any sort of illegal drug or even attempted smoking. And I want people to understand that that's okay. If they want to do it, then power to them, but I want them to understand that it isn't for everyone.

I'd much rather sit back with a good book and a cup of tea!

Heather Nixon said...

I'm with you on this one, I definitely prefer a movie night and a bubble bath over pubs and clubs - maybe a bit of a granny attitude as I am 21! x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

Jennifer Tulip said...

I'm not a massive fan of alcohol. I just don't like the taste and I hate hangover and getting drunk makes me fall asleep rather than get rowdy. I don't usually drink when I go out and it took a while for some of my friends to realize I was still happy and still having fun even though I didn't have a drink in my hand. They thought I may not be enjoying myself or felt ill. Luckily I'm the type of person to not care what people think of me so I haven't felt left out or under pressure but I totally can understand why some people do. Getting grilled why you are only drinking water does start to grate on you but more because it's annoying every time you get the same reaction from people. I like the odd glass of wine and I like a glass of Ballycastle (Aldi's Baileys) but one is just enough. If I drink more than one I start to feel sleepy and want to go to bed- not ideal when you are in the middle of a club. I always have a good time without drinking and don’t need the excuse of alcohol to act silly and jump around.
Jenni x
The Thrifty Magpies Nest

Jennifer Tulip said...

I'm not a massive fan of alcohol. I just don't like the taste and I hate hangover and getting drunk makes me fall asleep rather than get rowdy. I don't usually drink when I go out and it took a while for some of my friends to realize I was still happy and still having fun even though I didn't have a drink in my hand. They thought I may not be enjoying myself or felt ill. Luckily I'm the type of person to not care what people think of me so I haven't felt left out or under pressure but I totally can understand why some people do. Getting grilled why you are only drinking water does start to grate on you but more because it's annoying every time you get the same reaction from people. I like the odd glass of wine and I like a glass of Ballycastle (Aldi's Baileys) but one is just enough. If I drink more than one I start to feel sleepy and want to go to bed- not ideal when you are in the middle of a club. I always have a good time without drinking and don’t need the excuse of alcohol to act silly and jump around.
Jenni x
The Thrifty Magpies Nest

Ellen Bourne said...

I totally agree, I stay in most night knitting & drinking tea & I love it! Really, aside from camping at festivals & friend's birthdays I'm not a fan of going out & getting sloshed. I usually feel bloody ill after even two drinks. I want to be the girl with enough confidence to go out & boogie to Spoonbill without needing a drink or thinking twice about needing to lose my inhibitions.

Asmaa said...

Firstly - YES to a blogger sleepover! Can you imagine how fun it would be! :)

And secondly- I'm Muslim- so I don't drink and honestly couldn't be happier with it- though even by 'Muslim youth standards' I'm an old person at heart- nothing more I like than sitting by a fire with a good book or a movie and some tea or ice cream :D

Asmaa || JustPeachy

Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more, love this post. I am 29 and have some friends who nag me as I would rather stay in with my cat and BF then go to a club, I am all about dinner dates and do love to socialise but I think I turn into a Pumpkin as have to be home by 11 haha :)

Glasses Girl said...

I've spent most of this afternoon drafting a blog post about attitudes towards alcohol after I was told I 'should have been pissed' when I went out and stayed sober on Friday night. This post has given me the confidence that I'm not the only one who doesn't need to drink to have a good time, thankyou so much! :) Lizi xx

Lucy Carter said...

Hey, I love this change to the norm post. I am 32, so a tad older, but I haven't ever been one for going out and getting, in the words of Michael McIntyre, 'Bungalowed'! My close friends, my fiance and I are often found having fajita fridays and playing board games, or chilling out and catching up with a cuppa and biscuits. I sometimes think 'will I regret not getting out there more?' but you can't be who you're not can you?! I would rather spend quality time with my other half, watching films, cosy in our house, then be out somewhere and wake up the next day not sure who I am or where I went! I am up for a blogger meet up for sure if there is one going! :-) I am over on www.fromlucywithlove.co.uk xx

Alex Maceachern Bambella said...

YES to a sleepover!!

Madeleine S-B said...

Thank you so much for writing this - this is exactly how I feel! I'm 22 and I feel like I'm turning into a boring old woman by now going out at the weekends, but the fact is I absolutely hate having a hangover and I never feel like it was worth it for the night before! One of our friends is a couple of years younger than the rest of us, and to her alcohol seems to make a night out and she always ends up a complete state, with everyone else looking after her and no one having that great a time :\ I much rather prefer going round to one of friends houses, making snacks, watching a film or two, consuming A LOT of tea and having a good catch-up at the end of the week. Home by midnight and I've had a great night, and don't manage to wake up in the morning feeling like I've slept under a pile of rocks (:


Jade Wimsey said...

Having a drink once in a while is fine by me but i'm definitely not the kind to get trashed every single week. Can you imagine a bloggers sleepover, it'd be amazing!

Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

Vanessa James said...

I actually enjoy the taste of alcohol and the out night out.. Dance like no ones watching and all that. But the occasions I do hit the town are rare and usually for a special occasion. I think staying or just doing what you want to do should be embraced more often. This passed weekend I've been holed up immersed in the novel 'Gone Girl'.. (Off topic, but amazing book btw!!). I think if anyone wants to go out, they should if it makes them happy and stay in if it makes them happy. At the age of 23, I think I've finally been able to that!

Love Vanessa xx

P.s. Count me in for the blogger sleepover, grand idea :)

Jessica said...

Great post. I've never been one for clubbing I prefer the pub where I can actually hear my friends, I'm not a big drinker either, I don't know what it is alcohol has never been my sort of thing, I'll have a glass of wine now and again but I usually just stick with a coke. I'm just glad all my friends understand that its not my scene and I don't drink a lot and there more than happy to chill in the pub with me, listening to some live music and go out partying the next night. I never felt the need to get drunk in order to have a good time. :) Yes to a Sleepover :)

Sarah said...

I'm 21 and yes to all 3!! I don't like alcohol ill drink the odd wkd but that's about it. Everyone always asks why your not drinking and you feel weird saying 'I don't like it' . And I've never been drunk before and don't really want to experience it either and people look at you like your the most weirdest person on the planet! I'd rather lie in bed watching a good TV show with a hot chocolate then stand in a club surrounded by drunk people awkwardly dancing! :) x

Rosie W said...

Fair points :) My perfect night would involve dinner with my boyfriend whilst slowly getting drunk off fruity cocktails, then collapsing in to bed by 11pm!

Sorcha M. said...

I loved staying out all night dancing and drinking when I was in uni, but nowadays I cringe if someone expects me to be awake at 3am. I'm pretty good at leaving early or turning down events that I know will leave be tired and grumpy and probably out the taxi fare because I refused to spend 3 hours on a night bus to get home.

That said I love alcohol, especially cocktails, but I'd much rather have a little cocktail gathering with some snacks, good music or a movie than go to a club and pay £20 for a vodka-soda!

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

Shereeeen ♥ said...

I'm 21 years old and I don't drink alcohol at all. I've only been clubbing twice and I always drink red bull if I'm out with my friends who do drink. I much prefer going out for dinner or to a bar. Some people might see that as being boring but people have always told me that I'm much more mature than other people of my age. The only thing that can be slightly annoying is when people constantly question why I don't drink or state that I'm boring because I don't. It's like bitch please, you obviously need a drink to have fun haha X


Jo said...

Absolutely loved this post Megs :) As much as I love a good glass o' red with the boyfriend, or a cheeky Amaretto & Cranberry on a Friday night, I'm normally much happier drinking tea, curled up in my slippers reading, writing or watching a film. It's easier for me to do now that I'm not a student - people were incredulous when I suggested I'd rather celebrate essay hand-ins with a film and a pizza than with a night of debauchery and vodka at the local club - but it's always reassuring to hear that it's not boring. I hate wasting a day thanks to hangovers; the money you spend on alcohol can be extortionate (I'd much rather spend it on nail varnish or some delicious snacks!) and more often than not I found myself crying or feeling down around about midnight. It's too much hassle. Here's to nights in, bubble baths, a foamy latte and a cheeky bar of chocolate :)

Jo xxx


Immy May said...

What a lovely post! I completely agree, there's definitely a weird peer pressure when it comes to a night out. It's like friends go out of their way to get you a drink or share theirs if you've made the decision not to haha! I much prefer staying in making fajitas or a big ole batch of brownies and catching up with the ladies rather than shouting over music and loosing each other in the crowd! Ix

Emily Osborne said...

I love a night in watching films and eating too much just as much as going clubbing, you shouldn't feel pressured into doing something you don't enjoy. Why waste time and money on something you don't enjoy only to feel rubbish the next day?! PS: Giant bloggers sleepover would be AMAZING! xx

YT: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4MPeiDaqxEnsGh5X3_z47w

Síle Murphy said...

Such a great post, well voiced! My bf and I were talking about this yesterday - he's given up completely as part of a healthy diet, but I totally break in social situations, even though I'd rather have a cup of tea or still water. Now I feel more confident to do what I want - 27 is definitely too old to give in to peer pressure! x

Laura said...

I love this post Megan! I don't drink and never have, I had a sip to try it when I was younger and hated the taste. I always felt like an outcast when I would go out and everyone would question why I don't drink. However, I have always been content with the fact that I don't drink and sometimes I wonder if others care about me not drinking alcohol more than my actual self. I definitely prefer a night in with a pizza and a good tv series/movie than being out to the early hours of the morning xx

rosaliejayne said...

I'm with you on this one, I'm 21 and even though I love a good night out I already think my crazy drinking every other day of the week days are behind me, I get up at 7 every day and having a hangover makes that so much harder, I'd rather stay sober and save my money for the end of the night Mcdonalds or just have a quiet night in or a few quiet drinks. We've all got to do what makes us happy and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't see the appeal anymore.

Rukhsar S said...

I am totally with you on this, I have never gotten drunk and I don't plan to. I know some people find that boring but it honestly doesn't bother me, you do what you gotta do right? I'm not too keen on clubbing either, not really my thing. But that doesn't mean I don't like going out with my friends and having fun. I can really relate to this post. And YES to a sleepover. Great Post xx

Nina said...

I partied a lot as a fresher and pretty much in my second year I realised it wasn't something I enjoyed that much. I still like going for a night out with my closest friends but that's maybe twice a month? I worked for a bar for a year so I generally have a strong aversion to horrible drunks. I much prefer being at home or going for a nice dinner or a cinema trip. It's all about finding the balance and making sure you have friends who respect your opinion and don't make you feel bad for it!
Nina from little nomad

Chantelle Nelson said...

Couldn't agree more, well said :) xx

The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

Cat said...

Megs, this post is amazing.

I'm exactly like you. Apart from the weekend just gone (my 23rd birthday) I hadn't been out drinking for over a year. I used to go out, like you said, every Saturday night, just because that was 'the done thing'. Now, I prefer a cosy night in with a film & a Chinese with James.

Half my friends are now in this category, but half are still "lovin' life". I guess we all grow out of it at some stage but I'm proud I'm one of the sit at homes. ;) Besides, pjs & fluffy socks are a lot more comfy than heels.. xxxx :D

jelizmac said...

Couldn't agree more! I'm 24 now too and used to be a total party girl, nowadays I'm in a club maybe once every 6 months! Thought I was just getting old and boring but I think a nice dinner with the bf and being able to wake up fresh the next day and actually do something is 100 times better! X

Bryony Dodds said...

This! This blog post sums up exactly how I feel.

I've never been one to go out and 'get mortal' every weekend, plus I'd rather have a hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows over a shot or 20 any day! I guess each to their own, but I think as you get older you also kind of grow out of it all.

LOVE the sound of a blogger sleepover btw!

Bry x

Gemma Roberts said...

Meg! Hallelujah!! I am in total agreement with you doll. I feel sorry for people that 'need' alcohol to enjoy themselves. And man oh man, how embarrassing is the stereotypical 'English' youth culture of binge drinking… Yuck!!! Bring on the nights in doing exactly what makes you happy, and not feeling guilty or boring : )

Faded Windmills

The Style Rawr said...

THIS. I rarely drink because I hate hangovers and the only alcohol I like the taste of is Swedish cider! Thankfully two of my best friends don't drink so it makes life easier. I'd rather save my booze money and buy a nice pair of jeans. Ha! I can't think of anything worse than going clubbing UNLESS I'm abroad, then I love a good partay!

Tara xo

char said...

I have spent the last six years getting hassle from all number of so-called friends, because I don't drink. There seem to be a few types. Those who go "don't be so boring." which is annoying in itself as I'm more than happy to go out, dance all night and go home at 3am once in a while, and am happy to do so fuelled only with diet coke. There are those who say "don't bother coming out at all if you're not drinking!" which is annoying. I'm not one of those people who goes out every weekend, but as before, I'm happy to roll home after midnight and have an enjoyable evening.
There are those who clearly don't understand the concept of not wanting to drink.
Thankfully most of my close friends now just don't make a big deal about it.

Bridie Mia said...

I love this post so much, I can relate to everything you said and I love how so many people on the blogosphere feel exactly the same... it makes me feel not so alone. It's quite sad that most of the population now think you're boring if you don't drink and that you must drink in order to have fun but I completely disagree. I think going to concerts, taking a nice walk or cosying in front of the TV with a hot chocolate is much more appealing, not to mention much more healthy! I always feel so out of the loop compared with everyone else who loves to get 'hammered' every weekend but quite frankly I'm not bothered as whether you drink or not shouldn't matter when it comes to friendships. It's easy to get sucked in with the crowd but it's so much better to have a mind of your own and decide for yourself what you like to do in life x

Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

Olivia said...

When I read the title I thought you were declaring a pregnancy! I'm at university where drinking is seriously a sport, I've got friends and housemates thousands of pounds in their overdrafts because of it. So many weekends I stay in and talk to my boyfriend on skype while my housemates go out. They'll come home anywhere between 1am and 11am and make an incredible racket in the process.

I haven't really met any friends here who don't go out like me. I know I seem like a bit of a recluse to many them. My housemates will have loud music and drinking games happening at 2am, and when I go downstairs nearly in tears to ask them to turn it down they put the TV on and turn the music up. It's not that I don't like who I live with, they're all lovely people, but we're not really on the same page.

This post was great, Meg. It's nice to know there are other kindred spirits out there.


Lottie Kerr said...

I definitely fall into the category of enjoying a glass of wine or 3 but I completely understand your viewpoint. As I've got older I've realised how much I was going out, spending money and just generally ruining my weekends because I thought I should be out having 'fun'. I would much rather go to the pub and just chill with my friends rather than being out all night and missing all the hours of sunlight the next day!

p.s. I found your blog through Sprinkle of Glitter and absolutely love it, new follower here :)

Lottie x


Belle said...

I love this post! I've never like a drink and am tired of people looking confused/shocked when I tell them that I'm not drinking! I'm so glad that I'm not the only young adult who's not a big drinker!

Belle // thelifeandtimesofbelleh.blogspot.com

Gema said...

Oh my, I feel the same way. I mean, I'm at uni, my second year, and I feel so left out sometimes because I don't like to go out every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, etc. First, I have a job on weekends and I usually have to get 5.30a.m for it, so I physically can't party the night before and secondly, I just don't enjoy it as much as everyone at uni. I'm such a granny inside, I'd rather have a bath or watch my favorite series. Gosh, so glad that I'm not the only like that because nowadays it became really hard for me to meet new people at uni as I don't have a lot to say to them as they seem to only care about night outs and drinking...
So, after this ramble I just want to add that bloggers sleepover would be so cool! And I don't know any of UK bloggers, so the idea of meeting new people who love blogging as much as I do just excites me too much!! x

Jenny said...

This is such a great post and I always felt the odd one out either in personally circumstances or even online I would not admit my hate for alcohol. I find the taste so horrible and always feel you "have" to drink to make friends and have a social circle, so most weekends I just spend time with my partner and enjoy a good film or two but I totally understand what you mean by pressure as a young person but personally I find drinking unhealthy and always makes me feel like crap and very ill its like my body just rejects it haha! You also save so much money by not drinking which is a great aspect :) such a nice post xx

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