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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Two Ticks With...Thoroughly English

Today, I am excited. There is nothing more brilliant, than to share a blog with you that I love. When Bess, who writes Thoroughly English said she'd like to advertise with me this month, I nearly did a wee out of the excitement it gave me. She is one of my all time favourite foody bloggers - trust me, this girl knows her stuff. I can't wait for you to find out more about her and hopefully full on fancy her blog like I do.

Over to you, Bess!...

Hello my lovely. I’ve been reading your wonderful page on the web for some time now –but for those that aren’t as fortunate as I, could you give us a bit of a low down on what YOU are all about?
I wish I knew! I've dabbled in being a full time food blogger, but I just don't like to stick to one thing! So Thoroughly English is a mix of food, silly tales and snaps I take on my travels.

It’s pretty clear from the beautifully displayed menu options down your blog sidebar, that Thoroughly English prides itself on being the king of recipes. Personally, cooking and baking scare me a little...how did you learn and where do you get your inspiration?
I'm completely self taught (with a little help from Daddy TE). I think with most things I cook, that people have been doing this for hundreds of years. Cake came before electricity - so how hard can it be?! Lots of things I do go wrong (namely, kale chips. Yuck). It's only food and a few photographs - nothing to stress over. I was once told that cooking 'keeps the hands busy' and it's very true for me. I cook to occupy my mind just enough, but not to make myself worry. 

Plus, if shop bought is good, homemade is better. Every single time. 

You recently snapped your first ‘Outfit of the day’ blog post. How did it feel? I know you were super nervous about it, but you look SO wonderful. Do you think you’ll make it a more regular thing?
Honestly Megs? I was in the middle of Leeds on a rainy Friday and I felt like a bit of a prat! But it was a lot of fun to do, and it was nice to get out of the tiny space in my flat where I normal take photographs. I'd like to do more, but I'm still figuring out the whole tripod/remote control thing, any advice?!

You don't need it! Practice makes perfect :) So, following on from that, how would you describe your personal style?
Boring. Or, on a good day 'classic'. Now I'm old, I like to buy things that will last a long time, and all that responsible malarky. I'm a bit of a stereotypical country girl, you'll find lots of leather, tweed and pearls in my wardrobe. I'd like to think it's more K-Mid than granny...

If any fellow bloggers were thinking about introducing a foody element to their blog, what tips would you have?
Have fun, experiment and be honest. If you're new to cooking, no one expects you to start devising unique recipes first time. There's an amazing community of foodies with limitless knowledge and advice. Everyone has to eat, and food brings us all together - it's the most amazing thing. Plus, everyone's made a rubbish dinner in their time, so there's no judgement! 

What's your FAVOURITE thing to cook?
Roast chicken and Yorkshire pudding is my favourite thing to eat. I get bored easily, so I rarely remake a recipe I've perfected. I got my head around marshmallow and macaroons and I'm currently making 3D chocolate rabbits for Easter. Making my own chocolate is definitely on the agenda for the future, as is perfecting a brioche burger bun!

Is blogging simply a hobby for you Bess? Or do you have anything you’d like to achieve with it going forward?
I'm always astounded that so many people take the time to read and comment on my blog. There is actually thousands of them. My favourite blogs bring lightness to my day. They make me feel like I'm reading an email from a best friend and I love that. I hope I can always be honest, and tell you all the truth. Even if it means admitting my encyclopaedic knowledge of Game of Thrones.

Your photographs are always so beautifully composed, crisp and delightful. What camera do you use? And do you have any tips for someone who might struggle to get the best shot of their pudding?
I use a Canon 600D and I've had it around six months. It's definitely not necessary to have an expensive camera - I often use a mix of DSLR and iPhone shots. But investing made me understand the need for light and composition. I've honestly learned through looking at other blogs, and using what I have around me as props and detail. I like to shoot either from directly above, or from almost level with my dishes - using angles can be a really good way to develop your own style.

When all else fails, add melting butter or nutella, and you're on to a winner.

A quote to live by?
"she did the best she could, with the talent she had" 

I don't know about you, but I'm completely head over heels for Bess and her astounding little blog. If you love her as much as I do, have a look at some of the other places you can find her :)

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Jo said...

I love this! Finding new blogs is a real treat, especially when my favourite bloggers love them enough to share! Thanks Megs - and Bess...you have a new fan! Now if I can only learn to cook and blog like you...

Jo xx

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Jessicalaar said...

wow that cake looks amazing. Great post.

Jess x


Josie said...

What a lovely post - nice to discover a new blog :)

Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

Angharad Jones said...

Wow her blog looks a-ma-zing! Will definitely be checking it out - thanks for sharing!

Sara Chergui said...

Love the pictures !

cutiecameras.com said...

Thank you for sharing this blog!! That food looks delicious!!

sophiesmakeupblog said...

Her blog is lovely! x


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