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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Beauty in Blogging | A Friend for Life

WARNING: If you aren't one to appreciate ALL the feels, switch off now!

The blogosphere is huge, wonderful and full of opportunity – I love it and all that it is. And nearly two years ago I made a pretty special friend because of it. In the grand scheme of things, two years isn’t really very long is it? But I know that I’ve made a friend for life in Miss Zoe Newlove and if you read my blog frequently, she won't be a stranger! But just in-case you’re unsure, you can find her here.

First and foremost this post is to say thank you to Zoe, but it’s also to share and show the level of positivity and amazing things that blogging can bring. There’s a fair bit of stigma that goes with fashion and beauty blogging; what with the catty lash backs of PR samples and untouchable cliques along with many others (the list goes on), and we’re all very quick (myself included) to focus on the negativity of certain situations. So what, you’ve had one negative comment on a recent post or video, aren’t the other 10 comments completely lovely? Yes they are. So I just wanted to take a moment on my blog, to share my belief, that blogging brings so much positivity to my life and has definitely changed it for the better in many ways. And Zoe is one of those reasons.

So here’s 10 reasons why she is completely, utterly and ridiculously awesome:

1.      She accepts that I hate cheese, and doesn’t judge me for it (much).
2.      She is completely selfless, in every situation.
3.      She inspires me and gives me confidence.
4.      She is impulsive and not afraid of change or challenges.
5.      She’d rather stay in and have pizza with me than go out and get legless.
6.      She listens, cares and talks just as much as I do.
7.      She understands – everything.
8.      She stops me being negative and provides a positive solution for the shittiest of situations.
9.      She can’t cook. She burns baked beans – this makes me feel better about myself.
10.    She is there. Always. And sometimes, knows me better than I know myself.
My list would go on for a million years, but that would be weird, cringey and probably unnecessary for a blog post – so I’m sure you get the gist!
I’m one of those girls who doesn’t have 100+ close friends because well, if I’m honest, it takes quite a lot for me to actually let someone in and for me to invest my trust in them. I don't know, I just prefer to keep in my safe bubble of friendships, to avoid being hurt :) So Miss Newlove, I hope you feel privileged ;) mwahaha.

That being said, the past few years have seen huge highs and crappy lows for the both of us and through every single one we've had each other there for support. Whether we need to dance crazily because something amazing has happened or need a shoulder for a massive cry, she's been the one I will turn to. And I can't thank her enough for that support. I don’t know anyone that is quite like her – who’s experienced the life experiences she has, supports people in the way she does and genuinely cares more than anyone I’ve ever known. 

It's funny really, thinking that our friendship began over the internet, with a simple string of emails talking about how awful my skin was being and Zoe - the master that she is, trying to comfort my woes with her knowledge. From that very first email I kind of just knew that we would get on famously, and I wasn't wrong. It's an odd and wonderful thing when you 'click' with someone and that's exactly what happened with us. It's odd to think of a time before our friendship, because it feels like I've known her forever. 

Thank you, blogging, for introducing me to one of the best friends I will ever meet. And thank you Zoe, for being you and making life a happier place.

Of course, I have lovely best friends that I've known my entire life that are wonderful too, but this post is meant to be a reminder that blogging can bring amazing things, so take the chance, step out of your comfort zone and grab those opportunities; don't be scared – because it could result in another Zoe, which would be pretty awesome, no?
If you fancy getting to know here a little better, (you really, really do) take a visit to her blog, or send her a tweet!



Beauty Becky said...

Aww this is such an amazing post and Zoe is wonderful :) I love meeting new people through blogging xxx

liza prideaux said...

Love this, you and Zoe are te cutest and both so lovely too!

Ashleigh Millward said...

What a lovely post :) friends rock, especially blogging friends! I didn't ever read this in the supermarket today.... Improving ;)

Zoe Newlove said...

Ah Megs, you are too lovely. THE nicest thing anyone has ever written/said/done for me. After such a rubbish evening this has definitely cheered me up :) love youu xxxx

Sophie Rose Hearts said...

This is such a lovely post, you're both so gorgeous and it sounds like you have a pretty incredible friend in Zoe :) Blogging has helped me meet some gorgeous girls too, some that I can happily call close and good friends!

Sophie x

Rachael McClenaghan said...

Such a lovely post. Its so lovely that you and Zoe have become such great friends!

Rachael x
All The Little Things x | Rachael McClenaghan

Amy Keeling said...

This is lovely :) I wish I had a friendship like this with someone, makes me feel a bit sad, womp womp.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Jo said...

This is so, so lovely - it's great to see a positive blog post about the blogging community after reading so many which shed a less-than glittering light on it all. It's fantastic to hear that you've developed a really close friendship through a common passion, really. Two beautiful and inspirational ladies! THIS is one of the reasons I started to blog - hopefully I can experience this too :)

Jo xxx


Shereeeen ♥ said...

This is definitely one of the nicest posts I've read in a long time. I really enjoyed reading this and you both look super glam in your first picture of the both of you :) Xx


Luxe Life Aspirations said...

A such a lovely post! Although you don't like cheese, I'm jealous I practically consider it one of the main food groups...

Živa said...

How wonderful of you to write this ... Almost all of my friends are bloggers, which makes me so happy. :) x
Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

Sorcha M. said...

Such a great post! I made one of my very best friends through blogging many years ago when I had a Livejournal and I'm always super thankful for the internet and the chance to know her as otherwise we would have NEVER met.

Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

Madeleine S-B said...

Aw Megs you must be one of the loveliest people out there! It's so nice to read such a positive and loving post (: definitely going to check out Zoe's blog right now!


Kate said...

I love all the feels... Such a sweet post and what a beautiful friendship :)

Love Kate xx

Coty and Mariah@quirksandtwists said...

What a lovely post! Really enjoyed reading the benefits of blogging. As fairly new bloggers, its great to see what can come from it. Love your darling blog too!

Lucy said...

This is so sweet! Everyone needs friends like this xx

Jenny said...

Beautiful post very deep too! Its amazing you met someone special through the internet and have a great friendship with :) I also find it hard to let people in due to trust issues but this is such a positive post and shows you appreciate friendship and blogging in general for opening up this amazing opportunity to meet others alike and other great things in life x

www.krystelcouture.com x

laura redburn said...

oh, i absolutely love this, and i love when people focus on the positive! i hope i actually get to meet some of the people i've 'met' on the internet, because some people seem well, like you say, that you just know you'd get on with them really well.

Emma Something said...

Awww lovely post!! Love it!

VioletDaffodils said...

What an absolutely lovely post :D



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