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Friday, 30 May 2014

The Hair Series #1: Half Up Half Down Top Knot

I rarely share my YouTube videos on my blog, but it’s something I think I might start to do a little more. I forget that perhaps just because you read my blog, doesn’t necessarily mean you stop by on other platforms!

My hair is something I get asked about the most on social. I would be a billionaire if I had a pound for every time someone asked me what colour I use on my hair*(not that I mind, mind!)

It made sense to talk about it a little more and so, the hair series was born. The first few videos will be based around easy-peasy hair styles then gradually moving on to hair care etc.

To kick it off I’m starting with the half up, half down top knot. Yes, it is the easiest hair style in the world, BUT, a handful of people asked for me to demonstrate it in a tutorial and here it is:

I’d love for you to hang around and possibly subscribe to my channel if you like it! There’s another video coming this weekend – because you know, I’m good to you like that. 

And do let me know if there's any other hair tutorials you'd like to see!

*My hairdresser does it, using a brand called Matrix. I told her she needs to bottle it up and sell it via my blog ;-)


Emzi said...

Yeah that haircolor is really amazing :D

Alice Young said...

I love the half up half down bun, I wear it a lot it's so easy but looks great still. Your hair colour is lovely :)


Sara Chergui said...

This is such a cute hairstyle !
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catgirlblogs said...

looks cool, useful tutorial thanks and that hair colour is amazing;)

Maddy said...

Love this hairstyle, and the colour really is amazing! x
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Amy Liddell said...

You have got beautiful hair!

Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

Bernadett`s inspiration said...

I just love it :D .I'll try it soon.

Plearn Nataricha said...

Love the hairstyle!

Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

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