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Friday, 14 March 2014

What I Wore | Supermarket Styling!

When I go shopping for clothes the last places I usually think to explore are supermarkets – but when Debt Free Direct got in touch about their Making Money Go Further campaign I was intrigued. You know I’m always keen on a bargain and the whole idea is to see how supermarket own brand clothes compare against the high street. Interesting, non?

I agreed to take on the challenge but automatically second guessed myself. What was I thinking? I’d never looked to a supermarket for fashion inspiration, surely I wasn’t going to be able to pull this off? But I sucked it up and made a decision on my supermarket of choice: ASDA.

My plan was to find an outfit that was completely true to my style so that it would be super easy to compare the pieces and their prices to my current high-street wardrobe. I also decided that I would make my purchase online, so that I would be picking the items based purely on their price and look rather than examining the quality before purchasing.

It took me all of 20 minutes to pick an entire outfit...A daisy print shirt, high waisted leggings, black grunge ankle boots and a blacksatchel style bag.

Not only was the site super easy to navigate, my order arrived in record time – but the very best bit? The entire outfit cost a smidgen over £70 (including delivery), which I can’t quite fathom. I mean, that’s an entire outfit right there that you just won’t get from high-street stores at that price.

So, what’s the quality like?
The Shirt: RRP £12 - Although it’s perhaps not as soft as some of my high-street shirts, it is pretty perfect with a lovely pattern and flattering fit.
The Leggings: RRP £12 - Are amazing. I love the zip detail and ribbed sides – you’d easily think they were another Zara purchase. They fit really snugly but have a nice amount of stretchiness to them so they don’t feel like they’re going to rip when I bend over ;)
The Boots: RRP £38 - Literally the comfiest pair of boots I have ever purchased, I always have a problem with shoes fitting me, but these are a dream. They are so soft, yet sturdy and look like something you could find in All Saints. For £38 I actually can’t believe how amazingly brilliant they are.
The Bag: Is £9...I know. Not only that, it’s like a Mary Poppins bag and manages to fit my entire life in it. The strap is thick, which means it can carry the weight of a beauty bloggers makeup bag and it’s got lots of little compartments for storing bits. To be honest I can’t tell the difference between this and my Zara satchel that is treble the price.

What do you think guys? I'm pretty darn impressed and it certainly gives my high-street pieces a run for their money!

*These products were sent to me courtesy of Debt Free Direct. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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Sara Chergui said...

You look great ! I really love the pants !

Sandra TheBlackPearlBlog said...

I love clothes shopping in asda and tesco. They quality is really good and the prices are very affordable. They always have sales too, so I always manage to pick up some amazing bargains :)

You look lovely! x

Amie H said...

Lovely outfit :) I really like the look of those those leggings, especially because they're thick enough to wear on their own! xx


aimerose said...

You look gorgeous Megs! xx


Millie Nicole said...

Love this outfit, I never think to look in supermarkets for clothes but all the stuff you've picked are so nice and such reasonable prices!

Millie x

Ellen Bourne said...

You actually have Disney princess hair. I am so damn jealous. All I've been seeing on the blogosphere today is people with awesome hair. Rock it.

James Bennett said...

Supermarket shopping is the best! Loads of my clothes come from the likes of Sainsbury's and George at ASDA :)

Stylish England

Daniela Maria said...

Megs, you look so glamorous in every single post, and your hair! YOUR HAIR! Amazing!
I'm definitely going to be checking out that shirt, it looks so lovely on you. It's such a classy shirt and I think can look good for day and evening wear - really pretty :)
Daniela xo // danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway!

Selina said...

I have a few lovely things from Asda including a floral shirt that is lovely for the spring! Loving these leggings, definitely my next supermarket purchase :) xxx

Holl JC said...

That shirt is just gorgeous! You look fab Megan! x


all about the girl said...

You look fab! I love the shirt, and the bag looks much more expensive than £9! One of my work friends is always wearing lovely things from Asda bu I've never been so lucky when I've gone to have a look, never considered looking online tho! :)

Caroline x


Thi Lan said...

omg I love your hair color *_*


Hazel Rowley said...

Great idea, lovely outfit! Sounds like a way to make supermarket shopping much more fun, forget groceries buy clothes! :)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

You should get commission Meg i want all of these!!! Love the leggings, really look like Zara, and the shirt is so pretty for the spring. Im always reluctant to buy boots online as im a five and a half so never know whether to get a 5 or 6! Your hair looks bloody amazing, can you do a video on that look!!! You should really be a model not only do you have the loooks but you can pose so perfectly and always look like youve come out of Vogue!!!! Xx Kate xx

Lucy Jane said...

I envy your hair so much, definitely dying it this colour when I'm older!

Lucy x


Ally said...

this is so cool! Awesome how you got everything for such a good price :)


Nicola J said...

Gorgeous look! Love the daisy print trend


Laura said...

This is such a lovely outfit Megan and I couldn't believe it was all from good ol' Asda! I especially thought the leggings were from Zara and the boots are amazing! xx

Shereeeen ♥ said...

Aww I love the shirt. It's sooo cute lol X


Nicola Robinson said...

Adore the leggings :)


Bridie Mia said...

Gorgeous! I love the pieces you picked and styled. I've found Asda to have a few lovely things in from time to time, I guess you've just got to do more clothes investigating as you're doing your weekly shop! xo

Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle
You can also enter my current giveaway here :)

Claire McPartland said...

You look great, Lovely outfit choice! Cant believe the price either, it looks way more expensive!

estellethea said...

I need these leggings in my life!
Estelle x

Rachel Birchley said...

I love supermarket clothes. You can't really go wrong for the price. I love when Sainsbury's have their 25% off weekends, which is quite regularly. Your shirt is gorge :)
Rachel x

Elladollar said...

Loving your outfit !
ella x

Amy Liddell said...

I would never have guessed this outfit was from Asda! I love the shirt you look amazing

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

melissa z said...

love the outfit , never would of guessed they were from supermarket

Sophie Ruffell said...

Aww such a lovely outfit.
Love the blouse!
And the shoes!


Stella said...

Wow, your hair colour! <3

Stella | stellashek

Ash B said...

Megs, you look amazing! I love the floral print on the shirt- it's floral but it's not over the top at all and it works so well with everything else - and your hair! In love!!!

VioletDaffodils said...

Wow that is amazing! I love reading bargain stories like this so I thoroughly enjoyed this post!
I must admit I think Asda is far more improved on their clothing ranges over the years than they used to be :)
loved this post!


Cat said...

This whole look is stunning, I love the boots & what a bonus they are so comfy! x


Becky Sheridan said...

You look amazing! I love the daisy print top! X

Shirika said...

Does any one know what amazing camera she use?????
I really would love to buy it to photo my new baby....

Amy Keeling said...

That shirt is gorgeous Meg, I haven't seen that in my local store.
Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

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