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Monday, 3 February 2014

Two Ticks with Adventures of an Anglophile

HAPPY FEBRUARY YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! And welcome back to another edition of two ticks with, introducing you to a fabulous new read - Adventures of an Anglophile, by the stunning Andini Ria. When I first discovered her blog I was lost for hours in the beautiful photography, astonishing style and beautiful words written by a very intelligent, wonderful woman. Andini is originally from Australia, which makes her even more amazing, but is currently residing in London for her studies! I hope you fall in love with her just like I have and enjoy getting to know the lady behind this wondrous blog...
Firstly, thank you so much for perching your lovely self on my sidebar this month! For those that may not have had the pleasure of coming across your lovely blog, could you sum it up in 3 words?
Bright, quirky, collars!
Originally, you’re from Australia – such a wonderful country! What made you choose to move over to the UK to study?
I had visited the UK a few times before and loved it here so as soon as I finished my compulsory education in Australia and a lot of my friends were taking gap years to travel, I thought why not take a chance and see how I would like living here! So far it's the best decision I've ever made.
On that note, how do you find Australian fashion compared to the London High Street?
I come from Western Australia, which is a relatively quiet and rural part of the country, so I find there's not much of a fashion scene or market for it. It also gets extremely hot there in the summer so most people forsake styling and just wear what's comfortable. Whereas here in London I feel like everyone is so well dressed and has their own distinct style that it's so inspiring just walking down the street. However I think states like Melbourne and Sydney would be more similar to London.What’s your favourite type of post to write? Asides from your stunning style posts, I’m totally in love with your film reviews!
Thank you so much! Outfit posts are always my favourite to do since they come the most naturally to me but I do love to share my interest in films and theatre as well.
How would you best describe your personal style?
It does tend to change from time to time but overall I love to dress quite preppy and style around a quirky statement piece.Audrey or Marilyn? ;)
Definitely Audrey, she is one of my style icons.
Your photos are absolutely stunning, and I know everyone is going to want to know what camera and lens you’re using?!
I use a Canon 60D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens for my outfit shots and a macro 0.25m/0.8ft for most of my other photos.Now, if for some obscene reason you could only keep one item of clothing in your wardrobe (heaven forbid), what would it be and why?
My burgundy velvet skater skirt. I seem to wear it the most because it can be dressed up or down and is super comfortable to wear. Plus the heavier material means it doesn't blow up in the wind, which is definitely a plus here.
Lastly...a quote to live by?
I think this classifies more as an extract from a poem but I've always loved what Robert Frost wrote:
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
  I took the one less travelled by,
  And that had made all the difference."
It's something I constantly apply to my life.
Well, I don't know about you, but I've made a cuppa, grabbed a few biscuits and I'm ready to spend another morning catching up on this amazing bloggy! Thank you so much Andini for taking the time to answer my questions :) and if you guys want to find out more about Andini, take a look at all her social platforms here:

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Sara Chergui said...

That girls has such a lovely style !

The Thrifty Magpies Nest said...

Andini has such gorgeous hair, lips and skin! Is the pink her actual hair or has she clipped in longer extensions with the bottoms dyed?
Jenni x

Aditi said...

She's so gorgeous! I really love her style xx

Barbara Jusdecitron said...

I love this article and their outfits! xx

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